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S25: Amy & Maya

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While doing the press rounds, Amy revealed that she had TWO stress fractures in her lower pelvis the entire time. 


Damn woman.  You're my hero.  Also, ouch. 

She had them the entire time?!  Damn!  This must make their victory even more worth it for Amy!


Also, I kinda had the feeling they weren't liked by Jim (or at least Maya wasn't) when he made fun of her for daring to appreciate and respect Morocco's culture.  Guess that interview kinda confirmed it.

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While doing the press rounds, Amy revealed that she had TWO stress fractures in her lower pelvis the entire time.

Damn woman.  You're my hero.  Also, ouch.



Seriously. I've had stress fractures in my feet, and they were always extremely painful by the end of the day. I can only imagine how painful it must have been to race with stress fractures. Hurts to think about it.

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Can someone provide a link to some of the post-race interviews? I'm having trouble finding them.


If you google "Maya and Amy Amazing race" a couple of them come up from different interviewers.  Replace Maya and Amy with other racers to find their interviews.

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I watch a lot of PBS because I only have antenna TV and this came on tonight.  Maya was so entertaining I didn't realize who she was until she started talking about TAR.


UW Madison has one or two seminar series that air on Wisconsin Public Television under a show called University Place that runs daily here for hours.  It's usually involves professors discussing their scientific or historical research. It's part of the "Wisconsin idea" that says the university system should share  ideas beyond its walls.  It's statutory language Scott Walker famously tried to pass a bill to eliminate, and it caused an absolute furor.  


Amy and Maya were recorded on April 2015 at Wednesday Night at the Lab and talked in detail about their research and how they applied for TAR, how they prepared, the trip route, their list of key points to win, and what they want to do in the future.  

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Amy and Maya are my all-time favorite TAR team (so far). They're the reason I gave this show another chance after the dizzy camerawork and the crashing soundtrack made me gave up.

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Seriously, they were the only acceptable winner among that Final Four and more Canuck than Yank in spirit.


Fun fact: one of their fellow alumnae at U-Wisc is gold-medalist hockey Olympian Meaghan Mikkelson-Reid, runner up of the second Canadian edition.

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