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  1. I haven't heard about this before and just saw episode one tonight. Thanks ahead of time for hiding any spoilers. I kept expecting it to rain into the exposed house. The toilet made me laugh as they panned around to the electrical etc. Everything about the house needs to be replaced! I wasn't really taken in but I'll keep watching. They did a good job establishing characters. The car mishaps were funny and I like it that Shay is on to the women looking her dad over.
  2. I do see your point but I didn't know he is Gone gone and apparently it wasn't just me. I guess I m a bit sore about learning about several arrivals departures here recently and I quit the forum for quite a while. I read a lot of mod warnings so at least one other feels the same. I appreciate your response and since I'm seriously off topic I won't mention it again.
  3. Regardless it's where my hate for Dan began and now I'm remembering his grope exam with cleavage I mean Chloe. make him go away. I too was just spoiled here about d eimos being gone please don't put comings and goings here.
  4. I thought it was saint Dan who slept with young Chelsea and Kate. I seem to remember an aawkward -for me anyway - Kiriakis dinner.
  5. For me it was all about jen Lilly. I'd probably be disappointed in a recast. I'd expect another triangle as boring as chad etc (I like him with Gabi ) and I've seen enough of Brady. It was nice she was a Donovan but that sort of thing doesn't make me like Eli Tripp Paul any better. Theresa barely interacted with her "sister ". Anyway, my point is it's mostly about the actor for me although bad writing can definitely ruin a character. I'd love it if Brady would say something about Jeannie Theresa. Like she told him part of the truth or he talked to Shane and she's okay.
  6. Seriously? I'm pretty happy what woke me from a nap was Jawn leaving again. Laughing.
  7. I said writing because she's over come it with her concerns for kids like jade and Tripp. Brief explanation i can type with spelling on a real keyboard.
  8. I'm not on the Tripp trip but I agree Kayla is badly used by the writing.
  9. I'm torn between being a long time Rory fan and listening to more of Nicole s hysteria that woke me up today. She's even spoiled the name holly for me the way she used to say Daniel nonstop. To this day I mostly refer to my son as my son and baby when he was a baby. All this holly makes her sound like a peer. Don't get me started on the island rescue where Jawn and Mar just happened on the island and forget about Paul we have a cure.
  10. And what. I'm not in any dialogue with you here.
  11. Amen about Nicole and Eric. One is bad enough I've muted them so long i had to stop and think why Nicole is angry. Az has done a good job destroying Nicole over S C of all things. Marci s tantrum today brought back Claire shrieking from yesterday. Dario doesn't exist for me. Was Jen wearing terry cloth? Enough of the island already. If I have to listen to another episode about how Paul is the kindest and g entlest person ever... so repetitive like Claire shrieking the sex tape story to every who walked in. I completely forgot Eli was on the island. Boy does Lani want is
  12. That's what I like about her, she would be sad after being thrown out and losing a baby. She looks her age, doesn't wear a ton of make-up and designer clothes. I noticed she sat down and took the bitching until even Theo said stop. I suppose I can even identify with her affection for Joey. I don't think she's entirely bad or mercenary. I found her explanation she doesn't see the tape as that personal pretty insightful as to how some young people feel. I'm still freaked hope handed off the recording to some guy in IT.
  13. I don't buy it. She was a competitive skater. The baby voice dropped an octave during the time she lost (too much ) baby fat. She was a young adult remaking her image. Of course she's worked with a vocal coach. Kate and Andre were funny. Hope we're done with that judge. But yeah that outfit on Kate? And shut up and go away Cleavage I mean Chloe.
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