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[BUG] Topics go to first page

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Will topic follows going to the first page instead of last post be part of the April update or is this a “me” specific issue I need to figure out? If I navigate from Lifestyles-HouseHunters it goes to last read post. If I navigate from managed topics page or my home page it goes to the first page of the topic. I thought this was only happening with HH but it is all topics. The site does remember where I left off, there is a line for the new post, I just have to go to the last page then scroll back several posts/several pages to find the last read post.

iphone 11 current on update safari

chromebook current on update

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The follows page has also suddenly started bringing me to either blogs or members, none of which I actually follow, instead of to topics, which I do. It's annoying and I can't find a way to set it back to where it used to be. It now takes multiple page loads to do what used to be one click.

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Is there any update on this update? Or was it completed but did not resolve the issue. It is a bit of a bear to contend with.

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