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S05.E03: Date Night Disaster

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I usually can't stand the way Lenny talks to Lisa, but I was so glad he got onto her about calling 911 for a freaking broken wrist. Lisa is a moron. Still doesn't mean Lenny isn't an ass for they way he's treating her, but good grief! I couldn't believe even after her DOCTOR husband tells her that a broken wrist is not a 911 call and that he'll put ice on it and take their daughter to the hospital himself, she was still going to call 911! What a stupid, privileged moron.

And, Martina and Julia both need to learn to compromise and do some things the other is interested in or they're going to be the next couple to split.

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There is a difference between their and they're.
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6 hours ago, Book Junkie said:

, she was still going to call 911! What a stupid, privileged moron.


Remember last season and Alexia and her “I call 911 for everything” “it’s just easier” 

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