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S18: Danica McKellar: Math Doesn't Suck, But Does Dancing?

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The mInd of a scientist, the face of a cherub, and the body of a stripper -- Danica makes me feel like the teenage girls her books target, all fluttery and giggly.  I swear little cartoon hearts float around my head whenever she's on screen.  Heck, even Mrs. DanDanNoodles has a crush on her.

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I'm rooting for her and I'm really glad she is dancing with Val.

I love her enthusiasm and I'm glad she isn't trying to dial it down. I have liked all 3 of her dances a lot. I'm really curious to see her dance a Tango or Tango Argentino. I love TA and it has a different feel to what she has done so far. I also think she could do a wondeful waltz.

And she really does look very very very good.

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Danica McKellar ✔ @danicamckellar

So...I broke a rib in yesterday's #DWTS rehearsal. Trying my best to pull thru and could use your prayers!! #wanttokeepdancing
10:15 AM - 25 Apr 2014

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I know ultimately you can perform with a broken rib, but as a practical matter it means she's not going to win now.  It will inhibit more difficult moves, cause fatigue, lost sleep, some amount of pain, etc.


Effectively she's done for.  Just in slow motion (that could take weeks).


Even worse, no more bunny rabbit hops, even if she DID get a good score.

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I didn't see Danica winning before this injury anyway. If anything, this could keep her around longer by getting her more votesvotes. Also, not all rib injuries play out the same way. Melissa looked like she was in a ton of pain. I went back and found a story on Maria's broken ribs and I think that was pre-season and it was just one of her many injuries. It didn't seem particularly bad for Maria.


I'm sure Danica would rather be uninjured then get a few extra votes. Hopefully it's not too painful for her. 

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The reports of Maria's broken or fractured ribs came out around 3/26, 3/27 which was week 2 of S14.  If I recall she had fallen or collided with Derek's knee.  It appeared to have happened in the rehearsals leading up to the week 2 show on 3/26. Then on Sunday, April 1 she won a wrestling match at WWE WestleMania.  http://www.ibtimes.com/wwe-wrestlemania-28-dwts-contestant-maria-menounos-wins-wrestling-match-kelly-kelly-video-432978  The pictures had Maria in a bra top and hiphugger pants and no taping around her ribs.  I saw a lot of discussion about what her rib injury actually was and the wisdom of wrestling if her ribs really were broken or fractured.


DWTS appears to have a pretty darn good medical team on staff or on call that seem to keep injured dancers moving despite their injuries (most of the time).  Hopefully Danica's rib injury isn't so bad that she won't be able to continue.

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I highly doubt that Danica "broke" a rib -- if she did, she'd be immobilized in the hospital.  "Cracked" is what she means.  How painful it is depends on how badly it is cracked.  I cracked a rib last year in a cycling accident, and it impeded me for a few weeks, but by keeping my torso tightly bound I could move well enough.  And I didn't have a (no pun intended) crack medical staff to care for me.


The worst part was sneezing.  Nothing hurt more.

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Yeah, what most people think of as broken is usually just cracked.  And I shouldn't say "just" because I've done it twice and both times hurt like a sonofabitch.  But I'm totally rooting for her to win.  I'm also glad that they've dropped the obviously manufactured rivalry with Candace.

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Huge props to Danica this week. That xray showing the fracture and the frayed ends of the bone that must jab her every time she moves or even breathes.  Wasn't crazy about the dance itself and she looked like she was holding back (understandably!) but I wonder why Val stuck to his original choreo (at least he said he did) instead of modifying it abit to make Danica a little more comfortable.

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