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  1. I'm pretty sure it has been well used in modern advertising by the likes of Fridays and Chilijs well before follower of dying out trends Applebies started using it. But no offense I was not quibbling about the provenance. Something hardly has to be new to irk the heck of me. Nazis still make me mad. So do any Romans still wanting to rape any Sabine women that might still be around. It simply was part of the discussion about Applebies ads that annoy me. In fact it could be in translated cunieform from the ambassador to the Egyptian court relating the cocktails and nibblers hour at Nefertiti's palace when she was trying to figure out just how crazy her old hubby Akhnaton was turning out to be. and I would still harbor resentment every single freaking time that announcer on the ad seems to relish how cool and aspirationally hip they are for using it. And maybe it was the extra glass of wine last night and getting home in time to see the old episode of Friends but I finally figured out the annoyance behind the Panera ad about Lettuce should be dirty. They completely steal it and then leave out how tomatoes should be bad. Very bad. And then julienned.
  2. I think she is spending some serious bucks on stylists with her return. She does look good. But even more, and the compliment is in here, she has had more filler and tweaked changed faces this season than Patti Stanger does on an episode of her show. Every single shift in time she has some new slant to her eyes or cheeks, And the kicker is? Her hair and makeup for the most part (her face in her later talking heads is a bit too Katherine Helman in Brazil) is on point with each change! I never knew someone could so perfectly match every jab with her wardrobe. Cheeks plumped and she gets the shading the tones and the cut just right. Yeah I'm mocking how many times her face gets moved around, but I am dead serious in how well she makes it work with what she is wearing and, for the most part, how her hair looks. Though if she and Carole are still friendly next year, maybe for Lent they could swear off procedures. Carole could stop looking like she is trying to attract young hipster outdoorsy types by tempting them with the chance to repel down her left eye socket as her cheeks are at the point a small child could whack them and the two fools from Botched would each fall out from one. and Betheny needs to stop trying whatever it is on her eyes. She will always look like Droopy Dog was her father and not the wolves she says raised her. She needs to stop thinking those bolt on anti terrorist vehicle barriers she paid too much money for and attached to her chest need balanced by accentuating that jaw as well (though I think she got those boobs fixed when she moved back east. Maybe she thought if she lived on the beaches of Malibu she would need something to prevent tidal erosion.
  3. No horror movie logic would first have them separate. And then one of them would take a shower.
  4. I think they should just call it "Bringing Back Batman Because We Didn't Relaunch Superman As We Wanted: But Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone!" There was a famous author who wrote an essay on why Superman works and why he doesn't. It was a bit dated but it did bring up the interesting aspect of Superman not only being human looking but also being attractive -- women wanting him, men wanting to be him. It was something with the casting of Cavill I really hoped they would explore. And I think they were stupid to cast Eisenberg. Luthor is the dark side of seduction (no pun intended). Superman is someone who sees through that. But Luthor is a social success until Superman comes along (at least in the versions I read growing up -- even if he was already practicing evil it was in a covert way). Why the hell didn't they lure Idris Elba away from his too small roles in the Marvel films (how tight are those contracts)? He played a Luthor already (different characters but there is a dynamic that works for both to me) and I want a Luthor that is charismatic and attractive in spite of himself. On some levels from what I have seen and read, Luthor should be the compelling voice of at least one version of reason. Eisenberg snipping doesn't sell that too me at all. But then I feel this movie also short changes the rebooting of Luthor as Superman's nemesis. No matter who they cast. Superman and Luthor deserve their own movie, even if it is an actor I think chews his scenes and plays the same sullen disaffected role no matter what. Do wwe know for sure that the mandated refusal of having kryptonite that was declared in Man of Steel is absolute for this movie as well?
  5. Wait. What translation do you have. I read the entire thing for a class in college and don't recall any "and thou shall take it up thy ass" anywhere!!!! Was it some loose translation of a Psalms maybe? "And he shall know her and lay in her valley....and by her valley I mean her ass".
  6. And not that she married him for his money but he was somewhat successful when they met (as a comic who had regular tv guest gigs etc. in the stand up I saw he did a bit about how he did standard clean comedy and cashed in when the rest were trying to find their level of dirty niches -- that secondary voice thing he did on what was dirty was hilarious). I mean its not like he is some driver for a fake knockoff of UPS or anything.
  7. Yeah I'm not understanding that one either. "Hmm not a fan of their pizza, wait they added small over processed hot dogs and a dipping sauce, fuck that I'm in" I have never once been in the mood for delivery/take out pizza and halfway through my first slice got a jonesing for some Oscar Meyer. At some point I think Fast Food ads should have to have an accompanying PSA: In light of the legalization of marijuana in some states and the general easement of judicial retribution in others, we would like you to consider this following ad. For those of you without a drug enhanced palate, feel free to change to the channel" I remember I had just changed jobs when the KFC bowls came out the first time. This snot nosed kid really sitting around with a bunch of people I thought were intimidating and where I wanted to be at, at the risk of being an elistist sno, they had the cars and the apartments and the wages I wanted and hoped for. In days of leniency and cutbacks they had three martini luncheon expense accounts and bespoke suits and when it came time to pick a place fo lunch imagine my surprise when they all were talking up the new KFC bowl. Until the one assistant, probably in her fifties, probably could have done all our jobs at the same time and have time to do her own work, probably unfairly passed over for these arrogant bullshitters. Snorts and utters "scraps" its nothing but scraps. Like right before they pushed all the leftovers into a bowl and set on the floor for Fido they thought "could I actually sell that?" thank god for Emmy because we never went to KFC for lunch. Ever. And my parents probably were too young to remember much of the time, And it was before me no doubt, but did I watch too much Mad Men when the first of the Darrell Hammond KFC ads come out or did/does anyone else get a kind of Southern Discomfort vibe from the ones with the nostalgia tinting? I keep waiting for flashes of dogs attacking peaceful civil rights protestors and the Klan in full garb. Maybe we need to add a thread entitled Unintended Consequences : Not Where You intended me to go. And this is not getting any work done, though the offices are all empty (apparently everyone decided to hit the weekend early and forgot to tell me) and my alternative is watching planes land in the distance, but exactly what are they going with there in regards to Hammond? It doesn't seem nostalgic so much a jeering. But how is that going to evoke Colonel laden memories of finger lickin good? Our Icon's a big fat joke, come eat here anyway.
  8. For me at least partof the problem is I think the segues probably are meant to make sense, But I think they are written for her and she just reads them with no understanding or caring of the matter. So her inflection and timing can be off and makes a jumble of where the pun or entendre is suppose to be. I know there is one where she clearly read the wrong word. Not like Beer instead of Deer but something that was part of another segment and I remember as the camera pulled back the others were looking at her like they were worried she had a stroke or something.
  9. I could see that happening. But as a joke I heard by my sister's pastor goes "25% of the nation identifies as Evangelical. So you take a hundred people and count out the 25 who consider themselves evangelical and let the other 75 leave the room. Give the 25 a half hour and each one will believe they are shut up with 24 sinners going to hell." Sometimes there is common ground, Biut it does make me laugh when what looks the same from the outside is considered vastly different (one is right the rest is wrong" approach. So I'm not sure if Pat thinks the Duggars are on the right side of God. He could someday go on some rambling scrred on the dangers of having too many children and how it affects Global Warming and makes gays attract hurricanes. I think that ABC doesn't have much control over the 700 club and I believe there is a countdown to that. The airings get shorter and less over the years until they disappear. But I would imagine ABC might have a panic button in their contract if Pat goes really deep into Crazy Land and sets up camp.
  10. Not going to lie, I had ass-crack sweat Kathy Griffin would have been proud to claim. I hardly ever watch but when I do, I make up Whoopi segues. Because hers make no sense, Mine don't either but I make myself laugh. "Speaking of Saturn's rings, we'll be back with Jamie Oliver and fun summer treats you can make yourself..." "Speaking of bowel discomfort, One Direction will be with us next singing their new hit" "Speaking of Honda's new safety features, we'll be discussing Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's divorce after this break"
  11. Something I forgot and yet notice in almost episode. This last episode it was when Elliott was wearing black tie. The actor is such a chameleon while managing to be the same guy if that makes sense, He goes from looking startling handsome to looking almost a bit gollum-ish (in normal scenes not the strung out ones). Yes I am shallow but in that scene wearing the black tie and jacket he looked both hot and vulnerable in that way that makes you make cocoa and pull out a blanket for the couch. I'm in a mood what can I say?.
  12. I spend every Sunday afternoon lately visiting my great aunt and watching baseball and that ad is on constantly. I hate it for two reasons. My aunt reponds to it with "gas. fart. more gas, fart" etc. Which makes me laugh. But she also does it every single time. So I'm getting tired of laughing. I do wonder at the vast untapped market of hipster wannabes Applebies is hoping to tap into. Are there any Applebies where carefully diverse. pretty but not pretty enough to be threatening, hipster types while away their evening hours nibbling and drinking and having SO MUCH FUN? Like it is the acohol and sodium laden snack friendly modern day Central Perk? Do they think people who are lonely will think they can order a side of skinny good looking young friends with interesting lives to go with their treacle glazed spicy shrimp? 'Yeah I'll have the Asian tacos, a Sapporo on tap, two of those women over there...do you have any with a slightly off set hair cut? You do. Great. And um, I guess a bearded guy with a douchebag hat he wears indoors and at least two others, each a different ethnicity but also different from mine? I think that is it, oh and can we have some bar nuts while we wait?" And as much as I loathe how cool they think using the shortened "apps" for appetizers? Calling a fucking sandwich a "hand held" makes me ragey. Like when the local news crew comes around and asks the neighbors if they had any idea they could say "he seemed so normal...well until those Applebie Hand held ads came on" then he kept talking about how he had something he could hold in his hand alright".
  13. I do love Sara Rue. Not sure about the show just yet. I'm not that enamoured with the rest of the cast. I don't dislike any, I'm justnot charmed by them. I'm shallow so I'm okay with less talent and more visual appeal and one thing this show lacks so far is eye candy. Though having him having to pretend he is gay could mean some appealing male guest stars. I do think it would have been funnier if he was gay and had to pretend he was straight in a town that was the new weekend getaway for weekday Chelsea-ites. But I'm picky and try to fix things like this in a manner most viewers probably consider unneeded let alone unwanted. I do like the cop duo. They were the funniest part for me. I wasn't clear about the details concerning the real (dead) pastor. Was he found in a way that makes it him no matter what? Because I did wonder if a future twist/cliffhanger (depending on how many seasons they might get out of it) will be seeing the presumed dead pastor an amnesiac in some hospital bed and it being some other dead body found and mistaken to be Buddy. Speaking of the dead pastor, where have I seen that actor before. A commercial? It is bugging me.
  14. That one and now I see a newer one with an adult woman doing the mental over active handwringing. Nissan likes to hold on to their ads and get their money's worth. The bull ad just came back and the one with the kid has played pretty much non stop for months now that I have noticed. Oh and hate the Land Rover one. Get married at the fucking lodge in front of the fire for godsakes. Don't be such a self-absorbed asshole and drag them up to a not that nice anyway soaking mess of a "view".
  15. I differ in that I think the only way they can get back on a real network (see how funny I am?) as opposed to some marginal one fe people get or care that they get, is to piggy back on another show for a bit. Do the Bates still have a show? Or maybe TLC will start another show. they could find a barren Gotthard wife who got other already full Quivers to give her one of theirs. They could call it Nineteen Women who Had My Children and Counting. Silliness aside, I think anyone who depends on general sponsorship as opposed to niche marketing, will be careful for at least awhile and try to test the waters first. Which is why I could see them showing up elsewhere. Part or parcel. Oh imagine the guest starring possibilities (in the parody thread of course) in a Duggar guest starring redemption tour. There is that one son who seems perfect for one of those Bigfoot shows. But I don't think anyone doing commercial television is not going to realize that TLC cut its losses when all was said and done. They didn't set them aside after two months because they wanted to make less money, And unless you diguise, wrap in some new paper and tie a bow on it, anything Duggar is not going to sell. What I can see is someone finding some private online channel that lets the Duggar fanatics perhaps pay a small subscription fee. I guess that would, what, be Non-defrauding pay for play piety porn?
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