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  1. Tripp

    S02.E09: Acts of War

    I had heard about the rape and so I was reluctant to watch so I took my time. I loathe rape storylines in modern day pieces because they are so rarely done properly. But in a TV show like Reign, it doesn't bother me that much . Honestly I can accept it a lot more in a story based on Medieval times when women were honest to God thought of as property. It's sick and makes me mad but I'd rather see it there than in a contemporary show or an Edwardian drama like Downtown Abbey which outside of the great war the most violence we saw was when Matthew and Richard messed up their hair slapping each other on the floor. So I am going to wait and see how this storyline goes. As ScarletRegina said above, if this turns into "All about Francis", I'm going to be pissed. Right now I'm curious to see how far they take Mary's wishing on revenge and as a bonus it's given Megan Follows something to do other than chase around dead spirited children who keep threatening the life of her miserable daughter. What I didn't like is I think it was a bit graphic. But I am glad they wrote in Mary escaped herself. Conde and Claude is interesting or at least for the first time I found the two of them interesting. It's also the first time I probably liked her. I think the marriage is a good idea, I mean neither wants to get married in the first place because usually it forces a change in how one socially interacts but if they both agree, they could have an open marriage. It also forces Catherine to figure something else out in regards to trying to kick Claude out of the castle. I live for Narcisse and Lola moments now. While I'm anxious for more, I hope they don't rush it.
  2. Tripp

    S02.E07: The Prince of the Blood

    So I'm losing interest in Mary this season (except for the awesome scenes with Catherine last week). I am sure Conde is going to wind up being some kind of snake. Yes, I'm loving Lola and Narcisse. I'm all for villains to have layers and while it's hard to believe there isn't some kind of hidden agenda with Lola he's not admitting too, she seems to sincerely challenge him and they are fun to watch. So glad to finally have Kenna and Bash scenes. I missed Castleroy and am irritated they didn't let him even be in this episode when it came to nobles admitting their protestantism. I didn't think they would go there with Bash and his sister. Please give Catherine something else to do than chasing stupid girl spirits around the castle.
  3. Just delurking to say I'm a LP fan. And I don't consider myself crazy or obsessive. Out of the entire cast, I feel she is the most talented (with the exception maybe of RC). It's her layered potrayel of Regina that has led me to root for Regina even when she's at her evilest. In the hands of a lesser actor I possibly would hate the character like so many who post here do. But it's also a show about fairy tales so I probably would sit back and enjoy it for what it is...entertainment. Good for GG, I think she deserves it and should get more screentime on the show. I find JM has been walking through her scenes, especially in S4. Occasionally I see a light in her eyes that reminds why I rooted for her in S1 but it goes so quickly I wonder if I imagined it. I want to get Captain Swan because I love him and think he throws himself in the role while JM doesn't seem to get into the passion like he does. My opinion on why they were nominated is because the PCA, like the other awards shows, tend to go for the hero characters and never really take any kind of changes in nominations.
  4. Tripp

    S02.E05: Blood for Blood

    I came to this show for Megan Follows who I think is underutilized this season. But I do love Narcisse. And I think it would be interesting to see where this thing with Lola goes. (Is it just me or does he look younger than his now dead son?) I miss Kenna and Bash actually having scenes together. I want to like Leith but going from Kitchen boy to one of the king's trusted soldiers is a bit of a stretch even in TV . I do prefer Castleroy (and not just because this show needs a bit more maturer actors on it). There is something rather endearing in his dorky nature and in spite of not being the strongest guy, he's proven himself to be brace and noble. If I were Francis I'd get Catherine to help him with the Narcisse situation. While I know the public views would put Mary under scrutiny for what she knew of Henry's death, I think the actual court which is far more familiar with the royal family would suspect Catherine to be completely behind it. And she's the one who can take Narcisse down.
  5. Tripp

    S07.E03: Clear And Present Danger

    Oh oh, something else. Technically two more things. The episode had COMPETANT Castle. I was sure when he was going to go head to head online with the guy in the game ("Let me slow him down") they were going to get his ass kicked virtually. Whatever he did worked because they were able to find him at the computer cafe. AND THEN, he was the one to knock him down (okay it was a little weird for their to be a sword nearby he could grab and connect he took down the king or whatever but I like seeing Nathan holding a sword). A door is helpful but LOL can't you see through the walls anyway? I figured Kate would have wanted to cover up those bookcases a long time ago.
  6. Tripp

    S07.E03: Clear And Present Danger

    Great great episode. And excuse me if this has already been said BUT THANK YOU JESUS FOR THAT BLACK LEATHER JACKET ON NATHAN. It looked great on him. I actually loved the bedroom scene for several reasons. They wanted to have sex and we had them making out a little bit (where we could see). I think the idea of an invisible man WOULD BE CREEPY enough to give them a bit of hesitation and I laughed out loud at the zombie apocalypse remark. Martha getting caught in the trap was another great way to interrupt them because....how funny was that? My favorite part was probably when Castle goosed Kate. When he did that, I feel like it was clear Castle's "crazy theories" he pretends are possible are just his way of getting to Beckett. Then they got attacked. Oh and theorizing! Except it wasn't. They were kind of argueing. But very cute. LOVED Kate and Castle talking to Gates too. Great job. Good episode. Good COTW. Good banter. Everyone was into it. Genuine affection. AND THE BLACK LEATHER JACKET. I'm still angry at at Esposito.
  7. Tripp

    S04.E02: White Out

    I liked the episode a lot though it didn't have enough Regina or Rumple for me. I didn't mind Regina trying to handle this without Henry. She isn't the type of character who wants pity. And I'm sure if she asked for Henry, many would be flaming her for using her current predicament to manipulate the affections of her son. I didn't care for Henry having to spell out to Emma that he was meaning his OTHER MOTHER when it was so obvious. Made her look callous IMO. I'm confused as to why Emma & company seemed to forget just hours earlier they were chasing an ice creature. Did they not think that was important to follow up on? And I wish Jmo would put a bit more energy opposite Hook. Speaking of Hook, the show continues to amaze me how they can take his handicap and make it handy. (Oh pun intended) Snow having a meltdown (another pun) was awesome. Grumpy tends to get on my nerves at how he whines at everything (I get it, it's part of the character). And here is Elizabeth Mitchell! I'm so looking forward to seeing her play a bad character!
  8. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    He did it before in Probable Cause (but I still think he took a few minutes before making it clear) and then it was proven Castle DIDN'T do the crime which should have taught Esposito that things are not always what they appear. Oh so thats something else we can add to Esposito's list: bad friend, dick, and now idiot.
  9. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    Actually I think it makes Castle seem like he's never really accepted as a valuable member of the team. And yes, he should tell Esposito the next time he wants ANYTHING from him, he can kiss his ass.
  10. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    To answer your question halwideman, it does make me hate Esposito but I hate the episode for it because while at times Esposito can be a dick, I really think this is OCC for him. I mean at least this extreme. Now as time goes on and more evidence piles up, then I'd expect Esposito be the first to voice his suspicions. But that 5 seconds of "Wait, Castle dropped it off? OMG he's behind this!" seemed just like the writers wanted it to be clear with the subtlety hammer that they are heading down this road of doubt. Personally I think Gates would have been better in this role: She doesn't have the long relationship with Castle and would be able to step back and look at this more cynically.
  11. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    I'm not upset about any lack of chemistry. Honestly I didn't expect to see it last night and I don't think anything with the leads. It's the way they wrote the storyline. It's awkward and uncomfortable and we have get past all of this for them to get back to the way they were (and I thought they were great before...when written to do so). I also watch Bones and I prefer Caskett 10 times everyday over them. And I found it amusing for Bones that after Booth has been in prison/jail for months, he and Brennan had very little affection between each other. It was all about trying to find the truth in his frame up. Which is very similar to Caskett once Castle showed up in the premiere. The difference is Castle has decided to introduce this ridiculous amount of doubt over Castle's character which is affecting his relationships. I HATE that. I still do. And a couple of days later I'm still furious at Esposito. Ugh, I'm so sorry. I just...can't get past it. I know he's the naysayer and the cynical cop. Would he turn on Kate or Ryan like that? No! He will never know Castle as well as he knows them BUT he's worked with Castle for 7 years and they've risked their lives for each other. How much more does he need to offer the same trust that I'm sure he would show his other partners. Man, it still ticks me off. LOL. I honestly think if they had left that out...I probably would have liked the episode.
  12. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    He might have even been kept in the tent (if they used drugs to keep him knocked out) then just transport the tent to the water. I think because Jenkins was a fake that Castle was never camping at the sight. I am curious to know how he got the bullet wound. For this to work he wasn't supposed to have anything like that so maybe Castle woke up and tried to escape and they were forced to take him down that way, then realized they had to wait for his wound to heal so it wouldn't be obvious to a doctor (remember the main doctors didn't catch it). When the truth does come out, if the bad guys admitted they hadn't meant for Castle to stay away that long but had no choice because of the bullet wound, I'd appreciate it. At least it makes them a little less omnipotent in their brilliant masterminded plan. And I still think the ending was just too ridiculous. Castle's life was kidnapped, framed and his reputation possibly ruined and those people are still out there? What could they do next? Instead it was popping the cork and shrugging shoulders with an "all's well that ends well." Huh?
  13. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    Oh I did like the scruff but it didn't last nearly as long as I thought it would. Nathan looked like he wore that scruff for awhile. I wonder if they had to mix up episode shoots because if they do flashbacks he will have to have the scruff again. And I think I liked him in that jacket. I just was a bit too confused as he was talking about tsunamis and I wondered how Kate didn't know about this irrational fear. I didn't notice Kate's hair until she came running in the hospital and she paused before going into Castle's room. I thought..."Oh they want the audience to notice her hair now". Hee.
  14. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    Overall I wasn't that upset with Kate. It disappointed me a bit to see it but I understood that a person could only take so much and this was after 2 months of searching for him. And if Castle had been more upset at Kate possibly losing hope I could understand that too. It's an emotional response and sometimes you can't always control those. The fact that Castle seemed to be missing any true emotional responses has me worried but I don't know if he's supposed to or it's just badly written. And when Ryan started to question it, it disappointed me but I got it. Their cops and the evidence is overwhelming. But the fact they had to write Espo so willing to think the worst of Castle. Couldn't Gates have played that part? She doesn't know them like they do and I could believe it in her and it wouldn't have bothered me as much.
  15. Tripp

    S07.E01: Driven

    Oh Sinkwriter, good analysis on how I felt. It started off okay and I was right there, but without the family being shown and Kate, Espo, Ryan going the investigation route I became dettached. And once they started focusing that Castle was behind it all (the FBI insisting he wanted out of the marriage, whatever) I just sort of checked out then and prayed it would get resolved by the end which of course it didn't and now I feel incomplete as the storyline. Overtime I'm starting to compartmentalize the show like Kate did her life with her mom's death. OMG, I'm becoming S4 Kate!