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S02.E05: Blood for Blood


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NOTE: Reign airs on Wednesdays in Canada, meaning that the episodes are very often viewed a day before they have aired in the US. Therefore please be aware that this thread will almost definitely have spoilers for those who wish to wait until Thursday night to view the new episode.


Greer's wedding nears as fighting intensifies between the Catholics and Protestants. Meanwhile, Bash and Leith uncover a secret about Castleroy; Francis gets an unwanted gift from Henry; and Kenna finds a journal describing the best lover at court.


New Theme Song Footage!


Well, I'll give this to the writers: I don't think I've ever before seen "I'm going to seriously hurt your feelings instead of putting you in danger by telling you the truth" and truly believed it had to be done. (I mean, I wish he hadn't used that particular lie because it was so painful, but Mary is relentless and you could see that Francis was grasping at straws.) Toby was magnificent in this episode. And I really like that the show made use of all that time spent on building up the idea of spirits and Darkness and all that jazz so that the idea of Caroline being a faker is actually a twist! That's one incredible actress Narcisse found.


I enjoyed the moments of levity with Lola and Kenna (and Catherine!) and Monsieur Mysterious Butterfly Wink Wink. We needed some funny at this point. But speaking of Catherine I'm very surprised she didn't have more to say about the religious conflict. She's usually all up in any Royal Business and this is a thorny issue I'd think she'd want to advise more on.


Finally, YES! GREER! Excellent choice, girl. I'm sorry that she'll probably end up in all kinds of religious mess, but I'm still super happy for her. Castleroy and the kids are such sweethearts.

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Ouch! That was one seriously hurtful lie. I mean I get that Mary is like a dog with a bone but couldn't he come up with anything else? If Lola hooks up with Narcisse, I will barf. Nobody is that damn hard up to get laid that they'd sleep with that filth. I kind of think that perhaps if Francis had told Catherine what he'd done she would have been of great help to him. She knew that Henry was mad as a hatter and I think she'd have stopped Narcisse in his tracks.

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Enjoyed the new opening credits! And that's about it.

Hated Greers dress. Aside from the historical anachronism (at least the real Mary actually got married in white), it looked like something pulled out of the bargain bin at David's Bridal. The bouquet was way too big, but maybe that was an attempt to cover the hideousness of the dress.

Francis was extremely harsh towards Mary. It's going to be tough to recover from that.

Lola and Narcisse, oy. I hope she sees this for what it is -- a power play. No matter how good that D is, it's not worth the trouble Lola!

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I thought it was hilarious last season when they clearly had Pagans standing in for Protestants on the show, possibly partly because no one's going to complain about evil blood cultists in the woods which were surprisingly a big threat to Fontainebleau. Now they've suddenly switched to full on French Wars of Religion its surprising how many Catholic courtiers are sp very tolerant towards protestants in directly the opposite way to how it played out in real life. I get it, it's just amusing how Francis is being about this, because the lead can't be a religious bigot.


Kenna wasn't shocked to walk in on lesbian maid sex but that's not surprising given what Henry put her through last season. That subplot was pretty silly, but it did get a couple of chuckles. I'd rather have had Bash/Kenna though.


I don't care about Conde and I still don't even after his nephew died, he'd better start doing some historical Conde interesting stuff soon.

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Weakest episode of the season IMO


I absolutely loved lady Kenna. She's was adorable this episode even though the plot was dumb.


Greer is perfect. I have zero faith PepperGreer will last though. :/


Of course Narcisse is the sex God with the butterfly tattoo!


"you don't like...tea?" "i don't like you!" Bring on Lola/Narcisse!


I agree they need to get to the point with Conde and reduce his screen time. The actor is good looking but not talented enough to get me to feel for him. He wears the same damn facial expression.


Francis's comment was brutal, but I really think that was the only to get Mary to let it go. They both frustrated me in this scene. She kept pushing after he begged her to move on. Sometimes you really just need to let it go when your spouse begs you to and let them come to you when they're ready. Times like this I remember that while married, they're only teens. So Mary believes nagging her husband until he bends is always the appropriate course of action.


I agree with Francis's ultimate decision not to tell Mary, not only for her safety, but she has a way of making bad situations even worse. He should go to momma.


Is Torrance Coombs still a lead? Guy who plays Conde has stolen his role.

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I enjoyed this episode. Narcisse is a great villain (I actually believed his contrition earlier, and while I probably shouldn't have been surprised, the idea that the maid was play-acting was great). As another poster said last week, I'd also love the idea of Narcisse being a bad man and a good husband. He and Lola have great chemistry.


The Leith/Greer/Castleroy love triangle is the only one I can remember where a woman has a choice between two men who seem like fundamentally decent guys. Leith has had his iffy moments, but he did let Castleroy go with the guards, and then showed up for the wedding (only to leave). I'm happy Greer chose Castleroy -- they seem like a good partnership. His new affiliation with the Protestants should make for some interesting future subplots. It was just nice not to have a love triangle where there seems to be no bad guy.


I mainly like that they're developing the storylines for the other characters, independent of "the great angsty love of Mary and Francis." Francis is so outmatched in his battle with Narcisse. I don't think he's a terrible person -- quite the opposite. I think he's way too nice and way too noble to be an effective King. Mary might act impulsively, but she knows how to course-correct, and she does ultimately get stuff done (like Catherine does). Francis seems to be guided by his principles -- which makes him a good man, but an awful leader.


But Narcisse telling Francis not to tell Mary what he knows, and Francis actually doing it, reminds me of those shows or movies when the criminals kidnap someone and tell the family not to go to the police. You always go to the police! It's what ends up saving you!

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I came to this show for Megan Follows who I think is underutilized this season.  But I do love Narcisse.  And I think it would be interesting to see where this thing with Lola goes.  (Is it just me or does he look younger than his now dead son?)  


I miss Kenna and Bash actually having scenes together.  I want to like Leith but going from Kitchen boy to one of the king's trusted soldiers is a bit of a stretch even in TV . I do prefer Castleroy (and not just because this show needs a bit more maturer actors on it).  There is something rather endearing in his dorky nature and in spite of not being the strongest guy, he's proven himself to be brace and noble.  


If I were Francis I'd get Catherine to help him with the Narcisse situation.  While I know the public views would put Mary under scrutiny for what she knew of Henry's death, I think the actual court which is far more familiar with the royal family would suspect Catherine to be completely behind it.  And she's the one who can take Narcisse down.

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SO happy that Greer went through with the wedding.  They've made Castleroy into such an interesting and sympathetic character. 


Narcisse is not only great in the sack but a MASTER of the long con.  Wow.  I assumed it would be Catherine or Mary walking into Francis' confession, or maybe even Conde - I actually gasped when it was Narcisse.  And the character may be a slime, but I find him so, so sexy - a benefit of seeing him on Spartacus.  I am intrigued by him and Lola. 


Conde isn't the most interesting of characters, but he's another looker, that's for sure.


ADORED that Catherine isn't being a celibate widow.  If I didn't mishear, she has a few men in her rotation.  Good for her.  And I really loved that she read that sex journal in an HOUR.  And that random - 'Please, your hair!" to than blond.  She is a treasure. 


I love Kenna more and more, but it would be nice to see her with her hubby once in a while.

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I thought Castleroy was going to be the great lover, so I laughed when, of course, it was Narcisse. I think Momma needs to come and save the day, she will have it handled in the time it takes Francis to apologize to Mary for the awful things he said to her.

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Well Greer seemed pleased enough with the result of their experiments last episode, so it seems he's not a total slouch. Now it's Narcisse Lola gets to have the prospect of a fantastic lover to make her ignore any qualms about any creepy vibes he gives off in additional to "unlucky in love" stories he's banding about to her. He might like her but he also sees being step father to the king's oldest bastard (with title) and only current son as a way to gain more power.   

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