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S06.E11: Freaks Of Nature

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Even after he explained it several times, I don't know how that was supposed to be an eyeball.

I thought the product placement was interesting. Z Brush seems like a very niche product to be that heavily featured on a television show.

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I didn't get the eyeballs either, but it was a difficult concept to convey IMO. Maybe eyeballs circling the head or a moving eyeball running around the head. I don't know. There's a reason I'm not crafty.

I thought wall climbing fly thing was good, not necessarily great, but figured it had a good shot as soon as I saw the model. Some of them are just better at selling characters & take the contestant's design up a notch by their own work.

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Hello. Big big big fan of this show.

I'm actually rooting for Daran this season, but I agree that his design was a flop. I understand why Graham got the boot instead, though. These judges do tend to take prior work into consideration, especially at this late stage, and Graham had been slated for being eliminated before. The other thing was, his idea wasn't very creative though the execution was more successful. I do wish Daran had managed to pull off his vision. He has come up with some great stuff so far.


The best thing about this show is that the contestants support each other, and there's no backstabbing or snark, etc., like so many other reality competitions. Hooray!

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I thought Daran's was the worst of the week by a lot, but I think they sent Graham home based on who's total body of work they liked more, which I'm fine with. I was expecting cameras or big googly eyes or a bunch of eyes or maybe even an owl creature for that concept. His idea was interesting, but execution a total fail.

I thought the Octopus character was the most interesting looking, if not exactly all that original. Speaking of which, while I wasn't a huge fan of the mole rat, I think it's kinda BS that they called Graham out on picking the most obvious thing, but gave the fly creature the win. A fly or spider is pretty much just as obvious as mole rat, if not more so. I also thought the hairs looked more like branches and the paint job was meh. The actress did do a nice job selling the look though.

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When I heard the mutant power was "panoramic vision" is it weird that the first thing I thought was  "camera" and that the eyes should be camera lenses


That would have been better that what Daran did.  I would have gone with the obvious - eyeballs circling the head, but I would have had some of them be on "antenna" and make them move via remote control.  Because, if I can pretend that I am on this show, then I can pretend that I have the knowledge and ability to put eyeballs on antenna and make them move.

This is my first post on Previously.TV (r.i.p. TWOP).  I wish it were more profound, but at least it is on the forum of one of my favorite shows.  Love the lack of manufactured drama. 

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The actress did do a nice job selling the look though.

I think she's the one who saved Corinne's bacon during the goblin challenge as well.  Was it goblins?  It's kind of hard to keep the creatures straight at this point.

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I think Daran's would've worked a lot better if the LED lights worked out. Still, I liked Graham's and was shocked he was on the bottom. But maybe because I like Graham and I was seeing his creature with the Droopy-Dog voice he gave it in the lab. The judges didn't have that.

One day I would like to fast forward to the end of the episode before I watch it and see the final creations with the same context the judges get. I think seeing the process and what their initial vision was colors my judgement of the final product. 

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