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S04.E07: Reunion

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Korra returns to Republic City and Team Avatar faces their first mission together in three years when Prince Wu goes missing; Bolin and Varrick are on the lam.


This episode was so good in so many ways, but having just seen it I can only say:




I cannot stop cackling at the possibilities.

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If the extent of real Korrasami on the show is Korra blushing when Asami complimented her haircut, I'll be happy.


Love Varrick rigging the EMP and Bolin kicking ass with the lava bending.


Steve Blum(Amon and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop) is the leader of the escaped prisoners.


Kuvira is a dead woman. You don't mess with Toph's swamp.


Mako after Prince Wu is kidnapped in the men's room: "Aargh! The one time I don't watch him pee and this is what happens!"

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Kuvira, look, I love you, you're a badass and I have a mad crush on you, but Toph is in that swamp. Do you understand what I'm saying? Toph Beifong. Is. In. That. Swamp. You in danger, girl.


Can't say I liked the mini Team Avatar reunion since I only care about 1/3 of the people involved, but at least Wu made it fun when he was there. I wonder what Kuvira wants with Wu? To kill him? Use him as a figurehead? Imprison him?


Bolin and Varrick are amazing together! Bolin realizing just how messed up Kuvira's methods have been and his part in them, however unintentional, is fascinating to watch. Varrick causing an EMP to take out the platinum mecha tanks was brilliant! I love that guy!


Shut up, Opal. Just shut the fuck up.


I can't wait for the next episode! Bring on Toph vs Kuvira!

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Ugh, getting a "content not available" statement when I try to load.


The same thing happened to me. And then it did play after a few tries, only for that message to come up again halfway through so I had to start the episode all over again! Even online, Nickelodeon still finds new ways to screw with us. 


Anyway, it's good to see 75% of Team Avatar back together, with Prince Wu as a tag-a-long. My Korrasami radar was going crazy, but hoo boy, was it awkward at the restaurant. Bolin might've been able to break the tension a little bit if he was there.


If Zhu Li really did carry Varrick on her back for 20 miles in one day with a sprained ankle, then it's official: She is Superwoman. Varrick is ridiculously weak, it's a good thing his brain more than makes up for it. For once Bolin had to be the responsible adult in a situation, so that was refreshing. And his and Varrick's messy hair was glorious.


"I'm in laundry!" XD For once Wu's inability to shut up actually saved him! I wonder what Kuvira wanted with him...if she wanted the prince killed, her supporters could've done it by now. Loved Wu trying to get in on the group hug even with Korra pushing him out--he wants friends so badly. 


Oh HELL NO! No one messes with the swamp! Kuvira is fucked.

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I wonder what Kuvira wanted with him...if she wanted the prince killed, her supporters could've done it by now.



I'm guessing she wants him as a hostage to show that the Earth Kingdom is officially gone and will likely kill him in front of his former subjects.


I couldn't believe Kuvira was near the Swamp!  Toph's going to put a hurtin' on her! 


"Wu down!"


"I'm in laundry!"


Verrick's rant to the checkpoint soldiers!  Damn they were so close!  Very impressed with the EMP on the fly.  Verrick truly is a genius, if a major weakling!  Zhu-Li is one tough chick if what he said about her carrying him on a sprained ankle is true!

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I'm thinking that whatever Kuvira was planning on doing with Wu, it was extremely risky for her cause. Wu's kidnappers explicitly said that they worked for her, and for all we know if Partial Team Avatar hadn't saved him, the kidnappers would have just disappeared Wu, not unlike the whole Richard III/Princes in the Tower mystery. So long as Wu is alive and out of Kuvira's clutches, he's a possible rallying point for an opposing government, using his "rightful place" as King to mount a good argument, even if he is just a figurehead. That makes Wu dangerous.


However, since Kuvira has been caught pretty much red-handed, this could be tantamount to declaring an act of war. She tried to seize a Republic City Citizen (I guess you could say she was taking him home because he was Earth Kingdom, but that's a weaksauce argument -- Republic City is made up of people from all four nations), or if not a citizen, someone who was definitely under the protection of the Republic City government. My guess is next week the kidnapping attempt combined with Bolin and Varrick's intel about the spirit a-bomb will indeed start a war. But at least this time Korra can honestly say she didn't have a hand in starting it. So that's something, I guess?

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Really enjoyed this episode, but in many ways, it felt strangely disconnected from the last one.  Opal mentions that Kuvira captured her family, and Tenzin (and everyone else) barely acknowledges it.  Korra never mentions seeing Nega-Korra in Kuvira's face, and whether she believes it's in her mind or a separate vision.  Last episode, Korra seemed incapable of more than basic metal bending, yet this episode she was a metal-bending badass.  

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I kinda loved the fight scenes this episode. They were so much more creative and complex than Kuvira vs. Korra, and Bolin in particular seemed to have really good form.


I was annoyed by the awkward reunion dinner scenes at first—Wu annoyed me or something—but then I realized the three characters were enacting a form of separation anxiety. This made it much more interesting. It’s something like: after long absences, people try to provoke each other in ways that reestablish their relationship, particularly the power dynamic. The point is to see if the person behaves as they did before the separation, so Korra, Asami and Mako being defensive, short-tempered and falling back into their prior squabbles makes perfect sense to me now.

Shut up, Opal. Just shut the fuck up.

It’s too bad that Opal has become pretty one-dimensional this season, but I still don’t mind the character. I believed her dismay over Bolin and her family in this episode, for example. My theory is that Opal has been given character traits assigned to Korra in Books 1 and 2, to fill that gap now that Korra has mellowed. For example, Opal has been impatient, rude and unforgiving recently, which were words used to describe Korra's early brashness and aggression. Or, it just makes Opal like the rest of the women in her family.

Even online, Nickelodeon still finds new ways to screw with us...
... [bolin] and Varrick's messy hair was glorious.

Don’t get me started—Nick’s website really does fail on a basic level. Which is why I forsook it. And, I agree about their anime hair. It made me giggle repeatedly.
I also cracked up when Varrick made the face on his wanted poster just as he passed one. It’s the little things…

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I'm thinking Kuvira was planning a show trial followed by a summary execution for Wu like the Bolsheviks planned for the Romanov family or publicly shipped off to a reeducation camp like Prince Puyi.

Two fantastic fight scenes and great dialogue showing humor, pathos, frankly just everything. This was pretty darn great.

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I've noticed something that has yet to be addressed in this series.  Since we're back at the swamp, no mention was made of the Swampy Water Tribe (the water benders who we first met in ATLA).  Are they still there?  Did they die off/move on?  Did they get pants?

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I've noticed something that has yet to be addressed in this series.  Since we're back at the swamp, no mention was made of the Swampy Water Tribe (the water benders who we first met in ATLA).  Are they still there?  Did they die off/move on?  Did they get pants?


Toph made an off-hand comment about how the local Swamp-Benders really can't take a punch, so I think they're still around.

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At last a Legend of Korra message board where I can talk about the episode without having to deal with shipping wars! 


This was a lovely episode. Varrick is pretty much my favorite character right now. He's not just the comic relief though, and I love that they show that about him. He's also a genius who managed to save everybody's bacon from the mechas by rigging an EPM machine. That is great. And I loved that he wanted to help out too. 


Loved the pseudo-Mako and psuedo-Korra that him and Bolin run into. Also, I LOVE Bolin's character development this season. He's really grown up and I love that he really does care for his fellow human. 


Seeing Mako, Korra, and Asami reunited was nice too. I got more choked up seeing her reunited with Naga but that's because I'm a dog person. Their bickering was pretty amusing. Loved how Mako was like, about the bickering, "Well for Korra and I, it is just like old times" with that little face from Korra like "Yeah, I hit that" while I hope and pray that this doesn't end up setting up for an endgame between the two, I do like their dynamic now. Prince Wu is growing on me very slowly  like a weed. 


Loved Yin (Mako & Bolin's grandmother) being starstruck at seeing Prince Wu. That was hilarious and adorable. I like Mako's grandmother. And I love that she's still wearing that red scarf!

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