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  1. AnnieGirl

    S7.E00: Where Are They Now? Mackenzie McKee

    Mackenzie's mother is all kinds of Cindy Anthony twisted.
  2. .....audit the gay out of them..... Uh huh, good luck with that!
  3. If Debbie approved after she viewed the final product to air, then of course, I have no problem with that and am happy she was okay sharing her frailty. If not, and she only signed off on being in the documentary, but did not view the final product, then I wish they didn't air it.
  4. I haven't followed either of these women much, other than adoring Debbie Reynolds as Mama Adler on Will & Grace. I'm not sure when Debbie and Carrie agreed to do this documentary, but clearly Debbie's health was failing and it makes me sad this was aired. There were several scenes where you could tell she was uncomfortable (ruby slipper on mantel). The scene in the limo headed to the SAG awards was particularly sad. She asked what the award was and then seemed frustrated when those around her tried to explain. Being the professional that she was, it's sad this documentary is her last "performance".
  5. AnnieGirl


    Same sentiment as CoolMom....they seem like a great couple, but have set themselves up for failure by being on a realty show. One season and go, save your family!
  6. AnnieGirl

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Zachary seemed so much more mature and confident then ever before. Good for him!
  7. AnnieGirl

    American Scandal With Barbara Walters

    I have often wondered (and Google searched) what ever happened to Kimberly Mays. Sounds like Barbara had a hard time finding her too. It's clear she's struggled in her youth but seems to be doing okay now in her late 30's. The saddest part about this story is two deaths, Barbara Mays and Arlena Twigg. I can't imagine how weird and tumultuous Kimberly's youth must have been.
  8. AnnieGirl

    S13.E06: Bunking With The Devil

    Editing. That indicates to me she'll be around for a while.
  9. AnnieGirl

    S06.E12: Face Off

    The bedsheet in Kaiser's crib was filthy. Disgusting! I could smell it through the tv.
  10. AnnieGirl

    Million Dollar Listing SF

    I just saw Justin at my favorite coffee shop in the Inner Sunset. I played like a New Yorker and didn't bother him though. He was at a table meeting with someone.
  11. AnnieGirl

    S06.E11: Sorry Not Sorry

    With a bit of irony mixed in as Aleeah was eating the infamous Cheetos!My poor little Jace. Once again, he can't get far enough away from the Jenelle/Barb combination. He's across the restaurant (frozen yogurt shop?) playing with chairs. It's time for Barb to pull the plug on Jace filming. It's just not necessary.
  12. AnnieGirl

    S17.E37: Episode 37

    Usually the best part of eviction night is Julie's stunning dress. Another beautiful one tonight.
  13. AnnieGirl

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I thought sure she was going to go with the new build and all the fancy upgrades she HAD to have. All talk. She ended up with the economical choice.
  14. AnnieGirl

    S01.E08: A New Beginning

    Touché :)
  15. AnnieGirl

    S06.E10: Expect A Miracle

    From recap: fameball...fameball......*dies*