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  1. Kat


    I too am confused as to why Kane thinks Tracy hit him with the frying pan. I expect this detail will come up again soon.
  2. Kat


    I continue to love Phillip like my own child. Lukas too for that matter. I'm enjoying the acting and the storytelling. But boy was I skeeved out by Kane masturbating to Bella's surveillance footage. Ick!
  3. Kat


    Am I the only one who loved every single minute of this first episode? I'm willing to be in this minority.
  4. Bob Harper as a host is a revelation! I haven't enjoyed a TBL premiere so much in years!
  5. Marc Joubert - American hero! I still miss the hell out of Chris Moore, but Marc will do. He and Effie are the only reasons I'm watching this show right now.
  6. I can't believe there are still FIFTY EPISODES left. The hell? I watched this show religiously as a child and yet, I would have bet serious money that there were only 50 episodes total.
  7. This episode was SO painful to watch, start to finish. And seriously? If I ever meet Ming-Na I'm not sure that I'll be strong enough not to slap her in the face. What an embarrassment.
  8. I find that I'm very pleased with this decision. I may actually start watching the show again.
  9. I can't help it. I adore Scott Disick. He is a selfish idiot of the highest order, and yet I find him charming as hell. I mean, I would never want to be in a relationship with this fool, but admiring his dumbass from my living room is very entertaining.
  10. "No prerequisites..." had me laughing hard enough last night that I had to rewind to catch the rest of the segment.
  11. God, David Giuntoli and Scott Wolf yelling pop culture references at me trying to win me money, is a pantie-dropper fantasy of the finest order. Also, can I get a GIF of Giuntoli doing his "Kangol hat" mime? Hee!
  12. ChlcGirl the video was on the Dallas Cowboys proper site (not DCC) under the "Cheerleader" section which doesn't really make any sense, but there you go. It's mostly video and photo galleries of the promotional events and USO things that the ladies do in conjunction with the players.
  13. Hee! Sarah, you crack me up. I was sorry to see David go, but he probably wouldn't have lasted given his continued time management issues. I continue to hate Blake and Merline with the heat of one thousand suns. That is all.
  14. ITA. I especially think that they should have kept Jasmine or Breelan, who are gorgeous and have done the job well before, over that unfortunate Taylor woman. FIrst, and foremost, her kicks are AWFUL. Just hideous. And she readily admits to this. And no amount of stretching or whatever the fuck is going to EVER make her an asset in a kickline. And on the shallow end of the pool here - Taylor has a horse mouth. Sorry, but her mouth/teeth sitch are not good. She definitely seems nice and sincere, unlike oh say, Colby, but it's so obvious that Taylor will be cut halfway through training camp, that it's sort of a joke.
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