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  1. It would be if I converted these to actual cover photos (like you have on your profile page where you can slightly adjust the vertical display position) but as is it was/is this forum feature is just an image set to cover. A coding quicky more-or-less since I was "already in there" so to speak. I did tell mods (who have full control over this) to choose photos wisely and look at how they display 🙃
  2. Samsung Note 8 (yes I need a new phone), Mobile Chrome. Everything toggles fine.
  3. Its only on forum view, topic view is clear (unless the show itself is just a topic in one of those forums) - this is the extent of clutter. If there was a massive hew and cry I could add a cookie setting to hide these per-user like the width and text size stuff.
  4. Yes; also I'm not really a mod here; I just used this forum as the example for the mods to look at and screenshots. Up to mods on any particular show to add/change the header image, and any external linky things (IMDB, etc.). I would not expect much love for older shows on this front though unless someone got really bored (there are over 3000 here now)
  5. What she said, but as a last word on that Trending Content, it's known it's not a perfect fit here given your collective fetish for Duggars and Shopping Channel things so expect other things to go there. Operative word: eventually.
  6. Kinda sorta is unless the video ads that pop in down there disappear, as those overlap on-top of the button rendering it useless. Maybe I can get it back down there and throw a massive z-index on it (some ad structures are in the 1000000 range) without the ad company sending back a stern warning about x, y, and z. EDIT: I could... but it would 99% probably break the ad providers terms and the powers-that-be already got yelled at once when I did <redacted>. I say that because I did not move the go to top arrow there. They did. I'll spare you the details other than to say some ad providers in this new reality take FULL control of the thing: not just where ads are placed but they will even move site structure around to not cover ad space.
  7. The ads are what they are. What problems are you having. The formatting and spill overs are mostly (if not all) accounted for. Most of this is on the ad-provider side. We can ask... EDIT: and also just to point out the usual usual... although the overall site theme probably plays a role, ultimately this is still based on google tags and whatever awful profile ad providers have whipped up for your device, ip address (if you have others in the house beware...), etc...
  8. Maybe. I actually removed a bunch of the non-used apps from the array but that broke the javascript default or something but I should, eventually... (there is a line forming), just push forums to the top of the line. You'd want forums actually as the vast majority of shows are actually forums and not topics. And hey, look at that, 12 hours. The bug fixed theme for all the ad wonkiness is now the default for everyone.
  9. Under account settings (click your user name in the upper right of any screen to get that option), choose content view behavior and pick how you would like links that go to content with comments behave. Comments you haven not yet read, beginning of all comments, or the very latest (last) comment. This controls many of the content links, but not all (such as Manage Follows). But streams and other normal locations will (should...) respect this choice you make here. Barring any gnashing of teeth this bug fix theme will be set to default for all in 12 hours give or take.
  10. For those of you using the Manage Followed Topics page, switch your theme to Primetimer 4711. This will be the default in a bit; just letting it cook before I commit to masses being forced to it. Same theme, just with fixen's. This Manage Follows section is MUCH better. Note that does not necessarily mean great; it's an old area with some hard columns and table formatting. When viewing followed forums, the last updated topic titles if super long might over-run bits but it's really 99% fine. The links to switch between forums, topics, and member follows - they mostly work but there are some collisions with the ad code (guessing...) so if a choice doesn't load just click again and again or reload the page. I have NOT gotten to the last comment linking stuff discussed here, I'll look but, really, and I'm not trying to be a stern school marm here, but this area is literally for you to MANAGE your follows: that's change how you follow, what notifications you get from them, stop following, etc. It is not, and I can guarantee the software devs will never make it, a spot you commonly use to browse the site. On the followed forums view here I had to force in the latest topic links manually as that is not part of templates any more. On that note... Streams. Granted, it's tucked away up there but it's real and spectacular. You can set a custom stream that shows just your follows however you want them to show, and the links I guarantee will take you to the latest post or the latest unread post if you have those settings on - it's all built out for that. Go to stream page and start adjusting what you want by clicking those select boxes. You don't have to save, but in this case, probably yes. Do it. And name it whatever you want. Check check it. Your custom name is there for the title and WHAT it is is described for you based on your choices. The default community stream is just... well, everything new. You want a new stream default and there is your option to set your custom My Follows stream to be YOUR default. After you do that, any time you click that tiny streams link, you will get all your follows. This is the point where @SilverStormm comes around and harvests this all for an announcement or stickied post or something. She could make a vid going through the process as well; I won't stop her.
  11. I'll have... something... but this is ancient stuff by the software's standards (similar to the moderators internal management area) - untouched (formatting-wise) for years and it shows.
  12. This should be inadvertently fixed as of a few hours ago. However... if there is a video ad popped up over it you will have to kill that yourself (tiny x circle top left corner of the ad)
  13. The ad provider is new, the tech behind it is new, and some of us are dancing to beats strange, unknown, and ultimately inaccessible. Patching where (and if) we can.
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