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Maybe Someday, Anna Chlumsky Will Win An Emmy

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Every November and December, as I get sucked into the blackhole of watching cheesy holiday tv movies on Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, I'm reminded of just how far Chlumsky has grown in these last few years on "Veep". She stars or costars in at least 4 of these cheeseball Xmas movies that they replay annually on a loop. The early 00s were not good years career-wise, but she's now one of my favorite parts about "Veep".

And on a shallow note, Anna Chlumsky looked damn hot on the 2014 Emmy red carpet!

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I don't watch Veep, but she was so good on Hannibal as Miriam Lass. I knew exactly who she was (who could forget, "Put on his glasses!!!"), and was surprised at how composed and great she did in the role.

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Anna has been absolutely incredible, as Amy Brookheimer. So, so funny, but also being able to convey depth and even some sympathy, despite her character's general heartlessness. It's not just the cutting dialogue, but the physical comedy, the facial expressions, the tiptoeing around Selina's sharp edges and coddling of her boss, the fact that she's always 'on', even when the scene is about someone else. She's really great.


I'd only seen her in a couple of small roles, as an adult, before I saw In The Loop, and thought she was very solid in that, not at all out of place with Armando Ianucci's style of humour. But on Veep, she's been the second MVP behind JLD, in my view. 


I have no interest in awards, or the mixture of politicking and thoughtless 'I know that name best, that's the winner' voting, but I think she deserves a lot more recognition than she's received, for the work she's done.

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As the Veep cast has grown, some of the original cast are getting less screen time.   Anna Chlumsky seemed a little squeezed out this past season.  No longer chief of staff or campaign manager (after the election), she was around monstly to put out fires for Selena.

I wonder if Selena goes back to the VP position if Amy will again be her Chief of Staff.

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I've been complaining about the lack of screen time for Amy, Dan, Gary & Sue especially.  All the core cast save Selena and Jonah were squeezed of screen time quite a bit this season. And my least favorite character got a big bump of focus - Catherine.

I was wondering which episode would Anna Chlumsky even use for her Emmy submission because she hasn't had much to do. Hopefully the finale will have something great of Amy but realistically based on how the season has gone I doubt it.

Here's a nice interview with Anna:


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I think her problems is that she is too good.  A lot of people probably think she is just playing an exaggerated version of herself.  It also probably means Emmy voters are idiots.

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Maybe  Anna's "someday" winning an Emmy will be tonight! I would love to see her win, she would be so adorably emotional. I kind of doubt it will happen but the category doesn't seem to have a favorite so the odds are fairly equal for all nominees.

As a non-fan of Season 5 I am rooting for another show to win for Best Comedy. I don't even care which one. I am being petty and vindictive towards my once favorite comedy show. I won't forgive David H. Mandel for turning some of the best characters ever into one-note caricatures of themselves. But I am rooting for all the cast nominees to win. Except maybe Julia although she deserves to win it is nice to spread these prizes around a little.

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