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S03.E07: Bonded for Life

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We laughed when it became clear that LaTisha's underwear was actually her club/bar hopping outfit. Also thought it was funny that not a single person in the bar (or later, in front of the bar) turned to look at her jiggling by in her ill fitting bra and Spanx.  Also: Behind the Scenes



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Savannah puts great effort into deluding herself about Jake.  He has been very direct and honest with her.  She needs help.  It is sad, but it's one heck of a trainwreck to try to look away from. 

LaTisha's outfit is the kind of thing I watch for.  I was talking to some former colleagues yesterday.  They know of my love of this show; it's why I wouldn't work late on Fridays.  They asked what to watch for.  I told them about everyone's favorite lemon-lime wig.  Now I'll have to let them know about LaTisha's underwear schmunderwear Spanx is now outerwear look. 

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56 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

This still kills me 


Reminds me of that couple where it looked like the guy was a tiny child in the car and the gal like his mother. I forgot their names.

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2 hours ago, LEILANI2 said:

The role of Monica and Derek are being played by Jade and her sister this season.  How have they been together five years and the sister only now meeting him.   How is the sister saying all the poor inmates only get weekly vistis or once a month and Jade hasn't seen Chris in months.

How is she living two states away when he supposedly has spent a million + on her.  Wouldn't he have wanted her to live closer so he could see her every week.  This plot is sus.


Ok why wouldn't Andy just order a cake from the store or bakery, why would he bake it.  Stupid plot just like that ugly shop him and his cop buddy shopped at to buy her stuff.  Why wouldn't she have her daughter buy her stuff and have Andy foot the bill.

Asonta died this weekend, wonder how that will be handles since they're on next season's LAL.

Did Savannah take over her friends wedding dress appointment?   We're to believe Savannah was writing a book or researching something about inmates and met him through his girlfriend at the time when she doesn't even understand that you don't just show up in a wedding dress at the prison and can just get married right then and there?

I could go on and on..


Savana is 2 sandwich's short of a picnic that man has repeatedly said he doesnt want to marry you and wants to "play" the field when he gets out .... 

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1 hour ago, Keywestclubkid said:

Savana is 2 sandwich's short of a picnic that man has repeatedly said he doesnt want to marry you and wants to "play" the field when he gets out .... 

play the field WITH YOU as his girl.

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