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S04.E06: Best of Friends

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Just finished watching this episode and although it had several elements that I enjoyed (Phoebe and her stalker, Nadia at the art show, etc.), the season still feels slow and the plot is moving at a snail's pace.  It's missing the humor of other seasons.  It's also missing Joe's justifications surrounding his murders (as misguided as it was).  I will get through the rest of the season but I'm really not enjoying it as much as I enjoyed previous seasons.

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I had noticed her but didn't predict stalker.  That certainly turned out to be a fortunate twist. 

Something happened in this episode but it still felt like it dragged, especially after they got out of the "escape room." 


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And now they've introduced the concept of believing you know a famous person when you actually don't. I can't imagine how that could be relevant to this season! /s

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I had pointed out that the photographer was in every episode, aside from the country house one. But I thought she was the “You” trying to make a name for herself by making up the Eat the Rich Killer to get the British equivalent of a Pulitzer…so…I was a little off, lol. Oh well, I knew she would be important somehow at least. 

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I know it's just part of the show that she has to be suspicious... but it's weird that Nadia is suddenly so suspicious of "Professor Jonathan" after that party. Just because he seems to be around and an outsider ? Nadia is a master detective, haha

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I am very much hoping that the Ryhs in Joe's flat is all in Joe's head. (obv there is a real Rhys who is a nice man running for Mayor)

nothing i have seen this episode contradicts that theory. we shall see!

(it makes more sense than Rhys actually being a serial killer and randomyly deciding to be Joe's best mate)



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I know some people brought it up during the last batch of episodes, but this episode convinced me that Rhys is all in Joe's head, or at least the Rhys that's the killer, and Joe has been the real killer all along. He keeps showing up everywhere so randomly, in the basement at the manor, in Joe's apartment, without a sound, I know that this show frequently has us suspend our disbelief, but the guy seems like a ghost the way he keeps sneaking in and out of closed places. 

Everything with Phoebe and the stalker was good, I had noticed her before but didn't see her being a stalker coming, but the rest was pretty dry. This season is really lacking the dark comedy that I have liked so much about previous seasons. 

Why exactly is Nadia suspicious of Joe? Girl, don't pull on that thread unless you want to end up locked in a basement somewhere. 

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