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  1. caseylane, I very much agree with your statement except as someone who doesn't particulary likes Scott I don't see Scott as Derek's Alpha. I don't see Scott as an Alpha at all, but that is another discussion altogether. Derek, Stiles, Kira and the parents are the main draw fro me as well. Although if derek goes, I go. I have always considered Derek a better leader than Scott, even at his lowest. To me a leader is not only someone whom people like and follow but also someone who is able to make hard decissions and shoulder the consequences. And Derek does that, often even more of the latter than is his share. And until Scott proves he is able to do that I can't see him as a leader no matter how many inspirational speeches Derek aims our way. I understand where are you coming from regarding the trio. Derek was in a bad place and desperate but I think it was stated rather clearly that he told them about consequences. I think here also comes into play another difference between Scott and Derek. Derek sees the bite as a gift, Scott as a curse. Also, there is the other side of teh coin, Derek, who lost his whole family, chose those 3 and offered them something they wanted, needed - family (Boyd), strenght (Isaac) and health (Erica). He was learning as he was going and he was making mistakes but he tried with what he was given. And ultimately he was not only willing to let them go if they decided so, but would die for them. In 3A after he lost his red eyes he became the Alpha he was never meant to be. As for Isaac's abuse, that is a big issue that is not so much Derek's as the show's. They often treat is as a joke and that makes it hard to empatize in the instances when it's meant to be serious. But that is for another thread.
  2. Everything Black Wiow was doing in Captian America Winter Soldier. Very impressive. Though I agree that the not-so-recent trend of the rapid editing and angle changes during fights is confusing and rather annoying. It's hard to follow and sometimes even looks sloppy.
  3. Me too. Especially David and Brenda. And I would love to see Lucas Grabeel or Max Adler on. And the Mowery sisters would be great as well. Maybe some martial artist? I watched Surf Ninjas recently and Ernie Reyes Jr. could be fun.
  4. While I don't like Derek I think I would be interested to see him with Danica. I really like her partnership with Val and it could be interesting to compare a bit. While I woudl love to see Derek with Nene, I think I much rather see her with Maks who I think is the only pro taller than her? I like teh way she moves and I think she has potential but the size disproportion is a bit distracting so i would really like to just see her dance. I don't mind Peta with Charlie. I wonder whom Cody will get and if they make him wear proper pants and leave hip hop at home.
  5. I feel like we are supposed to be vowed by Meryl's dancing because she looks good while moving. She has the rhutm and smoothness to look pretty. Their dances however look very empty. I'm not sure whether to blame it on the choreography, too high expectations that are not really fulfilled or a mix of both. Either way both Meryl and Charlie leave me rather unimpressed.
  6. I'm rooting for her and I'm really glad she is dancing with Val. I love her enthusiasm and I'm glad she isn't trying to dial it down. I have liked all 3 of her dances a lot. I'm really curious to see her dance a Tango or Tango Argentino. I love TA and it has a different feel to what she has done so far. I also think she could do a wondeful waltz. And she really does look very very very good.
  7. I loved Danica and Val's Contemporary. Val is a wonderful choreographer and Danica's spins and the lifts were just wonderful. There was such gentleness in the dance. And I loved how Val was with her son in the introduction clip. Why is everything Cody does hip hop? It wasn't a bad dance but it was very sloppy. It's like he believes he will get by solely on his charm. Which he doesn't really have that much of. On the other hand Charlie has charm to spare but his dancing leaves me cold too.He is a sweet dude but I just can't get into him or his dancing. He is good but there just seem to be so much messing around and so little actual dancing. I liked James's Jive more. It was fun and energetic and he is very light oon his feet. Meryl's voice grates so much. And there is something about their dances that just doesn't click. It's like it is supposed to be beautiful and smooth but something is missing. There was a lot of intensity - about 187% of it from Maks, and it flew beautifully but there was something missing. Amy's dance was interesting. It is sure challenging to create choreography given her needs and there were some lovely moments but overall it felt a bit like cheating. As Derek was carrying her around for the most part. Candace is probably having fun but that jive was very slow and it lack energy. there were a few interesting moves but overall it was just a huge bore. Drew's dancing is very careful and he needs to work on posture but there is somewthign really sweet about him. I like their waltz well enough. As I liked Nene and Tony's Rumba. I have no idea who she is but she has the grace Candace lacks, she is pretty bendy and her movements are smooth. Though the size disproportion is a bit
  8. Can you please elaborate on this? I'm someone who never saw him in any way as a villain so I would be interested to see where you are coming from. I'm actually pissed at the show rather often when they treat him as a murderer. To me he is the hero they want us believe Scott to be. He understand that sometimes you need to make hard decissions but ultimately he is more then willing to sacrifice himself to save others. I think a lot of his "darkness" comes from guilt and pain. In this regard it was really interesting to see the Paige flashback even though that storyline itself felt like huge retconning. He was apparently a cocky and a bit naive and stubborn. Don't even let me start with Kate. I have very little faith in teh writers when it comes to Derek and I honeslty can't see how this can go anyway but terribly wrong. Unless Kate tears Gerard to pieces and is subsequenlty set on fire by Chris I don't really care much for another villain coming back or another werecreature. Yes, Derek having actual friends who are not teens or parents woudl be great. Though I would love for him to have a family again. And both Chris and Papa Stilinski would understand him in both the pain adn the guilt, at least somewhat.
  9. I wonder wheter S4 addresses what he went through with teh Nogitsune possesion. They have a really bad track record in this regard. And from the spoilers (that for most part make me want to never watch the show again) they so very much won't. I would really like to see him heal and bond with his dad and maybe discover more about his spark and his sexuality. That would be pretty interesting to watch.
  10. I would really like it if he became a deputy. I would definitley like to see him bond with the Sheriff. And I also aggree that he and Chris have an interesting dynamic and now that Kate is back this could be an interesting way to both give the character a purpose and explore his guilt and trust issues. I also think the mentor role suits him a lot. He is a protector and he seems to have a better grasp on the tough love routine after S2. Now that Isaac is gone I think I would love to see him bond with Kira. They had an interesting raport in that one episode they interacted togehter. I guess I just want to see him bond more with the character's in general. Sheriff, Stiles, Lydia, Kira. They just pile the damage on and have him take his shirt of. Which is such a shame because while Tyler is beautiful beyonf rhyme or reason I think he is alos very underrated as an actor, especially in this role. I lvoe derek's snark, he gives the character a vulnerability that is generaly ignored by the writing. I would love it thoguh I'm not holding my breath for it, if they addressed the being-used-for-nefarious-purposes theme He and Stiles and Lydia went through.
  11. There will always be something lost in teh translation from page to screen as those are 2 vastly different mediums. I think for me, the first thing about an adaptation I ask myself after watching a movie is, did the movie worked on it's own? and most of the time the answer is no. The 2 adaptations where the answers were Yes were LotR and I am number four. Although as I only read part of the latter, I can't really say much about the second important question which is - Was the general spirit/feel of the book kept/translated? Sadly, that is very rarely teh case. Wonderful example to this is the HP series. The movies are not bad per se, however there were such huge and unforgivable diversions from the books that after watching the last one I was actually angry. I can understand cutting scenes or adding somehting that works on screen. However completly rewriting characters such as was done with Ron and Hermione is not something I can forgive. Plus, if you haven't read the books you were completly lost watching most of the movies.
  12. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson crashing through walls in Fast and Furious 5.
  13. Can I have this dance sequence from HSM3. The choreography as well as the music are just wonderful and the rain at the end just gives it that little extra. Basically anything from Singing in the rain. Especially the dancing in the rain and Make'em laugh. The club dance sequence form Step Up and their rehearsal montage. And also the final dance. Dirty Dancing. The Time of my life dance is a classic, my mom likes Hungry eyes but my personal favorite is the dance after the butchered abortion when Baby comes to his cabin and confesses her feelings. It's so hot and sensual. After watching Kevin Bacon's introduction at Tonight show, I have to say the Footloose factory frustration dance and Let's hear it for the boy montage. Oh, and Antonio Banderas and CZJ in The Mask of Zorro. That was just ... caliente.
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