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  1. Is it me or is there too much contemporary this season? RANT WARNING! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Or maybe it's just that I am so done with contemporay. All it is is jazz on muscle relaxants with the pretentiousness dial turned to ten and the knob snapped off. And now it's gone and infected my other dance show DWTS! Where does the madness, the oh so boring, slow motion madness stop!?!? END RANT
  2. sonofabiscuit: Hard to tell because they are filmed in short, fast clips but a couple of the grounders in the attack sequences look like they might have facial deformities.
  3. So when Thea comes back, what is her likely identity?
  4. Alas Zack was the type of Nerd other nerds want to shove into trash cans. But towards the end he did start to develop a little. i think he developed something of a real friendship with Jack and he didn't go ballistic when he was finally defeated.
  5. So far we have had Wells and one other Black guy, Asian tech guy, and Bellamy, Octavia and Finn who are white but you could say for story purposes that they have mixed blood somewhere in there. And Raven but she wasn't in the original group. Upstairs you have Raha,, a handful of extras and Kelly Hu who was apparently eaten by space gremlins after the pilot. Keep in mind that they were cut off from Earth somewhere in the early 22nd century or very late 21st (They salvaged Mir 3 in 2103) so "space station", of which there were a dozen probably meant more than just a handful of astronauts.
  6. It wasn't until this latest episode, and I don't know why it took this long for me to notice that it dawned on me how tiny she is.
  7. Okay, people have looked but not contributed so I guess it's up to moi to at least try to jumpstart this thread. First kudos to whoever added the "Acid Clouds and Two Headed Deer" to the title. That said I', thinking of the world buliding in three basic categories: The Ark, the Castaways and the Grounders which also includes the environment. These aren't official categories of course, just my headcanon. First up is,presumably the Grounders can talk but then you have a hunndred years of linguistic drift (yeah, I know, 97 years but I'm rounding). Am hoping that when they talk it will
  8. I thought the pun of Moira Queen: Mother was deliberate and applaud it.
  9. I have trouble getting a handle on how she feels about Stan, whether he's just a job to her or if she actually cares about him, although admittedly not to the degree he does about her. Any opinions?
  10. A series cannot get by on pseudoteen hotbodies alone. So what have you noticed about this universe that you find interesting? Annoying? Both? Feel free to speculate wildly.
  11. From what we've seen the surface is not only habitable but positively lush with greenery. All they should need to tell if life is possible down there is a damned telescope! Also, it's already been said but cannot be repeated enough: Airlocks don't work that way! Likewise, why float them when a lethal injection followed by breaking them up for organs makes so much more sense.
  12. A bit heavy on the pseudoteen melodrama but if that was an issue for me I wouldn't watch CW at all. It occasionally verges on So Bad It's Good territiry but so far I like it. For me the turning point was because I like the direction it points in, namely that no one is safe.
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