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  1. sleekandchic

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    They seem addled this morning. Wake up morons!
  2. sleekandchic

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    stormy, Twitter went into overdrive re the doc and the physical. http://toofab.com/2018/01/16/twitter-explodes-over-donald-trumps-physical-results-his-weight-and-use-of-propecia/ MJ having tech problems this morning. Plus Mika sounds drugged. Very slow and not reacting appropriately. ETA: thanks, millennium. I guess I clicked off a millisecond too fast...I was way disgusted with her.
  3. sleekandchic

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I agree with you, millennium. Joe was salivating over the Times' "in the spirit of open debate," feature this morning. I shouldn't be surprised though because for all of JS's so-called criticism of DJT, scarborough CANNOT STOP relating all of DJT's sins and transgressions to the "failures" of Obama and Bill Clinton. Joe's false equivalencies are constantly thrown in the convo wily-nilly, and Joe has no shame about it at all. I can't stand him. millennium, did you catch the very beginning of the show? Was I misunderstanding Mika, or am I losing my mind? Yesterday's big news was chief of staff Kelly's admission that Trump's campaign promises re The Wall were "uninformed." Yet when Mika read from the prompter, in her aggrieved, persnickety manner, I thought I heard her quote Kelly as saying "Trump was fully informed." Nobody corrected her, right? I do agree with the discussion just now talking about the WH suck-up physician's performance the other day. Very, very strange and Trumpian, and I don't care that he was Obama's doc too. That doc NEVER was so effusive over Mr O.
  4. sleekandchic

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all good health and peace. This morning, John Heileman told Katty and the panel that his show, The Circus, will return to Showtime in 2018. His new co-host is Alex Wagner (who is fantastic, IMO). Halperin's name was not uttered. I've been tough on Noah Rothman in the past (and I still think he's too young to always look so dissipated) but he was more evenhanded and intellectually open this morning, IMO. I can warm to him if he keeps it up. Katty just signed off by saying Joe should be recovered enough to be back on the show tomw. No mention of Mika.
  5. sleekandchic

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    I thought Evelyn and David seemed happy and content during the Tell-All/Reunion. Like a real newlywed-couple enjoying each other. I wish them luck and happiness.
  6. sleekandchic

    Molly & Luis: My Baby Does the Sanky Panky

    Luis scares me a little. He's calculating and dark-hearted, in my opinion. He cares only for himself and nobody else. Molly seems like a nice woman, though she's deaf, blind and dumb when it comes to her husband. Oftentimes, I see true emotion cross her face and eyes, especially when her feelings get hurt. Her fervent desire to hold on to Luis is pathetic to me. Why would he not sit next to her on the couch during the Tell-All/Reunion? Why was he so belligerent to her? According to what Molly said, Luis had returned to her home and was making attempts to fit in with the family (packing Kensley's lunch; stopping at the market "unasked.") So why the sour disposition on the couch? Is it a macho-act? Unlike many of the American sad sacks we've seen on 90-Day, Molly could have (I think) found a decent American guy, closer to her age and happy to be with her. She really didn't need this headache named Luis.
  7. Annie seemed somewhat content during the Tell-All/Reunion. She's no wilting flower, and she can hold her own. David is a creep and a phony. I dislike him. When he started giving critiques and advice to the other couples, I wanted him to.just.shut.up. The nerve of him.
  8. sleekandchic

    Elizabeth & Andrei: Ballroom Blitz

    I thought Elizabeth and Andrrrrrrrei seemed like a normal, happy couple during the Tell-All/Reunion. Andrrrrrrrei seemed concerned for Molly, too. I'm happy for E and A and wish them good luck.
  9. sleekandchic

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I was actually getting nervous during the Tell-All/Reunion. I thought for sure that all of Shaun's teasing meant that Azan would finally walk out to surprise Nicole. I cannot tell you how relieved I was that that didn't happen. Nicole needs to take The Hint (sledgehammer-induced) and forget the guy. STOP sending money, stop calling. Every time she cried that she "loves him so much," I yelled back at the TV, "WHY?!" IMO, Azan never even liked her, let alone loved her.
  10. I thought both Aika and Josh came across as low-key, decent people during the Tell-All/Reunion. Josh seemed genuinely concerned and sad for clueless Nicole and stubborn, foolish Molly. I was pleasantly surprised by Aika and Josh.
  11. sleekandchic

    S05.E09: Wake Up Call

    Plus, Chris said he had a car waiting in Kentucky for David Poor to use. Annie's disappointment in the Firehouse was palpable. It looked to be in an industrial district. God. She will be stuck there alone all day, with no transportation. And I personally don't think it's safe, either.
  12. sleekandchic

    S05.E09: Wake Up Call

    I was thinking the same thing. Those two are a real-life, pathological Odd Couple. I'm not a David Spain fan, but I truly believe his discomfort was mostly due to the camera crew's presence. If he really is sexually inexperienced, he doesn't want to talk about it in public and possibly reveal how clueless he is to a tall, hunky American crew. However, David really did fall apart, didn't he? Made me think all his contrarian bravado has been an act to cover his insecurities. Elizabeth needs a better bra and fit. Just because she's busty doesn't mean she needs to look like a prison matron. I absolutely, positively HATE, DETEST, ABHOR adults who get their kicks from mocking, teasing or ridiculing little children. Luis is a real fuck. If Molly goes through with this stupid fantasy, she is a disgraceful mother.
  13. sleekandchic

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Rice, Gates, Baker etc all actually PUSHED for Tillerson. I remember the events well. http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/13/politics/rex-tillerson-robert-gates-condoleezza-rice/index.html. (RiceHeadleyGates is a strategic consulting firm.) I agree that the discussion concerning Tillerson's assassination of the State Dept was worthwhile, except nobody ever talks about the elephant in the room, that is, Tillerson is just another fox in the henhouse appointed by DT. It's not really Tillerson blowtorching State -- it's the Boss. I'm sorry I missed the first half-hour of the show though. You all had me laughing.
  14. sleekandchic

    S05.E08: Out Of Nowhere

    Little May was VERY aware of her mother's upset, and the child was frightened of the agitation between Azan and Nicole. It's obvious that Azan detests Nicole and wants her gone. I truly hope those two don't marry. Did you notice that when the camera pulled back during the kitchen scene with pathetic David Poor, the Manicurist from earlier was there watching the Antonio mayhem from behind the camera? I guess they had invited her to the BBQ, but then decided she didn't fit into the whole "showdown" scenario by the hot tub? Poor Annie said she had to sleep on the floor her first night in America because David Poor was so drunk he was splayed over the entire bed. Mrs Chris is quite beautiful, and she has two gorgeous children. Please stop cursing in their presence, Mama! They DO hear you. I think I actively dislike Molly because she is WILLFULLY choosing to disregard all the signs that Luis is NOT marriage material. He's sure not happy to be a parent or responsible for household maintenance. Molly is foolish. I was amused by the guys' strip club attire. Molly's bro wore a jacket and tie, and left his long locks flowing, while Luis decided on an outfit from the House of Monsieur Organ-Grinder's Monkey. Come on! The bowtie, the suspenders. What a look. Oh, and btw, if he was truly lusting after the dancers (and his longing did seem legit) those women were totally different body types than Molly. Is he really physically attracted to Molly? I've wondered about that from the beginning. And Molly's clothing choices this episode were holy moly. God bless her, she's happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin, for sure. Evelyn is too young to get married, too spoiled and sheltered. But I truly dislike David Spain. I don't trust him. It seems he goes out of his way to be a contrarian. The shtick is already old, just a few weeks in. And, for all their accusations of "elitism," it seemed to me that Evelyn's parents were fine with recognizing David as "head of household," and Evelyn's boss. The Elizabeth Coven is punking us, right? They canNOT be for real! They're ridiculous, and make me root for Andreiiiiiiiiii. Josh and "best friend" Joe are serious drunks. They were loaded in the middle of the afternoon during their tete a tete In front of their weird array of shotglasses.
  15. sleekandchic

    S05.E06: Crossing the Line

    Ha! I'm fasting! ;)