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  1. No, that's Chloe's backstory. Murphy had a degenerative eye condition, and she spent years waiting to go fully blind, which she did in her teens. Before that she was a foster child, having been given up by her biological parent(s) early in her life. Not quite sure when she was adopted, but from what she said to Trey it sounds like she was in the system a while, at least long enough to remember it.
  2. A lot of this episode was Fuck Yeah Murphy, starting from making her way after Felix kidnapped and abandoned her to jumping out from under the cops' noses again. The ineptitude of the cops on this show actually makes one finding her while on the way to do something unrelated that is incredibly stupid and unprofessional almost make sense. Also Murphy's mother can never again high-road her for any reason at all, she sold her out to the cops. Yeah, death row (which is what the crazy-ass law on this show seems to be sending Murphy to) is better than being dead? How is that her decision to mak
  3. I can't defend Murphy on what she said to Felix, it was shitty af. But he doesn't get to have it both ways - use her blindness to trick her and then abandoning her where she has almost no idea where she is. Also, her attacking his puppy dog crush on her? Grow up dude, you just said her friend is dead. And how is that a foregone conclusion? Any druglords that might have been after Jess are dead themselves. And how did neither of them clock the fact that the mother was shocked to hear that Jennifer had bought a new identity and the uncle didn't even react? Oh, and speaking of things th
  4. Leslie had a point about Murphy, (although I wish they would have pointed out that for Murphy, her phone is almost an indispensable to her as her cane, and even with no service, being without it is a genuine reason for her to go into an anxiety spiral) but honestly Murphy's dead-on that Leslie is a bitch. The whole thing with the newspapers? How insanely easy would it have been for her and their mother to fib and give them to Felix as his inheritance? That's so inconsiderate it's breathtaking, as is the fact that she acts like it's ridiculous that he gets upset over it. I liked that Murph
  5. The call came from Jess's alias, so it probably was her on the phone, but yeah, she definitely wouldn't be stupid enough to check into a hotel under her own name. I mean even the fixer lady who's recycling identities shouldn't be that incompetent; Jess is still a fugitive actively on the radar. It makes absolutely no sense that she'd resell an identity with the cops on its trail. That's just not how you run a business, it's selling faulty wares. Even if your career is illegal, you don't keep a client base by letting people down.
  6. Does anyone else get the feeling that Josh was unreasonably set on arresting Murphy even before she got him fired? Like he comes to her house for sex - as part of her attempt to have a genuine relationship with him, and he just happened to spot a picture of Max. He starts basically interrogating her, refuses to listen to any attempts she tries to makes at communication*, assumes she killed Nia and then has the audacity to demand she give him a phone to call the police on her. Frankly his attitude strikes me as someone who much more than the justice he claims to want really just wants one last
  7. Adding to ridiculousness: Murphy's blood near Nia's body is circumstantial evidence that she was involved in hiding said body. It does absolutely nothing to put her away "for the rest of her life" because it says nothing about actively killing Nia. (And uh, Jess was the one who pulled the trigger in a clear Defense of Others scenario. Murphy literally didn't kill Nia. Nia beat the shit out of her, which come to think of it explains her blood being near Nia. GET A COMPETENT LAWYER WTF.) Also? Hospital beds have alarms that go off if patients get out. A LOT of people in a compromised mental
  8. I nearly burst into tears during Tuca's imaginespot when Bertie pulled her away from Kara so she could be herself. God Kara is The Worst. And she's shitty in such a perfectly female passive-aggressive way, (not a knock against my fellow females, just props to the writers on her being so real I wanted to punch her).
  9. So, without the heroin, and considering the pretty circumstantial evidence of the button at Nia's burial site, is there really a case against the gang left? Felix comes from an extremely wealthy family; I bet they could get a lawyer who would probably collapse the case. Just hope these idiots keep their mouths shut when under interrogation.
  10. Nominated for an Emmy! And they went with Worms of In-Rear-Ment, which...is an interesting choice, I have to say. I think the safest choice would have been Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids. Worms is still very funny, I just wonder if they may have wasted a chance in a year when Rick and Morty weren't in the race and Bojack is over.
  11. The start was always Felix and Jess taking that money. It's pissed me off that no one likes to remember that part and the show's turned into Everything's Murphy's Fuck-Up. All she tried to do is find out who murdered Tyler and she did, she even managed to catch his killer (for all the good it did). She happened to brush up against Nia's operation but ultimately? The getting involved in drug trafficking was entirely Felix and Jess thinking "free money!", stealing from Nia and screwing Max over in the process. Murphy has made a ton of bad calls, but she didn't really start all this. I knew
  12. I've always felt that Murphy was a little too much of a question mark, because we never really been told how she got to where she is. By the time the show starts she's been fully blind for at least a decade, which hasn't stopped other blind people from living full lives. I always wondered if her parents set her up to fail by overly sheltering her. So actually the scene with her Mom not wanting her to go to jail actually made more sense with my headcanon, because aside from the "your child will be safer in jail" thing never sounding right, her mom is probably thinking that her blind child
  13. Show returns Wednesday, June 23:
  14. I wish they had just used subtitles. I get they wanted us to see the emotion of the moment that transcends language, but this was just annoying. I don't speak Spanish but I know enough to automatically hear Freddie Highmore was speaking with a European Spanish accent (as opposed to a Latin American one), and it's only here where I find the full explanation for Shaun speaking it that way. I've often heard that the difference between the dialects is like in English one having a British accent and the other having an American accent, and it is really weird for an American kid to learn European Sp
  15. It's funny (and when you're younger, kind of alienating) to be the one person in your group who isn't anti-parents. Like the friend group assuming they'd ditch Bob as soon as they got to the theater and dismissing the fact that he and Tina were clearly very into the show. I remember being a kid and my parents deliberately making some distance so I could hang out with other kids and I would be thinking, "man I wish I could go back to Mama and Papa. These people are boring!" Then later in college I remember an actual conversation along the lines of "my mom is so crazy-" "no MY mom is so cra
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