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  1. They also showed the second Russian on everything.
  2. That bit about 'Russian Olympic Committee or whatever the Olympic Committee wants us to call it.' That from Ryan Murphy made me laugh.
  3. Lazor just made me cry talking about how Lilly King helped her get through her father's death. That bond is really beautiful and it's nice to hear about a different side of King.
  4. NBC was showing Dressel profiles all day and they totally worked on me. Very quirky and clearly he has a big heart. He’s the swimmer who handed the relay medal to the teammate who swam in the prelims (who will get his own medal but was not allowed on the podium.) Also, that was the first time the live video chat thing kind of worked. So sweet to see him overcome like that.
  5. Weirdly, I think this team was actually constructed in a way that protected it when this happened. By taking the top 4 AA scores, the "team" was set up to compete if Simone wasn't there. If say a beam specialist who was terrible on bars had been chosen, the result could have been worse. Team USA definitely counted on Simone to win gold in the team and other events. I think her strength hid just how much the rest of the world was catching-up with Team USA. I'm just not sure that the team could have been designed better around her.
  6. Of course somebody still wins gold. Someone will win even if the entire field is below expectations. That's how competitions work. I didn't even say all athletes were harmed by the year, but as I did say, Golden covered why the "extra year" was harder than non-athletes would realize. It's not just more practice time. It changes the plan and many athletes did not have the opportunity to practice or compete the way they normal would to prepare for the Olympics because COVID interrupted everything.
  7. The COVID years seems to have hurt more athletes than it helped. Yes, there are some 16 year olds competing who are only eligible because of the delay and Grace and a couple swimmers have said they improved, but I think there are more athletes who were thrown not just by the wait but by the disruption. Golden covered how gyms were closed which prevented a lot of gymnasts from training for extended periods. International competitions were cancelled, so someone like Jordan couldn't get the feel for competing before international judges before the Olympics. Golden also covered how rough some
  8. The qualifying round all 4 team members could do each apparatus with the top 3 scores counting. For the finals, it’s 3 up and 3 count, meaning the team picks 3 athletes to compete for each apparatus and all scores count. That leaves one team member out of each rotation. When Simone left today’s competition, that meant there were still 3 athletes available to compete on each apparatus. Jordan had been planning to sit out bars and beam. Suni was going to sit out floor. Apparently Suni hadn’t warmed up her full floor routine. It’s amazing what they were able to pull off.
  9. Apparently some people will. I always thought he was a respectful competitor. Yes he thought he was a great swimmer… because he was a really, really great swimmer and competitor. I think the issue with his commentary is it sounds very insider-y. The best commentators know how to teach the audience about the sport. He’ll figure out a better level of technical talk with more practice.
  10. This is such a long race NBC is giving us Katie's life story while she swims.
  11. That's sweet to see the two friends finish second and third. Also, I would like to let Rowdy know that I was watching Douglas. That seems very important to him.
  12. Tim and Nastia sound too shaken up. NBC has good camera angles on her face. Tim and Nastia know what it looks like when a gymnast is lost. Not surprising they would pick up on it. They still sounded surprised it happened to Simone.
  13. I don't know what the correct answer is, but it would still apply in most instances. Jade would only get the spot if two specific gymnasts withdraw.
  14. On that one Rowdy did call Titmus the favorite, although he waffled by the time of the final. They were hyping that one as a great two person race. I would be curious though to hear from Ledecky what she thought of the coverage. She seemed pretty prepared for the outcome and to have a great rapport with her "rival," so maybe she took it all in stride. In general NBC could probably dial it back on Ledecky too.
  15. I don't think NBC's mistake was focusing on Simone. I think the way they talked about her did a disservice. The inevitability stuff was always unreasonable. Of course the best athlete can lose! Streaks can be broken! There is a difference between watching to see what happens and promise a result. Networks never promised Tom Brady would win a Super Bowl (and when he lost, the new season was always a few months away).
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