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  1. tricksterson

    S19: Speculation!

    First Candace Cameron Bure now someone from Duck Dynasty? Why are they sucking up to the religious right? Expect Betsy Johnson (people are complaining about the obscurity of the Youtube girl but not her?) to go first because probably too old to dance well and as said probably the least known person in the lineup.
  2. tricksterson


    MDKnight. They showed in one episode, "Flood" where they get their food. Where they get the water to grow it is another question.
  3. tricksterson

    Memorable Quotes: Everthing Has Multiple Meanings

    Datak: I promised the wife
  4. tricksterson

    S02.E08: Slouching Towards Bethlehem

    Am thinking that kenya has been given the Manchurian Candidate treatment.
  5. tricksterson


    Not surprised that Michael used to be a bad guy. Little more surprised that Gabriel was originally a good guy. Did not see Noma as angel coming.
  6. This show really needs one so I'm making one. Feel free to contribute whether from Season 1 or this one.
  7. tricksterson


    And if you read the Tanakh with anything like an open mind you won't get far before concluding that Yahweh is a complete psycho.
  8. tricksterson


    Yeah and Michael is an all knowing source of information without his own agenda [ /sarcasm]
  9. tricksterson

    S02.E06: This Woman's Work

    Sooo, that's a different spin on crossdressing. Did not like the Nolan/Berlin scene at the end. Berlin I can understand, she was drunk, hurt and angry. But what happened to Nolan's thing with Amanda? Did I miss something? So why did the Gulanee just start killing everybody as soon as it woke up? I would have like to have seen a bit more personality on it's part.
  10. tricksterson


    Paradox Lost: Yeah I figure Alex is the Second Coming too.
  11. tricksterson


    Originally I thought Clementine died in Claire's arms but then she comes back from talking to her father and she's still breathing? And they don't at least get a doctor to confirm that she's in a coma and never waking up before euthanizing her? WTF? Is William really stupid enough to think that any conversion by his father will last one second longer than it takes for Whele to turn it to his advantage and stab everyone in the back? He has met his father right?
  12. tricksterson

    S11.E09: Top 16 Perform, 2 Eliminated

    Wasn't crazy about Tanisha up until now but she nailed it tonight. And Ricky looks more like a goblin than a hobbit.
  13. tricksterson

    Small Talk: So You Think You Can Talk

    Is it me or is there too much contemporary this season? RANT WARNING! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Or maybe it's just that I am so done with contemporay. All it is is jazz on muscle relaxants with the pretentiousness dial turned to ten and the knob snapped off. And now it's gone and infected my other dance show DWTS! Where does the madness, the oh so boring, slow motion madness stop!?!? END RANT
  14. tricksterson

    Faking It in the Media

  15. tricksterson


    I didn't hear the entire conversation between Arika and walker, were there hints that Walker had some connection to helena? And who healed MichaeL? Was it Uriel? If so why keep the ID all mysterious only to reveal her in the same episode? Maybe it was Raphael. Angel of Healing?