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  1. I remember reading about Dean Corll. The show just slightly mentioned it, but he was called the "Candyman". His mother owned a candy factory. His early training at luring kids was by giving out candy. As he got older he came up with getting Elmer to bring teens to him to be killed. Elmer started doing it for the money and then began enjoying it. That is until he couldn't take the threats anymore and killed Corll.
  2. Binged 5 in two nights. Awesome.
  3. Ina123


    Didn't expect Elizabeth to get a story. Thought the last we would see her was at Charlie Company getting clean. Most shows would introduce her type and discard her after one or two episodes. Nice to see the change. I knew the minute she had a child who was murdered that she would live and her story would go on. Everyone matters to Harry.
  4. Ina123


    Just finished season 5. Just my opinion but I feel like it was the best season. A lot more personal...maybe because Maddie is older and included more. I'm glad Maddie wasn't written as really stupid. She's always been smart. I hope they keep her that way. Only problem for me (and I'm being a superficial female), dang, girl. Do something about those eyebrows. I swear I saw them blow in the wind.
  5. I want Tim to stay Tim. I was a female Tim in the 60s. I never gave my parents a bit of trouble. It is entirely possible for Tim to remain the sweet guy he is. There's the saying (I'm paraphrasing) that "if you didn't smoke weed in the 60s, you weren't there". I didn't and I remember the 60s very well. I've made mistakes but still remain what would be considered "clean-cut" at 67. My siblings less so but good people. It's just individual personality that develops for lots of reasons. I love the way Tim behaves. LOL
  6. Money comes from donors. They have to invest in property to keep their IRS status. They have to be seen as doing community good works. Remember, they blatently lie about these buildings being full of community activity.
  7. I saw all that but I'm talking about something like a 2 hour special just to cover what happened to her. Specifically, how close she came to prison on CO$ trumped up charges. She was just days from a prison cell, left with nothing and it bled her parents dry also. Yes, there was a final settlement which she is not allowed to disclose, but most of it can be exposed. When I read the book I scared to death at what they were able to do to her. I'm delighted that the Lisa Mcpherson case is going to be covered.
  8. I've read the book. So few people are going to read a book. Leah has the attention. Do a special on Paulette. I've been reading and studying about the problems with this organization for years - ever since the IRS raid in the 70s. None of this is new to me.
  9. I just feel frustrated when I watch. How is this happening? <that's rhetorical> I'm amazed that they are going to do an expose on Lisa Mcpherson next week. What a story. They've had Paulette Cooper on but I would love to see an extended program with her full story. People need to know. Most likely Paulette just does not want any more exposure but it is the one $cientology story that I know would knock the socks off of people if told in full on this program. It could happen to anyone.
  10. My understanding was that it was an open fracture. Sadly, River's heart stopped during surgery.
  11. I've followed Regina King's career from her first TV show, 227. She's become a fine actress. I've heard of Mandy Moore but just barely. I've never even heard of the other two. With a program like this it really doesn't matter. I just enjoy the stories. I did notice last night that there was no narrator. The guest told their own story, only being prompted at times by the genealogists. It seemed a bit awkward since the guest isn't really addressing the audience but appears to be talking to someone who you never see. I'll have to wait and see if this style gets more comfortable. It was a good story. How wonderful that the woman got out of the workhouse and managed to have a better life.
  12. Re: Dan's voice. Same here with the raspy voice after a cold. Happens to me too. Altho he probably felt just fine, he had some laryngitis. He does need to rest his voice or it doesn't heal. As we all can tell, he still had a bit leftover this weekend. Maybe he will be fine for the Wednesday special episode.
  13. Last night's segment of the woman seeking her son was very good. His reaction was so real. He was truly shocked and I loved his very honest, "this is so weird". I didn't understand that if she gave him up in the hospital, how did she have a picture of him at 2 weeks old? Did Catholic Charities keep in touch? I just didn't feel the same about the woman seeking her father. First he couldn't remember because he had had a stroke. Then he seemed to remember a lot and even "looked" for her. I just don't think he looked that hard. Not buying it. Geeze. He knew her grandparents had her. He was with her mother for 5 years. I think he knew it all. With that all said maybe she just needs to forgive and forget.
  14. First of all, my parents would never have taken me looking at houses at that age. Second, if I, or any of my siblings acted like that my parents would insist that they hold our hand. We would never have been given the freedom to be in another room without them in that situation, much less on another floor. Third, a stern warning from either of my parents was enough to reel us in. Don't touch meant "don't touch". No matter how cute, discipline has to start early. But I was also raised back in the old days of spanking. I can't say I remember spankings altho I know I got them. After that, at a certain age, a stern look worked. Kids want to know boundaries. They need to know boundaries. "Time out" was decades away. <sigh> I'll leave it to the reader to judge what works. Also, some children respond to different ways of discipline. Parents have to learn that. Most do fairly quickly. Clearly, The Little Couple has not. Note to Bill: You aren't doing your children any favor by laughing at their antics (and in some cases - encouraging them).
  15. Ina123

    S05.E10: Cold War

    Sam doesn't have to spend it all on a house and car. He just needs a down payment for the house. He can invest some. he has some kind of survival training school. He can in vest into his business or if he is working for someone he can start his own. His notoriety with the win is great publicity. Marketed correctly he will be in good financial shape. Sam didn't need to bulk up. He's just a natural doughboy. Did he make sure to chow down on some burgers before he left. Sure. I would too. I would be looking for every advantage. I never discounted his abilities. I've followed him on Twitter for some time now. He has good instincts and great ideas for survival. That said, I liked Britt and would have been happy for a win.
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