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  1. I went into this episode really, really trepidatious because I'm not a fan of Lea at all, and even less the prospect of her and Shawn having a romantic relationship. Morgan bluntly listing the reasons why not felt like a hat-tip to a lot of the fandom, although since it was coming from her I actually got even more nervous because I'm not sure if Morgan is supposed to be likable (I mean, I like her, but I'm not sure if that's the writers' intention, so her objections about Lea may have been their way of saying, "this person you don't like is saying it so clearly it's wrong", which...no). But way to swerve beautifully show, making this not about romance but about Shawn's feelings of abandonment. That scene with Glassman made the episode for me, I got all verklempt. Looking the other way to help addicts never ever turns out well on these shows, so I was expecting Claire's patient to at least be lying about this being his first time muling. The fact that he's clearly part of something fairly organized was just icing on the cake. I loved Andrews talking about his wife; especially how he was first so obviously pleased at the idea of being better than Glassman. Then the way he talked about his wife was so genuine, I loved it.
  2. I thought this was a really interesting episode for Glassman. You could see he was seeing the situation through his relationship with Maddie, and skewing a little too hard to the father's favor. At the same time, by putting himself in Shaun's father's shoes, he probably never imagined someone acting the way he did to their own child. Glassman made mistakes but he was never ever that kind of vile abuser to Maddie, and it's really hard to see how anyone could be. If he'd been able to step back a little from the situation he might have realized how high the chances were of the whole thing turning as ugly as it did, and not tried to push so much for closure. I think he realized that in the end and didn't quite know what do with himself. If he'd been there when Shaun started falling apart I'm sure he would have been just as comforting as Lea.
  3. My father has an eye surgeon that I swear was told he wasn't a real doctor when he was young and has been trying to prove otherwise ever since. Ask a simple question and you get a long, unnecessary and incredibly condescending speech in response. We put up with his demeanor and complete lack of self-awareness because he is apparently very good at his job. Any other profession and I would suggest we take our business elsewhere, but in this situation, you take the bad with the good and deal with it. Similarly three years ago my father had the Whipple procedure as part of removing a tumor from his pancreas. It was a 9-hour surgery and my mother, (visibly pregnant) sister and I stayed in the waiting room all day while it gradually emptied out. When the surgeon finally came out, we practically mobbed him because no one had give us any updates and the surgery had run long. You could tell from his demeanor that he had completely forgotten we were waiting and when he explained the surgery you got the strong impression that my father's liver and pancreas were the parts that interested him, not my father. This surgeon is considered one of the best on an international level. And you know what? I couldn't give a fuck about how he behaved towards us or Papa on a human level. He saved my father's life.
  4. Regardless of whether Claire deserved that slap, I hope that patient's wife is banned from the hospital for assaulting a staff member. I think it was Melendez that went to comfort her as a seniority thing. I'm sure Park would have wanted to help, but getting compassion from her superior should at least help Claire if she's worried about ramifications of her action on her career. Although Claire should probably have quietly gone to Andrews, Lim or Melendez as soon as she could to get taken off the case out of conflict of interest. Hope she doesn't catch too much hell for it, or if she does it gets her on the road to healing.
  5. There's this legendary turkey recipe online somewhere that is incredibly complicated (half the steps include "have another glass of wine") and time consuming, and apparently the end result is a turkey that looks completely charred through like Bob's. Apparently when you cut into it it's amazing. I'm so glad Bob's turkey was like that!
  6. We saw the inside briefly in My Furry Valentine; it was one of the restaurants Bob checked for the Love Testometer.
  7. Does anyone know of a way to watch The Audience with Helen Mirren? I'm usually good at tracking these things down, but I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I recently rewatched The Queen and with the new season coming up I'm going a little Elizabeth-crazy.
  8. I really wish this show would have Mrs. Lynde show a little more of the common sense she has in the books. She's at least usually reliable about child-rearing and family matters. Telling Bash to remarry before the body is even cold is ludicrous , as is saying that his daughter would have to be "placed out" now that she's known what Anne went through for several years. If Green Gables can afford Jerry coming over to work on the farm, I'm sure the Blythe place (with not one but two strong working men there) can hire one of Jerry's sisters to come over to take care of the baby and maybe even be a housekeeper of sorts. I'm sure Jerry's family would be happy for the money. Loved that they didn't go anachronistic and have Ms. Stacy give some loving, perfectly worded, down-to-earth detailed explanation of sex. Seeing her get all flustered and freaked out was hilarious. I sort of expected Ruby's mother to show up in the episode just for Ms. Stacy to tell her what kind of damage she did telling Ruby that.
  9. I don't know how it is in New Jersey, but here in Cali it most definitely is still summer on September 3rd. September is actually one of the hottest months of the year, sometimes it makes you actually want to go back to school just to get air conditioning. As for them being in school, the episode took place over a day and a night, so I think it's fair to assume it was a Saturday and Sunday. As for this week's episode: I got stuck on the way Louise was played. I couldn't quite tell if she was completely messing with Tina or actually did think she might have superpowers. The scene where she asks Tina to read the sign across the street (saying she herself couldn't do it) is the one I really couldn't tell with. I actually expected the episode to end with someone saying that they needed to take Louise in to get her vision checked.
  10. He's sweet, smart, kind and good-looking. That checks most of my boxes.
  11. There's something kind of perfect about Lydia ending up with Lucy. They're both kinda nuts in an evil way (with a side of genuinely kind, although Lydia's so very twisted now) and ambitious. I really thought when Lydia drugged Lucy that she had actually poisoned both drinks to do a murder-suicide; that the show would give us an ending of all the Wells women lost. Which is actually an enormous bummer, so yay for teaming up to kill Blayne and then laughing it up. I so hope we get renewed because I have got to know what those two are going to do now. Lucy wouldn't set up a rivalry with Greek Street, I wouldn't think, and it seems Lydia's lost her taste for the most cutthroat aspects of her former operation. Maybe they will do tailoring. Or start the molly house back up, with Lydia collecting her secrets again. I bet Bess (Emma? Elizabeth?) is out of Fleet as soon as Lucy, Fredo and Will can get the money together. I love Cherry as a pimp, she's perfect for it. But there definitely felt like a scene was cut, because why would she sell out Lucy in the hopes of seeing Charles again only to state pretty much right after that Charles wasn't ever coming back? She must have had some hell of an epiphany or maybe even some word from him in the interim. Good for Emily Lacey, finally getting what she's worked for. To me Hal was the far more interesting Pincher brother. I could believe him being genuinely in love and having a kind side, but also a dark streak that would have ended things badly for Emily. I did honestly believe she was choosing him over Greek Street and couldn't quite blame her since she's burned so many bridges with the Wells girls house. I didn't like her giving Hal yet another chance after he locked her in (I think she would have told him about the living hell of being locked up in Golden Square), but I could understand why she did it. But selling him to the navy and keeping the tavern? Nice. Losing Charlotte was very hard this year, but I can't say there was a decline in quality this season. Knowing that JBF wanted out sort of softened the blow for me, and the fallout from her death was genuinely interesting, especially for Nancy and Lucy. Early in the season I was thinking of Lady Leadsom as "lady stick-up-her-ass", but she shook that off when she visited Harriet. She's pretty awesome, since helping free Harriet and the others would do pretty much nothing for her personally. I feel like the scene with Nance walking into Lady Isabella's house was meant to be a second try at the meeting that opened the season; except this time the upper-class ladies may have been more willing to listen. Lady Isabella is most likely monstrously rich now, even more than before. I assume Blayne's bastard can't inherit his title. I can see Anne being set up in the country like she discussed with Lady Isabella. My biggest complaint of this season was the complete erasure of Amelia, Hunt, Mrs. Scanwell and Violet. Even a few words about their whereabouts would have been enough. I liked the new justice -- he seemed like a more mature Hunt; actually caring about the law but with a less naive perspective -- but his romance with Kate didn't do much for me. I feel like Kate in general was saved in her storyline by having a good actress and good writing. I don't really need to see any more of her. I assume when the prince changes ladies she'll go back to the justice and be happy (though I can see him trying to get her out of his house as a story in a possible 4th season). This season feels less closed than last, what with the notion of Lydia and Lucy cohabiting just sitting there waiting to be expanded on. I hope that open-endedness is a sign that the showrunners have some confidence in renewal.
  12. I could watch Nancy Birch whacking Blayne in the face on a loop for days. Just when I thought it couldn't be better than Isabella just walking out of his house with his child, they give me one of the most satisfying moments I have ever seen on TV. I keep expecting Emily to get murdered and from the look on her face she keeps expecting it too. Lucy's choice to go into prison with her pride was an interesting callback to Margaret doing the same, only Margaret had a good reason. Fredo and Bess are not a good reason. I really wanted to smack Fredo most of this episode. Even before he went and jeopardized the life of the man he loves, he goes and calls Lucy lazy? Uh, she didn't have to pay for her part with a mountain of debt, she actually earned her wealth. Her mistake was not getting into the books sooner to see how insanely bad Bess was with money. I wonder that Sophia is in London and hasn't tried to visit her mother. I can't think of anything Isabella would have said to her to make her think she wouldn't be welcomed back with open arms. At least to come home and show she's safe, you'd think. Blayne is a small man who is barely starting to understand how very small he is. Quigley has nothing to gain from helping him; Kate's in the prince's house. Quigley doesn't need Blayne anymore. He may consider not committing murder a mistake, but I could kind of see Quigley thinking, "Okay, letting this fucker live: MISTAKE" as she left. The Spartan stuff coming back to haunt Blayne is really making the absence of any mention of Amelia really glaring. She was a direct victim of the Spartans, and presumably she's a respectably married woman by now. They have got to address what happened to her, her mother and Justice Hunt. And for all we know Violet got snatched like Jack and Nell.
  13. I loved the last moments with Lucy and Quiqley. I felt like Lydia just realized that oops, she doesn't actually know this Wells woman. She raised Margaret and was there when Charlotte was born (and, lets be fair, Charlotte disclosed some real pain about her mother selling her off to help convince Lydia she was loyal). Lucy is this blonde enigma to her. I mean, we know that Lucy is relatively harmless unless she's holding something sharp (and goodness knows she is a poor judge of character, ie. Fallon and Bess), but as far as Lydia can see, Lucy has a possibility of being a real player whose moves she doesn't know. I love that Lucy unabashedly loves money first. That'll be a first for Quigley to deal with from a Wells. Kate Fleetwood is such a joy, and I'm so glad she's back being magnificent after her awful mustache-twirling character on Victoria. So many people were blaming her and not the awful writing; the whole time I had to watch reactions to her as Feo I wanted to scream "EVERYBODY JUST STEP AWAY AND WATCH HARLOTS".
  14. Considering what Lucy tried to do to Fallon after she heard the news that he'd played a part in her mother's death, I think we're gonna see some of that taste for violence she has come out again. Isaac Pincher better watch himself.
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