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  1. They won this local TAR spinoff in Seattle - beating out fellow winners Cindy and Ernie from S19 - and one of their many prizes is a year's worth of Starbucks:
  2. It would be neat if S30 did indeed manage to fit this historic city into either the fourth or fifth leg: it's the only other city from which Popes reigned, for Christ's sake (pun intended)!
  3. Not only did Miss Harding bring home the win, but she also got the boy in the end:
  4. They just tied the knot and even got 1990s Nickelodeon sensation Lori Beth Denberg from the original cast of "All That" to officiate the ceremony:
  5. Classy sendoff for the elegant siblings, from the location of the Pit-Stop to the accompanying music ~
  6. Right, the closest approximation was probably that timed schnitzel supper onboard a Ferris versus carrying furniture on foot across city streets during Unfinished Business's Vienna episode *. * That leg also ended up sparing the team who came in last, Gary/Mallory, the spiritual forerunners of both Neil/Kristen and Joel/Ashley (c.f. Ron/Christina with Simi/Ope).
  7. Heck, even if one knew spoilers, the results of this particular leg were so unclear that the suspense was still there! (The last time that happened was three years ago during the legendary episode in Paris that eliminated those twin-brothers from QC, when - up to that point in TAR history - there had never been a single team who used the U-Turn board without getting U-Turned and somehow got eliminated, all of which occurring on the exact same leg.)
  8. Fair enough. (South Asian cuisines = Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Afghan, Bhutanese, and Maldivian; Northern European cuisines = Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Greenlandic/Inuit, and Faroese)
  9. Even at his worst, he was/is still superior to that mactor who hosted the Australian edition, as well as the inexplicably overrated Arisa Cox. As for the Cavaleris, they never noticed that distinctive spice found in both South Asian and Northern European cooking? Then again, MTL's always had a rather minuscule Desi/Nordic population, and so the siblings probably had few to no neighbours from either ethnic cluster. Now, if the dad/son from earlier in the season had survived to this point, they would've known if that flavour were present.
  10. After last season's painfully (no pun intended, Steph!) disappointing Havana episode, this one exceeded expectations and ties with S19's Snowboarder elimination as the best Central American leg ever - neither Family Edition nor Strangers' Edition could ever ~
  11. Talk about one of the greatest Latin American legs in the history of TAR - and one of the best Mother's Day presents ever! (You go, Mrs. Richards ~)
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