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  1. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E09: The Libertines

    This episode reminded me why I don’t root for Ruth. I’m not sold on the idea that she would still be with Russell after the time jump. The distance has been too difficult all along. But anyway, they’re still together. Confessing her feelings to Sam was a bad decision all around. She betrayed Russell and took a huge emotional risk at a time when she knew she couldn’t handle the consequences. Not only that, but there was no way that conversation with Sam was going to resolve itself quickly enough for her to get back to Sheila. The whole thing was selfish and reckless. I agree with those who said Sam did the right thing by telling Ruth she didn’t get the part before they slept together. Sure he was blunt, but that’s the guy Ruth was signing up for.
  2. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E06: Outward Bound

    I loved Sheila burning the wolf costume. It felt like something that had really been building. I personally responded more to Jenny telling Melrose how she felt by the rocks where she expressed her feelings about having to play that character. I didn’t like the campfire quite as much and I can’t put my finger on it. It could be that I think Melrose would have had a personal experience to share dealing with anti-semitism in the US. I also felt like Melrose relied on a lot of stereotypes about Jewish mothers when talking about her own mother. Kind of stood out to me because this episode felt so much with stereotypes.
  3. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E05: Freaky Tuesday

    I agree with this generally, except Bash could have also brought that up privately the first time they spoke. He could have said if she didn’t want to stay they could discuss her exit. She really would have no reason to sabotage him if he wanted to keep going Vegas and she didn’t have any interest in continuing GLOW at all. I guess Debbie kind of forced his hand by taking a major risk in front of Geena Davis. Really though, I tend to think this is an error by the writers. They want to introduce conflict but in truth both Bash and Debbie could have easily figured out they could go their separate ways. Then again, Debbie and Bash tend to do the exact wrong thing, so maybe them getting into an irrational and pointless fight is just in keeping with their characters.
  4. Dots And Stripes

    The Voice in the Media

    This is the behind the scenes gossip: Adam Levine's Voice Exit Sparked by Rule Changes, Cinched by Performance That Left NBC Brass 'Furious'
  5. Dots And Stripes

    The Voice in the Media

    My best guess is they had very limited options because the blinds start filming soon and a lot of stars are probably booked. I’m sure TPTB will be happy to milk the Blake connection too.
  6. Dots And Stripes

    The Voice in the Media

    Adam is leaving and is being replaced with Gwen for next season. The strangest part is NBC announced all season 16 coaches would return just last week. Adam has been checked out for a while. Addison was the last artist he seemed really invested in. It’s time for a break for him. I hope we get to hear some gossip about this rather than just a lot of PR spin. I’m so curious how this all went down!
  7. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    I don't like that Hinder song and I haven't liked Andrew in the past... but I really liked that performance. Probably the biggest surprise of the finale. Maelyn clearly has the best voice. I wish she had done a less tired cover and didn't do so many strange things with the pronunciation, but the end was effective. There's a reason that show is done over and over on these shows. I liked Dexter's cover too. His tone is nice. I didn't like any of the originals except maybe Gyth's was ok. I thought Maelyn's original felt too much like a Florence reject. Andrew's was my least favorite. Did he sing something about shooting a stop sign? I remember something ridiculous about shooting.
  8. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    I’m not convinced that Blake’s dominance is permanent or baked into the rule changes. Kelly was looking very strong last season. She kept her top 3 the longest and won both of her first two seasons. It looked like she might be the most popular judge.This season, her team fell apart really quickly. Even if Team Blake hadn’t taken up so much space she would have been lucky to get Rod in the finale past Shawn. Blake has a great track record, but he has been shut out of the finale in the past. A lot still depends on where the talent chooses to go.
  9. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    Three guys from Team Adam against Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake and CWB won.
  10. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    The show was live. It's up to TPTB/Carson who gets to talk after the performances. I wanted to like Shawn tonight. He was great last week. I feel like Bruno Mars songs have been the downfall of many artists on this show. I don't think it was a great strategic choice and to me it wasn't his best vocal.
  11. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    Not quite. Rod and Shawn beat out 2 members of Team Blake. If not for Maelynn, likely someone else from Teams Kelly or John would have gotten through.
  12. Dots And Stripes

    S07.E07: Veep

    Sue's return was the highlight, although it's clear Selena didn't someone that good at their job. Richard having the happiest ending is an optimistic thought. The nice guy got to win in the end. I liked that they waited to make him President rather than having him fail all the way to the top so quickly. Amy jumping to Jonah's campaign still makes no sense, even more so now that we know she didn't go completely insane. She knows Jonah should not be President. What was she doing? I feel like Amy and Kent both retained some sense of right and wrong. Too bad we didn't get more hints of that this season. I was also disappointed that Selena's reliance on Ben seemed to re-write her history with Amy. I've been re-watching early seasons and Amy was a better staffer than Selena would ever give her credit for, particularly in early seasons. So basically, the writers did not do Amy justice this season. I know having her funeral interrupted is supposed to be the ultimate insult for Selena. I don't think it was enough of an insult for all of her dirty deals this season.
  13. Dots And Stripes

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    I was ridiculously pleased that they revisited who really won the last heist. I had given too much thought to that myself. I would say Holt and Cheddar were my favorites tonight. I thought Amy was going to reveal she really was pregnant and I'm glad she wasn't. I have to say, as much as I shipped Jake and Amy, it's becoming pretty clear they should not be married to each other. The tasers as gifts thing was bad. I think the show has gone to cheap jokes about their relationship so much that it has taken over their dynamic.
  14. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    Adam learned something! And now that his team got eliminated he may very well unlearn that lesson. I really like the bond between Kim and Blake. As much as his army of country boys is over shadowing a lot right now, I think Blake really shines when he connects with artists who aren't necessarily in his wheelhouse. That said, Carter maybe my dark horse right now. He looked happy when Carson said his name, but then he looked shocked a few seconds later. It seemed like he was just happy for whoever got through and then realized it was him. Maelyn is still my overall favorite. I'm glad she sailed through.
  15. Dots And Stripes

    S07.E6: Oslo

    I have no idea his age, but the path to the nomination would be through a brokered convention. I suppose it’s possible that his rapid assent was to give him a vote as a delegate. Maybe it’s a brokered convention and his vote is needed. I do think there is a reason the writers have given him so much good fortune and power so suddenly.