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  1. I was wondering something about Kirsten's apartment that had more outdoor space than indoor: could you add on to the indoor space, thereby making the apartment larger? Would that be allowed? Or, would it be dependent upon the co-op board? I was thinking that could maybe be a selling point if you could add on to the bedrooms and living room.
  2. Question: KJ said that the brushed nickel fixtures and dark gray tile flooring in Frederik's listing were tired and dated. I know the matte black fixtures and brass are what's currently popular (although I think even at that price point, many buyers won't care that much as the nickel is neutral), but what's dated about the dark gray flooring? Just curious what's considered "in" now. Is it still the hand painted tiles that are in? I like that look, but think I would get tired of it after a few years. Or, is it marble? Just curious as KJ was kind of making a big deal about, and I'm wanting to re
  3. Book Junkie


    Raises hand. Me too. 😄 I will always love YA lit and teen shows. I can proclaim I'm watching for my job since I work with middle schoolers and I'm trying to relate to them, but no. I just like them. 🤷‍♀️
  4. I kind of liked Marge's renovations. It's definitely not to my tastes and I wouldn't want it, but it was also refreshing to see something different than gray everywhere (Jennifer), or shiplap/modern farmhouse look that's everywhere.
  5. I completely agree and said that at the time. Sean Connery was a legend and icon. I'm very sorry Chadwick Boseman died too soon, but he should not have been the last one featured. And, it's because of times like this year, they really need to standardize the In Memoriam. Either show the deceased in the order they died over the past year, or show them in alphabetical order. That way, there's no putting someone in more of a spotlight. They finally learned to mute the live audience clapping for the TV audience during the segment.
  6. Or, as Ricky Gervais told Kate Winslet, be in a Holocaust movie. Which she was in The Reader, and she won for that role after being nominated 5 or 6 times and losing. For me the biggest Oscar-winning mistake was for Best Supporting Actor in 1997. Cuba Gooding, Jr. won for Jerry Maguire and beat out Edward Norton in Primal Fear. I'm still bitter for Norton.
  7. I cannot agree with all of this more. Thank you for so intelligently and succinctly saying what I didn't like about MRBB and Boseman's and Davis's monologues. While they were beautifully delivered and really showcased the actors' performance talent, they still left me a little cold because I just kept thinking, "Oscar clip!". I didn't know it was play until watching the closing credits, but that made sense. I generally don't like non-musical plays made into movies, because they almost always seem like a stage production that was videoed. MRBB was especially like that.
  8. Every state has its own probate laws. Even then, those probate laws change in applicability according to whatever will was left. In most cases, if there is no will or stipulation that someone's assets go to a particular person or organization, then the current spouse is usually the heir. If there is no spouse, then it goes to children and whatever succession of heirs dictated by state law. If your father or father-in-law had a legitimate will that his spouse did not get anything and everything went to his beloved pet ferret, then the ferret would get everything and you and the rest of your rel
  9. Stephanie's trip was to Oklahoma, not Alabama. It's where she's from. While I agree with adding some diversity, I hope Tiffany doesn't come back; she has bored me so much with her constant mommy issues and mommy guilt. I also can't stand her vocal fry. Why did they keep saying that JR was shot at Southfork? He was shot at his office in the 80's cliffhanger version. I toured Southfork a few years ago on a Texas trip. Such fond memories of watching the show. They have a little museum part where they have the actual prop gun used to shoot JR!
  10. What got me about Lindsey was how she kept saying he needed to be doing things for her every day. Like, what?! Who has that kind of time AND money? If she expects to find a guy who will show her grand gestures of love every day, then she may as well throw out her timeline. Also, does she not realize that if a guy does grand gestures every day, then it's no longer a grand gesture. Plus, she is constantly complaining and talking about what Stephen doesn't do for her, but does she do anything for Stephen? Relationships are a 2-way street, Lindsey. It can't be all him doing the giving and you al
  11. I hope they don't put Maggie in a new relationship this soon. It wouldn't ring true for Maggie's character. She was with Mitch for more than 30 years. I can see it being true for another character, but not Maggie. I lost my husband of 16 years in September, and I can see why people jump into relationships. The loneliness is just the worst when you lose your partner. However, I still don't see Maggie going there so soon. And while the man knows her husband just died, I'm here to tell you that doesn't register with some people. Even though it's only been 4 months now since I lost my husban
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