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  1. Since the last time I posted in this thread Young Justice has been uncancelled, and so far the only new couples I really like are Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, Beast Boy/Queen Perdita, and Kaldur/Wyynde. I still hate Superboy/Miss Martian. And I can't believe no one's mentioned Nadja and Laszlo from What We Do in the Shadows yet, a love that will literally never die. I don't remember who said it, but someone described them as being akin to Gomez and Morticia Addams if they got a little bored and bickered now and again from being married for over 300 years, but are nonetheless still deeply in love and devoted to each other with as wild a sex life as ever. Laszlo in particular has an artistic passion for Nadja and will kill her reincarnated lover in every lifetime just for making her upset. Last but not least, because it's finally TV canon after 27 years...Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from Harley Quinn.
  2. Not sure...maybe he ran off to Scandinavia? I knew Sy was coming back one way or another! It would be a waste if he didn't. And I've gotta say this has to be the most competent Kite Man's ever been, even if his "true love's kiss" failed miserably. I might have guessed they were going to use the true-love's-kiss-breaks-the-spell trope with Harlivy in this episode even without the preview pics. I mean sure, it's just as likely that Doctor Psycho being distracted/aroused by them kissing is what broke his mind control over Ivy, but it was still framed that way. I had the same reaction as Harley when Clayface turned giant, like "Were you able to do that this whole time?!" And honestly Superman, "just put them in the Phantom Zone" can't be your solution for everything! Psycho, you asshole! This is why Ivy should have told Kite Man about her affair with Harley before--he was bound to find out sooner or later, and in the worst possible way. Between that and the potential Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman threesome underway, "I need a cigarette" is right. I'm nervous for the season finale this week. 🙃
  3. So Eris brainwashed Hippolyta and the Amazons so that Lex Luthor can have what's essentially Fyre Festival on Themyscira? Those bastards! True, she is extremely ride-or-die for people she's madly in love with, but I think Ivy was talking about how Harley generally lives her life. Hell, earlier in this episode she noted how Harley isn't usually much of a planner, and she does have a tendency to be rather reckless and short-sighted, going from indulging in anarchy, to unionizing the goons, to taking over New New Gotham, and then world domination with an army of parademons and back. That combined with Ivy's fear of being abandoned by Harley affecting her judgement, it makes sense why she would want to play it safe with Kiteman, frustrating as it is (plus there's four episodes left in the season). I kinda want somebody to say, "Well if you think you're that secure with Kiteman, why don't you fess up about cheating with Harley all weekend long and see what happens?" Even now he's beginning to suspect that maybe their relationship isn't as perfect as he thought. Cobb Squad forever! Catwoman does not give a single fuck, I love it. And are we sure Jennifer isn't an Amazon?? As for Nora...look, I can understand wanting to get railed by some rando after being frozen for how many years, but Maxie Zues?!? EW!! Get tested! Also ew to the "Under the Sea" pastiche. Remind me to never go deep sea diving. 😆
  4. So now we know for sure that Jason Todd does indeed exist in this universe and The Joker killed him. Can we expect the Red Hood to show up in future episodes? On top of being an excellent take on the "Mad Love" story, I was almost expecting this episode to be a Two-Face origin story as soon as Harvey Dent was introduced (he sure loves that red licorice), but it turns out he was a duplicitous asshole even before getting acid in his face. He doesn't seem to have the split personality like in every other iteration, so that's not surprising. What DID surprise me was how good Jim Gordon looked--so fit and groomed! But in keeping with the theme of the episode there were also remnants of present day Jim Gordon, such as still being a little on edge and needy for Batman's friendship. IIRC it was implied in the pilot episode that Gordon completely went off the rails when The Joker paralyzed his partner, but as someone brought up on DC Daily, he used to work with Batman and Harvey Dent. Losing Dent both as an ally and a friend when he officially became Two-Face meant having even less control over the crime in Gotham and depending on Batman even more. I mentioned last week that "Batman's Back Man" had some of the same beats as The Lego Batman Movie. This episode took inspiration from The Dark Knight, what with the interrogation scene and The Joker from years earlier resembling Heath Ledger's Joker, even borrowing his catchphrase. And judging from the episode description for "There's No Place to Go But Down," it looks like this week is going to have a lot of references to The Dark Knight Rises, calling it right now.
  5. Those beginning and end scenes with the toxic fanboys were EVERYTHING. I'd think the "Release the Snyder Cut" guy was meant to take shots at the Birds of Prey hatedom, except season 2 would have been close to finished by the time that movie came out. The writers just seem to know very well that type of fan that ruins near every fandom--particularly no nothing know-it-all misogynist nerds who make it their hobby tearing down anything even vaguely feminist or inclusive and won't shut up about said movie or show despite claiming not to waste their time with it. Ditto on Batman and Alfred's relationship echoing The Lego Batman Movie, except Alfred is much more snarky to Bruce here. For an episode focused solely on the Batfamily, I'm surprised Robin didn't make an appearance, or at least get a shout-out. Like maybe he was grounded for trying to take up the Bat mantle without permission, because it's pretty clear Alfred's the one making the rules at Wayne Manor. And Bane gives us a brutal reminder why he is one of Batman's most dangerous foes...now if only he can stand up to Two-Face.
  6. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's the case, he seems to be just that petty. It honestly makes so much sense for them to be nemeses: they're both Z-list villains with really lame gimmicks, except Condiment King is WAY more obnoxious, I'm just wondering how he got such an attractive girlfriend. 😆 There goes the wokest ice themed villain in all of new New Gotham. 😭 I really wasn't expecting Mr. Freeze's death to be that sad, though I probably should have given the tragic nature of his character and Ivy's "death" scene from last season. I still can't blame Harley too much for assuming the worst since Mr. Freeze did come off as creepy earlier, especially with Nora's frankly terrified expression when frozen as opposed to the peaceful looking cryogenic coma patient she usually is in other iterations (also he seemingly stole the plot from You've Got Mail). It's very possible the crew will have to deal with Mrs. Freeze somewhere down the line.
  7. That's also a possibility! He suggested including her in negotiations last episode, plus he'll want to get back at the other Injustice Leaguers for being jerks to him.
  8. 🎶 ShiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! 🎶 Once again Poison Ivy is a mood, frat parties are gross. Also agreed on Gordon's chest hair, it's INSANE. I believe it was mentioned at some point last season that Nightwing resides in Bludhaven, but I might be misremembering. Honestly, at first I wouldn't be able to distinguish this Barbara Gordon from a minor character, which I guess is the point because once she started doing parkour all over campus I was like "Yep, that's her." I think Babs was always inspired by Batman, and became Batgirl in this episode not only because she caught the superhero bug and "New" Gotham is in desperate need of one, but also to help restore her father's faith in heroes and crimefighting spirit. In fact I can very easily imagine Jim being a lot like her when he was young and just starting out as a cop before however many years of being Gotham's commissioner took its toll. Speculation time! Clayface seems super-invested in his Stephanie character and "her" relationship with Chad at Riddler U, and Doctor Psycho complained that his powers are being "squandered on menial tasks" not to mention all the trouble he and King Shark went through getting past Two-Face's goons and the Bane boys (I love that they're teaming up more btw) and now there are only three Injustice League members left to beat..who's to say Harley's crew won't each want a piece of New Gotham for themselves when they're done?
  9. Just watched this episode right after finishing season 1, and this season is already shaping up to be just as great as the first, if not better. Like Ivy, I was also expecting Harley to try taking over New Gotham right out of the gate, but it's also totally in character for her to love the chaos--and she's got THE BABIES! I don't know if it was intentional, but this episode made the point very well that, while anarchy might sound appealing in concept, in reality people will eventually either seek out leadership in chaotic times (just like Harley's crew needs her as a leader) or will attempt to take over themselves. I'm so happy Bane survived the events of season 1, he's a delight. And Damian trying to be Batman is adorable. DID NOT expect Penguin to get killed off that quickly, holy crap. The Riddler better watch his back. Can't wait to see Batgirl and Catwoman!
  10. It was--in the pilot episode Laszlo says he and Nadja have lived in the U.S. since 1861. I assume that includes Nandor. As for how Guillermo has any money, my theory is he mostly gets it from whatever cash or valuables the people he lures to the vampires have on them when he disposes the bodies (it's probably like that for all the other familiars). To paraphrase Brenda from Scary Movie, he already got them killed, might as well rob their asses. I also assume Colin pays for Nandor, Lazslo and Nadja's rent, it would explain why they keep him around despite being an energy-sucking nuisance. One thing that bugs me is whether or not the Vampiric Council have ever figured out that our three vampires aren't dead. Guillermo is so close to snapping like a twig, I'm kinda bummed we have to wait until next season to see it happen. Maybe it'll be revealed that his family has secretly been slaying vampires for generations since Van Helsing, and he's just the latest generation with "the gift." Nandor better sleep with one eye open. 😉
  11. ITA with all of this, except I'd replace "Angry Young Man" with "Common People" by Pulp, mainly because of Lindsay Ellis' video essay on the film. "Aww, look Mark, someone wrote a song about you!"
  12. Agreed. If I didn't think Ed Sheeran was overrated before, I sure as hell do now. "Shape of You" is probably his worst song. And how long was this show, like 3 and 1/2 hours? They could've easily made time for Lorde to sing. Glad I'm not the only one who thought this was a mediocre performance at best, especially the guy on the far right (I forget his name), his mumbling "heaven" was really irritating. Yeah, geez, couldn't they at least be polite and pretend to be interested in such an iconic performance. I know, right? What was their problem? It's freaking Evita, people!!
  13. Character A: We can't [insert extremely dangerous course of action here]! Character B: We don't have a choice!
  14. I don't know if it has a name, but I like when Character A breaks some bad news to Character B at a fancy restaurant hoping they won't make a scene, but of course Character B will ALWAYS make a scene. I also like body-switching episodes when they're done well (a good example is "The Great Brain Robbery" from Justice League Unlimited) or anything involving magic or red kryptonite or what have you that makes characters act completely different than they normally do, and musical episodes when the actors can actually sing.
  15. Ditto on the Scorpion hate. Other shows I can't stand from their TV spots alone: Grimm because of the godawful special effects when someone turns into a werewolf or a troll or something, and Once Upon a Time because they just started ripping off Disney at some point. Game of Thrones also gets on my nerves because whenever an important character gets raped or murdered on that show, which is probably every other episode, EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT.
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