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  1. The show has been nominated for an Emmy again! I'm a little surprised that they chose to submit "Pig Trouble in Little Tina", I think there were several better choices ("Legends of the Mall" would probably have been my pick), but no one is beating Bojack Horseman's "The View From Halfway Down" this year.
  2. She had a UTI in one episode, so there kind of has been a plot like that? Also in season one, Murphy had a pregnancy scare and ended it by saying she was looking into getting an IUD. It'll do nothing for STIs, but for now we can assume she's at least on some reliable birth control. Speaking of said pregnancy scare, IIRC, Jess was against an abortion and Murphy was all for. She's terrified of passing on the genetics of whoever it was that gave her up for adoption (implied to have abandoned her and possibly not even knowing she had a degenerative eye condition). Something, incidentally, that I would have preferred to have explored as a storyline than any of this drug nonsense.
  3. None of this would be happening if she hadn't convinced Felix to go out and find Nia's drug money. She literally started this whole thing and then ran away and left it to others to deal with. As for the gun, I'm pretty sure it's Felix's that he gave to Ben when Ben took the heroin. He probably left it on some surface and Jess grabbed it.
  4. I can easily believe Jess is still tracking Murphy, she just had to install the same app on a new phone. Highly trained Seeing Eye Dog. He cannot freak out under any circumstances; it could get his human killed. If Pretzel jumped and ran at every loud noise he'd have deserted Murphy years ago. Plus he knew Max, so probably wasn't sensing ill intent from his actions.
  5. I think they're too worried that if Nia is captured she'll name them. It's better for Murphy and Felix that she ends up dead or on the run.
  6. Monty was in no way out when he went into prison. IIRC he was there a day or so before he was killed, and there's no reason his fellow inmates would know his sexuality (which even he was denying) or even the details of his crime. He was being charged with raping a child, which is what he did. His age and/or the exact age of his victim didn't matter. Monty should have been in protective custody and isolated from the other inmates precisely because of his charges and the risk of them getting out among the general population. I'm surprised his family didn't sue.
  7. Did Katherine Langford actually return for the series finale? The shot of her on the bleachers had the air of reused footage, but I'm not sure. I legitimately spent most of the season positive that someone was drugging Clay. And then the fact that Charlie's cookies were brought up more then once had me side-eying him a lot as the possible culprit (except we never saw Clay eat any of the cookies). It seems bizarre to me that Clay didn't film and distribute the parents' meeting where they straight up crow about tracking their children and reading their texts and emails (let alone endorsing that shooter drill which WHAT THE FUCK, you don't save people from trauma by pre-traumatizing them. Loved Clay's speech, especially emphasizing that this was being done to children). You can't tell me a legal fight about students' right to privacy wouldn't erupt if the school's spying program leaked to the national media. Especially since some of those seniors have to be 18 already; I wonder if they were tracked with those same apps.
  8. Cry me a river Jess. It was your idea to steal that money, starting this whole mess. And now you get to just run away from it? Way to prove you can't in fact be trusted to help in the business. Dean having Murphy's cane isn't necessarily the win for him he needs; he has to prove it was hers, that she was the one who put the heroin in it, and that she intended to give it to Max. Meanwhile the cane having been in Chloe's possession drags Chloe into the case and a lawyer for Murphy could easily use that. Also, Chloe on the subway: why you don't take away your kids phone as punishment. It's a phone. Which could be needed for an emergency. I still remember cell phones becoming acceptable for teenagers right after Columbine; schools used to ban them entirely before that. We got cell phone as soon as we hit driving age to call my mother and tell her we made it to our destination and are not dead.
  9. One thing that's throwing me: what the hell language are they speaking? They put that little scene at the very beginning of Catherine learning a tiny bit of Russian on her journey there (a hat-tip, I'm guessing, to her obsessive-to-the-point-of-illness studying of Russian that gave her huge popularity among the people), so we know she's probably not speaking that already. I don't think Peter even knew Russian. I mean I guess they could be speaking German, but French was the court language. I assumed that's what they're meant to be speaking until Voltaire showed up with his heavy French accent. Now I'm just perplexed.
  10. As a serious (as in possibly career) history nerd, I've been loving the trend of utterly anachronistic bizarre historical AUs like Reign, Dickinson, Six (The Musical) and now The Great. I've had my heart broken by too many "serious" retellings that are usually largely bullshit (looking at you, Cate Blanchett Elizabeth movies). I like that these shows are owning and explicitly flaunting that they are not accurate and don't wish to be. It's a hell of a lot of fun, with the bonus of the occasional actual insane real fact or incident. To be fair I'm not the biggest fan of The Great for the same reason I'm not a big fan of The Favourite; too many distasteful scenes. But at the same time so many scenes in The Great made me laugh so hard it was a pretty good trade-off. In history she claimed he wasn't Peter's, but Paul's streak of crazy seemed to say otherwise. On the show they specifically say Leo is sterile from a case of the mumps. I don't think we'll ever have an answer in life or on show. Well, Potemkin is due any second, so if they can make him as entertaining, they might have a shot. Yeah, I don't have a problem with saying Fuck You to Russia. They've been saying that to my family for centuries.
  11. Bob and Linda met at a bar. Linda was with Ginger telling her a story, and she made a wide sweeping gesture with her hand just as Bob was passing by. Linda's engagement ring (from her very short engagement to Hugo) got caught in Bob's mustache, and for her at least it was lust at first sight. Linda really loves that mustache.
  12. Yeah I was side-eying him HARD on his supposed laxative knowledge. If they wanted Louise to poop before the trip that badly (and honestly there's not much of a difference between 4 and 5 days of constipation, I think her plan to just wait until after the aquarium wasn't the worst), she needed LAXATIVE laxatives. As in stay home all day until the trip because those 24 hours are gonna be productive but rough. I would have NEVER rolled the dice with anything that worked over a longer period of time like the meds Bob bought Louise, with a school trip coming up. Rookie mistake, turning that poor kid into a poop time bomb.
  13. I have never identified so strongly with an episode of anything ever.
  14. PinkRibbons


    My mother (who like my father was also brought up overhearing enough Yiddish-Russian to be close to fluent) absolutely loved "ge-ruined". I kept doing a double take whenever they said "Amen", because it's so ingrained in me to pronounce it "Uh-Main", but that's apparently very specific to Satmar Hebrew pronunciation. As for Esty's audition, by going with voice she's giving herself a huge step up, in my experience. My voice teacher refused to teach pre-menstrual girls on the basis that their vocal anatomy was too delicate, and on the whole I've found that many classical voice teachers don't want to get serious until college, so about age 18. Esty is 19, and her technique is incredible for someone completely untaught. On another note, the song was beautiful, but I would have preferred a song in Yiddish as opposed to Hebrew. There's an enormous world of nearly forgotten Yiddish music that deserves to get a leg up.
  15. This is now the second time the show has portrayed people (first a younger Murphy, now IRS guy) who are losing their sight but not wearing glasses before they are completely blind. That's not a thing, is it?
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