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  1. I finished season 1. With only eight episodes, it didn't take long. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I'm a sucker for comedies that get sentimental. One of the problems with such a short season is it doesn't give the cast much time to develop chemistry or explore different group dynamics (we got mostly Dawn/Wickie and Summer/Gloria). The husband featured heavily in episode 6 of 8. His absence was a little odd in the last two episodes, but it wasn't all that long. I'm definitely curious how Peacock landed on only 8 episodes. I wonder how much of that is pandemic
  2. Some members of the Parks and Rec cast will be guest voices on the season premiere of Amy Poehler's animated show, Duncanville: https://tv.avclub.com/fox-renews-animated-series-duncanville-for-a-third-seas-1846632659.
  3. Oh, she has another role, but I won't spoil that if you are only on the first episode. I agree that I tend to like the more subtle jokes on her show. I tend to roll my eyes at a lot of the broad, absurd jokes that are thrown in. I've found that this show has some of those jokes, but not as many as Mr. Mayor (which is more fully a Fey/Carlock show).
  4. Peacock offers a 7 day free trial and it's also free for Xfinity cable subscribers. I *think* Nation's brother lives in the family's former vacation home in New Jersey? It definitely could have been clearer.
  5. I had a very similar thought! I see similarities between Ted and Josh, but having watched all of season 1, I can confidently say Josh is much worse than Ted. Ted at least is very into being a vet. Josh barely does his job. He's there to do a podcast centered around Nathan's drama and yet he's only met him twice? We only see him "working" maybe two or three times even though the rest of our main characters should be integral to his project. His relationship with Reagan raises all sorts of ethical concerns too. I totally agree that seeing a one-dimensional male love interest isn't the worst
  6. I'm through seven episodes so far. It's not bad and it has a lot of potential. It feels unsure if it wants to be more of a dramady (which would require really figuring out the plot more) or a straight-up comedy (it needs more jokes). While I generally like that Schur is not afraid to let characters have honest moments without jokes, this show could use more jokes throughout. From where I am in the series, it feels like only a handful of characters are full realized.
  7. Chris really did dominate conversation this season. 😉 The blowpipes would be an issue. I went to The Corning Museum of Glass this summer and they had to change the way they do their demonstrations. They created a foot pedal to blow air instead of using their mouths. Every item made during the demonstration was then recycled because they said they were still having their artists get used to the new equipment. It would also be hard to keep the artists separate because they have to use very large, heavy equipment that requires a lot of power to run. It might be possible, but I thin
  8. The other way to think of it is reality tv loves a villain. He may have been seen as better tv than some other artists, both for his willingness to give arrogant sound bites and his liberal interpretation of the briefs. He said early on he wanted to win the challenge or go home and I kind of think he was being honest. His ego would have LOVED to be the uncompromising artist who was misunderstood by the inferior judges. I don't really find this week's decision to be at odds with past eliminations. I think more artists were eliminated for bad craftsmanship rather than easy technique. Cat u
  9. I was wondering about the COVID protocols for season 2, and it turns out this may have finished filming just as everything was starting to shut down in March 2020: https://www.distractify.com/p/when-was-blown-away-season-2-filmed. That makes me feel a little bit better about shared equipment and close face to face conversations.
  10. I appreciate Elliot's self-awareness that his hurdles are much less than what others face. That said, I don't think the brief was intended to turn this into a competition of who has suffered the most. Without a doubt, everyone has dealt with a defeat at some point in their lives. The guest judge made a good point about the importance of sharing our struggles. I think if Elliot had incorporated some personal element his piece would have been a home run with the brief. No doubt Chris also avoided brief he didn't like earlier on. The later in the series we go, the bigger a risk it is. It's h
  11. I tried to keep expectations low because reunion series generally suck and this was thrown together under strange circumstances. This totally exceeded my expectations! I loved seeing all of our old friends from Pawnee. Bobby Newport was the perfect start and Dennis Feinstein had my fav commercial bit. I thought it was all very silly and fun. I thought Amy did an amazing job carrying the whole thing too. It felt like Leslie never left. This was the tv show equivalent of a warm hug. It definitely lifted my spirits. Posting here about this is even bringing back memories of going to TWOP afte
  12. If anyone's interested: 'The Good Place' Creator Opens Up About Bringing Peace to Its Universe in Series Finale
  13. Did not like them all going through the door (except Tahani, thank goodness for small miracles). I still reject last week's premise that the door was necessary. I still see it as eternal suicide. Eleanor feeling abandoned by Chidi wrecked me. Michael getting to be human and Tahani's endings were the only character endings that made me happy. Also, Nick Offerman is always welcome.
  14. I like that idea. There is something really depressing to think about the best people to ever exist committing some sort of eternal suicide. That was my problem with this episode. My fear is that our four humans will walk through the door next time. It's funny you mentioned HIMYM because that's where my mind went when considering whether the ending will have some really dark undertones. I trust that Schur would have some sort of uplifting spin on the ending, but tonight made me wonder if the finale is going to give me some existential dread.
  15. Google tells me you’re right! I don’t remember the show talking about it or making it sound like the coveted prize.
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