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S14.E05: Keys Open Doors

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An unplanned vacation forces Lana to accompany Archer, Pam and Cyril on a mission that quickly goes off the rails. Will Lana blow the mission when she crosses the line? Written by Miles Woods.


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“You don’t practice self care?”
“That’s Cyril’s specialty.”

Even Lana's getting sick of Zara. She just nope'd herself out of the episode at the first minute. Totally for the best. This felt like everyone was hanging out this week, definitely for the best. And then Archer couldn't pay Pam in fish, Cyril was in Pam's jail, and Lana was on coke. Was also not expecting all the naked old guys making the coke, though.

Great callback with Pam's coke phase. Good for her for forcing Lana to dump it at the end.

I don't know if we've ever had a plot that was just Krieger and Cheryl hanging out and scheming. Their plot was fun.

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I just got what the “keys” in the title were. That was clever.

I’m not thinking Zara’s absence made the episode better, but the case can be made. I think she could have been shoved into the B-plot and the episode still would have been awesome thanks to the team discovering self-care and Lana getting hooked on cocaine. Aisha Tyler must’ve had a blast voicing Lana unleashed.

Looks like the office grunts have achieved the level of wackiness during the ISIS years. I have to wonder where Ray was. Probably practicing self-care himself, perhaps with Zara. Luckily, the insanity from Cheryl and Krieger wasn’t overwhelming.

Great touch with the otters at the end. Of course Archer would befriend one. What wild and harmless animal hasn’t he met and adored?

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I really liked this episode,  nice callback to S5 (which I really enjoyed).  Glad they remembered Pam's addiction in their typical way.

Coked up Lana was fun and of course Archer made friends with a sea otter.

Glad we had very little Zara, I won't say she ruins the show but, I do think the parts without her are better.


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On 9/20/2023 at 10:32 PM, Galileo908 said:

I don't know if we've ever had a plot that was just Krieger and Cheryl hanging out and scheming. Their plot was fun.

Cheryl: "Ugh! I told you this was an awful plan!"

Krieger: "No you didn't!"

Which was just perfect Krieger and made me laugh out loud.

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