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  1. I tried to keep expectations low because reunion series generally suck and this was thrown together under strange circumstances. This totally exceeded my expectations! I loved seeing all of our old friends from Pawnee. Bobby Newport was the perfect start and Dennis Feinstein had my fav commercial bit. I thought it was all very silly and fun. I thought Amy did an amazing job carrying the whole thing too. It felt like Leslie never left. This was the tv show equivalent of a warm hug. It definitely lifted my spirits. Posting here about this is even bringing back memories of going to TWOP after episodes.
  2. If anyone's interested: 'The Good Place' Creator Opens Up About Bringing Peace to Its Universe in Series Finale
  3. Did not like them all going through the door (except Tahani, thank goodness for small miracles). I still reject last week's premise that the door was necessary. I still see it as eternal suicide. Eleanor feeling abandoned by Chidi wrecked me. Michael getting to be human and Tahani's endings were the only character endings that made me happy. Also, Nick Offerman is always welcome.
  4. I like that idea. There is something really depressing to think about the best people to ever exist committing some sort of eternal suicide. That was my problem with this episode. My fear is that our four humans will walk through the door next time. It's funny you mentioned HIMYM because that's where my mind went when considering whether the ending will have some really dark undertones. I trust that Schur would have some sort of uplifting spin on the ending, but tonight made me wonder if the finale is going to give me some existential dread.
  5. Google tells me you’re right! I don’t remember the show talking about it or making it sound like the coveted prize.
  6. The winner is based on the last week alone, not the whole competition. Given that, I think Brother Andrew probably earned the win tonight. I wasn't happy about it as he was my least favorite in the finale and I didn't think he was impressive most weeks, but I understand it. I don't think they rigged it for him to win. He did have the strongest showing in two out of the three rounds (and came second in the technical) so I can't argue with the win. I just wish Dana wouldn't have forgotten he crackling or that she would have executed the showstopper a little bit better. The prize win doesn't really matter, although I did find the desert plate/trophy an amusing American addition.
  7. Benjamin got closure but I also felt like the audience needed some closure there too. We had to wait a long time to find out how she dumped him and why she didn't even try to make it work. I was so cheering for Benjamin when he told her that he's not Joel and doesn't have the same hang-ups as Joel. I always thought it strange that Midge didn't even entertain the idea of balancing marriage and work given that Benjamin had been supportive of her career all along.
  8. The gossip is that there is bad blood because Mary didn't like the way Paul treated his now ex wife during their split. The British show is filmed on the weekends with the bakers wearing the same outfit both days. The British show also makes it clear that the bakers return home during the week when they continue on with jobs/school and get to practice their bakes. I've wondered what the schedule is like for this version because I don't think they are filming on the weekends and flying everyone back and forth. I do wonder if the bakers have less time to practice and therefore the overall quality of the bakes suffer.
  9. I was sad to see Tanya go. I agree with Paul that she had been consistent in past weeks but this just wasn't her week. I was also glad that he offered her encouragement after her elimination. Alex isn't my favorite, but I wanted to reach through the tv and give him a hug in the second episode. The judges were harsh tonight.
  10. I liked Ricky and Rose a lot tonight. Those were probably my two favorites. Marybeth shouted a lot. she sounded nice outside of the chorus, but when that chorus hit things got rough. I was surprised John said multiple times what a great fit the song was. Hello Sunday's arrangement was rough. It sounded like when Kelly referenced Lauren Hill that she may have actually sampled Doo Wop (That Thing). That was a little distracting. Overall I've never cared for that songs melody and messing with it didn't help.
  11. I liked that there was a different narrative structure. I also appreciated that Michael articulated something that the show has been getting at for a while: trying to do the right thing matters. My biggest hang up with the experiment is the amount of lying and deception needed. It’s hard to imagine that proving humans are good (or at least can be good if they try) requires so many lies.
  12. Michelle and Gio were by far my favorites this week. I like their partnership overall and this dance was a lot of fun. I wish it had a little more Foxtrot and a little less skit though. I also liked Saffron. She's growing on me, probably because of AJ. Aljaz has made me like Emma W more as well. Aljaz looked surprisingly good as an old man. I think Alex was overscored. It was a tough position to be in. Kevin learned the dance quickly so of course he's not going to match her as well as Neil would have. As much as I dislike Kevin, he was very gracious about the whole thing on twitter and admitted he messed up because he had just learned the routine.
  13. Payton was very forgiving of Skye. He's glad she didn't go to jail for trying murder him so she could become class president. I'm glad they revisited some of the Payton/Alice stuff that wasn't addressed earlier. I did wonder why Payton didn't look back. I still wonder about the Alice/James dynamic. Didn't James say it started before the break-up and thus before Payton failed to give Alice the assurances she wanted. Payton's new set-up sounds very AOC influenced. A young politician running against a New York institution who is so well-connected that they don't think they need to campaign. I wonder how much real life events inspired that ending. I'm excited to see more Judith Light and Bette Middler next season.
  14. Probably my favorite episode so far this season. It feels like we moved forward. I also liked that once again we didn't know more than the characters. I caught Janet didn't say "not a girl" but I thought maybe that was her evolving. I guess all of Janets complaints and passive aggressiveness were not about her gaining more abilities but were a sign of her being a fake. Michael saying "Take it sleazy" was actually a pretty good clue it was him. That goes all the way back to season 1. Any plan that sends Michael to the bad place now is super risky. They know the bad place has a Michael suit. It seems easy for the bad place to swap Michaels. I also guess that Glenn was telling the truth about there being a celebration in the bad place he, he just guessed the wrong swap.
  15. I liked the episode, but I'm starting to miss Tahani.
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