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You're The Bartender, Who Drinks What?

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Sabrina: Shirley Temple. With extra maraschino cherries, because she thinks they make her look sexy. She can't tie the stems into knots with her tongue, however.


Lauren: Some horrendous trendy cocktail.


Sonny: A scotch whiskey that was popular five years ago.


Luke: Anything over 160 proof.

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Alexis and Olivia both drink red wine. Olivia love her Classico Chianti.

Patrick drinks brewskis while watching NASCAR.

Ava drinks anything that isn't nailed down.

Maxie drinks Cosmos

Lulu drinks wine and doesn't care if it is white or red.

Dr. O drinks Absinthe.

Sonny drinks cheap Scotch because he doesn't want to waste the good stuff when he gets the urge to toss barware.

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Tracy drinks champagne or possibly crown royal when she's angry.

Monica is a white wine drinker.

Alan loved a good merlot.

Silas drinks Captain Morgan or Bacardi 151. Stronger the better.

McBain drank vodka.

Franco drinks soda or maybe wine. Because.

Heather actually drinks jungle juice.

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The audience drinks whatever is strong enough to get them through an episode without rage fits or destroying their television sets. Bonus points if they're still conscious by the end of the hour, either because they tolerated the alcohol or the show didn't put them into a coma.

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