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  1. Fantastic Biggie lyric. Thanks for posting that, and for the rest of this excellence.
  2. I'd watch the hell out of that procedural. Even if it were on CBS.
  3. MarkBlankenship

    EHG 150: Turning It Out For RuPaul's Drag Race

    Dan, I hadn't considered how the move to Friday could actually hinder queens who are just trying to do their work. Excellent point.
  4. MarkBlankenship

    When We Rise, Part 1 (ABC- 2017)

    Hi Shaynaa -- I've watched the entire series via screeners, and there is a major trans character. She first appears on night two in a limited way, and on nights three and four, she becomes a big part of the story.
  5. 1000 times yes to Terry Crews. Or what if it were Terry Crews AND Andre Braugher?!?!
  6. Thank you so much DanMSchro! I love writing about this show SO DAMNED MUCH. I feel your concern about the mediocrity returning, but after watching these videos a second time, I'm more hopeful. There are no immediately obvious superstars, but I think those top 5 really have something. I hope they do, at least!
  7. ClareWalks, I had the same reaction. I had to look her up to make sure she wasn't just joking about being the oldest contestant in the show's history.
  8. YES! I'd also like to use it as my fake name for checking into hotels.
  9. MarkBlankenship

    Let's Rank The All-Time Best Top Chef Boyfriends!

    Imaginary love IS strange, but we have to let it happen all the same! Point being: I'm feeling you on the Toups love, and your euphemism crack made me laugh out loud. Like... for real laugh out loud. Not LOL.
  10. MarkBlankenship

    A Small, Perfect Moment Shows Us William's Future On This Is Us

    Mark wondered that in his original draft and I cut it because I didn't agree. Will restore! Sorry, Mark! I will forgive you Tara... THIS TIME.
  11. MarkBlankenship

    One Mississippi

    D'oh! You're right, of course. I swear I watched the show! We'll get that corrected.
  12. MarkBlankenship

    It's Your Law & Order Drinking Game!

    You guys! These additions to the game are truly inspired. Next round's on me! My brother-in-law also had a great one: Any time one detective gets a phone call in the middle of a witness interview, then comes back to tell his partner they have to leave right away to follow a new lead, take a shot.
  13. MarkBlankenship

    It's Your Law & Order Drinking Game!

    I just want you to have as many opportunities to drink as possible. I'm thoughtful! Also... these suggestions are spot-on! The Hudson University Rule alone could get you tipsy at least 40% of the time.
  14. MarkBlankenship


    Pretty much! I'm on Season 5 now, and I've already seen Janet McTeer, Victor Garber and Alicia "Roseanne's original Becky" Goranson
  15. MarkBlankenship

    EHG 123: Rebooting Mr. Robot

    Y'all... I cannot stress enough how much I hated Vice Principals.