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  1. Except he didn't take the bat to her car over her not loving him back, he did it over her proclaiming that his autism was an insurmountable character flaw. It was cruel words for cruel words. I don't love the relationship but I think that the bat scene keeps being interpreted as an entitled Nice Guy reaction to romantic rejection when the episode explicitly talked about "ending things on your own terms", i.e. having the last word. It's petty, but it is what it is.
  2. I found it very jarring that Shaun's storyline was completely divorced from everyone else's. Lim and Park knew he was in a basement rapidly filling with water with an immobile patient. I know they were dealing with their own shit, but not even lip service to their colleague being in mortal danger this whole time? At the very least I needed Glassman to show some concern, Shaun is pretty much his own kid. To make Lea literally the only person who cared about Shaun was the kind of dramatic choice that really breaks suspension of disbelief.
  3. My mother's always told me doctors are supposed to assume all women of childbearing age are pregnant until proven otherwise, for potential malpractice reasons (you don't want to administer something that could harm a potential fetus without being sure). That's her explanation for "first day of your last cycle" questions from literally every doctor I meet with (or usually the nurse).
  4. Was I the only one disappointed Lea wasn't dead? Ah well. I actually loved the moment of Shaun alerting the responders to someone being trapped who wasn't Lea. Like with Noreen, he has a specific talent for noticing, seeing and hearing things others don't. In a way I think he was more useful as a floating utility than as a regular doctor. His spacial reasoning is so finely tuned that he was probably better in more of a triage role at the disaster site. And while yes, he should not have disobeyed orders to go looking for Lea, I don't think it'll be held against him. I mean if anything knowing Lea was on site they should never have brought Shaun, it's a clear conflict of interest. And it's not realistic to expect someone to just not try to go after their nearest and dearest first. Anyway he found Vera, who would have died without him once that aftershock hit (if she makes it through the next episode, that is). (Man I hope I got everyones' names right).
  5. Two things: 1. Shaun was very likely drunk when he went to smash up Lea's car (not an excuse, but a bit of an explanation, less inhibition. That being said the writers and director should have known that the visual of a man with a bat in the dark is far more alarming than a woman with a bat in broad daylight and realized how terrifying Shaun came off as) 2. The conversation he had with the lady who took a bat to her boyfriend's car was about ending the relationship on ones own terms. I don't think this was about getting Lea to love him or hating her for not loving him. I think this was about not letting her finish the relationship with, "You're autistic, therefore unacceptable." He wanted to answer that. So while I am VERY against his speech being delivered under those circumstances and in such a menacing way, I am not opposed to him being as (verbally) cruel to her as she was to him.
  6. Screw it, I'm happy Shaun said what he did to Lea. She hurt him, he hurt her back. No one was ever going to be happy, but maybe they're at least even.
  7. I was surprised Rudy didn't swell up like a balloon the second he got around that cat. I mean, the kid is allergic to basically everything.
  8. A friend of mine had a procedure and as she was going under she realized that the doctors were talking about Eminem. She said it made her feel a lot better about the procedure because it couldn't have been too scary if they weren't being super serious about it. Plus complicated surgeries can take time, and I mean A LOT of time. When my dad had the Whipple Procedure it was a nine hour stretch. Doctors are only human, and as long as they know what they're doing meanwhile, I say let them talk if they want. That being said Morgan deliberately targeting Shaun's confidence over an open body and during a tricky moment was completely out of line and Lim was right to smack her down for it. She's lucky she didn't get reported by anyone in that OR.
  9. Gotta hand it to Morgan, filing that complaint as a preemptive strike against her own firing was genius. I honestly don't think she was out to get Claire of Melendez, I think she made the complaint specifically knowing there wasn't anything really all that worrisome going on. She just wanted to be on record as a whistle-blower to make her losing her job look shady. Too bad for her that Lim is on to her. Morgan trying to rattle Shaun during surgery smacked of desperation, she's getting into scared animal mode. (Speaking of which, I would have liked to know how that poor lady ended up getting mauled like that, and why wasn't there any discussion of possible rabies? I'm not a dog-lover -- in fact I cross to the other side of the street if I see someone walking off leash -- and even I know that it's unlikely that a random dog on the street would go after me for no reason.) I really like the idea of Claire and Melendez being buddies. We don't see enough of that. Also, was Melendez about to drive away after having a presumably alcoholic drink? Tsk tsk. My favorite part of the episode was Shaun being able to get across how incredibly isolating it is to not be able to communicate with others. I spent two weeks in a country where I didn't speak a word of the language and it was like I became a different person. I'm very very talkative in my native tongue, and when I couldn't communicate I started feeling like a supremely awkward ghost. And even somehow animalistic. I noticed I used my elbows a lot more in a crowd, for example. When you don't talk it can be like you don't exist. With his problems communicating, he was in a pretty damn good position to advocate surgery for his young patient. By God I HATE the trope of "everyone else can see it" love stories. As far as I'm concerned, you don't get to tell other people how they feel until you've lived inside their minds and bodies. Carly was out of line pronouncing love from an evening of brief observation. If she wanted to break up because she just couldn't get past the feeling that Shaun loved Lea, that was one thing. To essentially place the breakup on him by telling him that was how he felt, that is shitty and presumptive.
  10. Tina's inability to roll with differences to her imagined ideals is getting to be a real problem for her. She marches up a mountain in the middle of killer storm to get her nature-iphany, she joins and nearly sinks a successful junior lifeguard team while acting out her imagined teen drama the entire time, now she's ready to dump chili all over some poor kid to recreate what she thought of as the perfect mentor-mentee relationship. I mean her characterization as the eternal optimist is consistent, but it's something she really has to get a handle on when it's actively hurting herself and/or others.
  11. Well, Morgan sure comes by that evil streak of hers honestly. Her family was so awful I kept wanting her to snap at her mother, "Well guess what, the only thing I did inherit from you is going to ruin to my dream career, so I guess I should go find somewhere to die the second I can't perform surgery anymore!" (Her Mom did mention she was having a good arthritis day, and IIRC Morgan mentioned her RA was hereditary.) The idea that what she is doing doesn't require any inherent talent is absurd. In Russian Jewish culture we have a specific blessing for surgeons and musicians: May you never have pain in your hands. And that's not even getting into the insane amount of intelligence and commitment needed to pursue such a challenging and rewarding career. I wish this show could get through an episode about Shaun and Carly without making me cringe with second-hand embarrassment. That being said, I enjoyed the metaphors (and oh my goodness, the scene of Shaun listing of the things he loves about the world was so lovely!). I felt like Lim was giving advice very much out of appreciation that Shaun was asking his female coworkers for advice and was so sincere about wanting to please Carly without really getting his own ego involved in why. Also considering how incredibly focused Shaun is capable of being...well, Carly is a lucky woman.
  12. I went into this episode really, really trepidatious because I'm not a fan of Lea at all, and even less the prospect of her and Shawn having a romantic relationship. Morgan bluntly listing the reasons why not felt like a hat-tip to a lot of the fandom, although since it was coming from her I actually got even more nervous because I'm not sure if Morgan is supposed to be likable (I mean, I like her, but I'm not sure if that's the writers' intention, so her objections about Lea may have been their way of saying, "this person you don't like is saying it so clearly it's wrong", which...no). But way to swerve beautifully show, making this not about romance but about Shawn's feelings of abandonment. That scene with Glassman made the episode for me, I got all verklempt. Looking the other way to help addicts never ever turns out well on these shows, so I was expecting Claire's patient to at least be lying about this being his first time muling. The fact that he's clearly part of something fairly organized was just icing on the cake. I loved Andrews talking about his wife; especially how he was first so obviously pleased at the idea of being better than Glassman. Then the way he talked about his wife was so genuine, I loved it.
  13. I thought this was a really interesting episode for Glassman. You could see he was seeing the situation through his relationship with Maddie, and skewing a little too hard to the father's favor. At the same time, by putting himself in Shaun's father's shoes, he probably never imagined someone acting the way he did to their own child. Glassman made mistakes but he was never ever that kind of vile abuser to Maddie, and it's really hard to see how anyone could be. If he'd been able to step back a little from the situation he might have realized how high the chances were of the whole thing turning as ugly as it did, and not tried to push so much for closure. I think he realized that in the end and didn't quite know what do with himself. If he'd been there when Shaun started falling apart I'm sure he would have been just as comforting as Lea.
  14. My father has an eye surgeon that I swear was told he wasn't a real doctor when he was young and has been trying to prove otherwise ever since. Ask a simple question and you get a long, unnecessary and incredibly condescending speech in response. We put up with his demeanor and complete lack of self-awareness because he is apparently very good at his job. Any other profession and I would suggest we take our business elsewhere, but in this situation, you take the bad with the good and deal with it. Similarly three years ago my father had the Whipple procedure as part of removing a tumor from his pancreas. It was a 9-hour surgery and my mother, (visibly pregnant) sister and I stayed in the waiting room all day while it gradually emptied out. When the surgeon finally came out, we practically mobbed him because no one had give us any updates and the surgery had run long. You could tell from his demeanor that he had completely forgotten we were waiting and when he explained the surgery you got the strong impression that my father's liver and pancreas were the parts that interested him, not my father. This surgeon is considered one of the best on an international level. And you know what? I couldn't give a fuck about how he behaved towards us or Papa on a human level. He saved my father's life.
  15. Regardless of whether Claire deserved that slap, I hope that patient's wife is banned from the hospital for assaulting a staff member. I think it was Melendez that went to comfort her as a seniority thing. I'm sure Park would have wanted to help, but getting compassion from her superior should at least help Claire if she's worried about ramifications of her action on her career. Although Claire should probably have quietly gone to Andrews, Lim or Melendez as soon as she could to get taken off the case out of conflict of interest. Hope she doesn't catch too much hell for it, or if she does it gets her on the road to healing.
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