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The McGhees are back for another season. 
I may have missed one, because I don't always check OWN.

Hard to believe the kids are getting so big, and I was struck by how varied in height they are.  Don't remember that from last time.

I wonder if, when the cameras aren't there, they really take all the kids shopping at the same time.  I really don't think so.

There was less family drama this time, no mothers or mothers-in-law.

I really like these people.

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U-verse has some of these on-demand, and I saw one I'd missed.
I saw no ads for this on the channels I watch, DIY & true crime, but last year I did.

On getting the loan approval, I wonder if all the extra staff and improvements will hurt their chances.
When we sold our house, everything was set, but they did a final credit check, and rejected the buyers because they'd gone out and gotten credit to buy some furniture.
Luckily, their parents paid or signed for the furniture, so the deal went through, but if they think someone is overextended, they might deny a loan.
It did seem like they hired a lot of people who weren't actually going out and servicing clients.

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I love these kids.  They're so freaking cute.  I'm much more interested in seeing them at preschool, ballet, skating, etc vs seeing Ro and Mia at the office. 


Could you IMAGINE if this family went the way of the Duggards some years down the road!@?!?!?


Hard to believe the kids are getting so big, and I was struck by how varied in height they are.  Don't remember that from last time.


I know! One of the boys seemed to be a head taller than the other boys.

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I like this family but their show has become one big commercial every week, Stouffers, Hershey's and this week IKEA. I don't begrudge them the donations but it's annoying. I have and will never have that kind of service at IKEA! Fake.

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I think too, that they need to take the kids shopping, one or two at a time, so they can keep them in hand, and teach them not to run off, because I'd hate to have been trying to shop at a store where they were all running amuck.

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So Ro tries out for the food truck business.  Anyone else noticed that he's NOT WEARING GLOVES?

One of his helpers was, for sure, and I couldn't tell about the other guy, but I never saw any on Ro's hands.
Also, this one seemed fakier, because I can't believe that you can prepare food for the public without all kinds of health certificates and rules.
Nothing was said about the new house this week.

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I think that was the season finale, and it sure left a lot up in the air.
Hope Mia is able to get her blood pressure and weight under control.
I'm not a fan of unnecessary surgery, but if she does have it, I wish her well.
And  the new house...
I'm really hoping for another season so we can see it all.

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I know, she seems to really enjoy the kids.
In the earlier shows, weren't there some problems between Mia and Cilky?  Seemed like she'd had some problems while raising Rho, as I remember.

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Well I don't like this show as much as the earlier one.
A lot of time is spent on the intro and where Mia and Ro are singing, and there just doesn't seem to be as much substance.
This would seem to be down to the producers/writers of the show, not the McGhees.

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In the cooking class episode, she says the boys are as perfect as they can be for this age all while the cooking ladies say they were one of the two rowdiest groups that they've ever had.  I don't know if the rowdy was amped up for the episode or it's normal (and it seems normal for them) those boys need to be reined in a lot and quickly.  No wonder at least one is in trouble in school.

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All six need to repeat kindergarten ? I know it could cause dysfunction to have same age siblings in two grades, but still. I don't buy the teacher reasoning in that they were preemies and if they were born at term, they would have started school a year later.

I guess you can't go to summer school for K5 to pass the standards test for 1st grade.

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