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  1. loriro

    NFL Thread

    And Lawyer Malloy (one of a young Tom Brady's best friends on the team) and Richard Seymour and Darrell Revis (which, while prescient in retrospect was, at the time, felt to be a potential fatal blow to the secondary). Yeah... there are a lot of great players in Belichick's wake. A year too early is better than a year too late in his eyes. I agree that Gronk isn't as indispensable as many may have previously thought, primarily because of his injury history. But I also think that his family's (particularly Paps Gronk's) meddling in the teams management of Gronks injuries is likely getting
  2. loriro

    NFL Thread

    No. Speculation is that he was a wee bit drunk. ( I wasn't sure what was going on but all I could think of was that he sounded like the late Mayor Menino...!) Go Pats!
  3. I was disappointed that she sent Wells home. I really liked him. And I liked him precisely because he isn't the stereotypical "smooth, chiseled, says-all-the-right-things, cool guy". He's a bit dorky, a bit awkward (is that redundant? LOL), a bit cynical/guarded, and just... real. And he's adorable! (and after checking out his twitter/instagram, I think so even more. And he seems to have remained friends with quite a few of the other guys, which is refreshing). I can't get a read on what's up with Jordan. I heard him on a podcast recently and he actually came across as fairly c
  4. I know that he's got a much lower profile in movies, but Mark Rylance is one of the best Broadway actors around (as well as a very decorated one). He's won 3 Tony awards (I saw him in Jerusalem, and he was AMAZING!)
  5. YAAAAYYYY!!!! Spotlight was SOOO good! So happy for it. And really happy for Leo. And loved his speech (and the fact that the orchestra didn't even attempt to start playing any music. There may have been a mutiny had they tried. Knew to just let him speak as long as he wanted!). Given that the global audience for the Academy Awards is so huge, I completely understand why someone might take the time to bring attention to something as important as this. And whether we like it or not, actors/celebrities can have quite a bit of influence. edited b/c spelling is important
  6. He'll always be Scott Templeton from Season 5 of The Wire to me!
  7. Like Leo, but he ALWAYS seems, when he's talking, like he's got chewing tobacco packed in his lip. LOL
  8. Olivia Munn looks different. I don't know if it's that she's lost more weight or what, but she looks different than when she was on The Newsroom...
  9. So according to Yolanda's letter, Lyme disease is the "biggest global epedemic [sic] in today's world"? I know it's a serious condition, but good to have confirmation at least that Yolanda isn't at all prone to exaggeration or anything...
  10. Exactly. I often have enjoyed Lisa's no bullsh*t personality but tonight I wanted to throw my remote through the TV watching and listening to her. She came across as very condescending toward Eileen. Should Eileen have maybe just dropped it after a while? Possibly, but at the same time...she never got mean or sarcastic or really shouty with Lisa. She relatively calmly tried to explain to Lisa why she was upset, which Lisa validated at every point in the conversation. She was sarcastic, dismissive, and IMO completely insincere in her "apologies". She is VERY adept at turning every situation in
  11. Well, you may be right, because apparently Tom Hardy is a real *sshole. I hope Leo wins an Oscar. Matt Damon was on Graham Norton and had some really interesting comments about winning his Oscar when he did and not having to chase it his whole career. I'd like to see Leo win his now so he doesn't have that albatross hanging around his neck any longer. He's definitely deserving.
  12. I really do like Leo in general. (I've not typically found him "hot" per se, but I will say that I found his role in "The Departed" one of the sexiest I've seen in a long time.). BUT... for some reason, when I see him talk, I always feel like he's perpetually got a mouth full of chew tucked into his bottom lip! LOL
  13. I still can't believe that Jonathan from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is such a successful writer. In addition to "Empire", he's written or co-written "Lee Daniels' The Butler" and "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts I and II".
  14. Apparently he said "What the f*** does 'sugart*ts' even mean?"
  15. I don't dislike him... I've just never gotten the infatuation. Is he really THAT good or was it more of a "he's the Susan Lucci of the Emmys so we're all gonna take him under our wing" phenomenon for a long time... ?
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