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  1. And why should they if they believe their faith is true? I'm a Christian and I don't sit around studying Buddhism. I'm fairly familiar with them all because I have an interest in such things, but it's not as if it's going to change my mind.
  2. Now this is the most plausible reason I've heard so far.
  3. There really wasn't. Brady and Paulie just thought Rhonda worked long hours and needed more rest. At that time, apparently Brady's construction business was doing quite well, and they must not have needed the money. I wonder what happened business-wise to make the bottom fall out.
  4. I thought Nonie's son was strangely agitated about his mother's pregnancy. It makes me wonder if she had past medical problems with pregnancies for him to be so angry about it.
  5. So in this one Damien's going to be an adult already and not know who he is? I don't know about that. I'm sure I'll watch it though.
  6. Since there was so much sentiment about Joan Rivers' passing, I didn't want to say it, but I never could stand her or her horrid daughter Melissa. I skipped that season.
  7. The Branson show with Barry Williams isn't funny/bitchy like this show. But it has the Haygoods (they're advising Barry on how to make his show a success), and they are fantastic. My gosh, Heather in that short gold dress. Does Patty have to hit her over the head or what. If your boss tells you not to wear it, don't. And that look on Megan's face when Patty was lecturing her. She was loving it.
  8. Do you mean Charlie Manson? There was never anyone else with the last name Manson in that group, and I'm pretty sure he was in prison before Breanna was ever born.
  9. I wonder if they will still move to Washington without the income from the show.
  10. By all means, watch it all the way through. It's great fun even though there were a couple of dud episodes, and the series has a killer cliffhanger.
  11. On The Branson Insider facebook page, there's an interview with Megan and Brandon. She looks so different without the stage makeup and hair---very beautiful in a natural way. They talk about what it was like shooting the show. I hope there's a second season. For anyone who's interested, another Branson-based show just started, "A Very Barry Branson", starring Barry Williams of Brady Bunch fame. The first two episodes just aired yesterday.
  12. Rockstar, I hate to tell you not to watch "Philly Feast" but...
  13. This is so true. Jon only objected to the filming after the network cut him loose, but he found out they could keep him from appearing in any other show. He was hanging out with Michael Lohan, and the two of them thought they'd get some kind of divorced dad reality show. That's when Jon tried to stop filming, so his motives are certainly not pure. Kate said she agreed to no further child support because she doesn't want Jon to end up in jail and have to explain that to the kids.
  14. It was reported that Jon doesn't pay any child support, by mutual agreement.
  15. But why would divorcing Meri and marrying Robyn insure that the show continues? It's just not that interesting and doesn't really change the family. Of course, Meri has given up her legal advantage in terms of social security, inheritance, and medical decision-making. It's not much of a new storyline if that's its purpose.
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