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  1. Did someone tell Heather it was wrong of her to call Eboni articulate and that’s why she apologized? This season is awful. Leah sucks the life out of every episode. Can’t the woman go be with her family and give viewers a break? I could have liked Eboni if she was on to be a housewife and not a lesson in political correctness. The sooner this season ends the better.
  2. I forgot about Lisa Nicole’s yelling voice. I didn’t miss it. She’s had shady business dealings for awhile. Didn’t her and Heavenly fell out over a relationship seminar? Anila should have invoiced her before complaining to the group.
  3. I think we could use a break from Reza and Adam. I’d rather see Tommy go to the get togethers vs those two. I remember the days when having a small butt was a compliment. Destiney should have shut that down right away.
  4. Sutton is awkward and makes it worse by calling attention to every little thing people say. Like keeping a list of words people use to describe her. I don’t have an anxiety roller but I almost grabbed a lint roller to use on my face to see if that would make her scenes less cringey.
  5. I agree. In fact they should all act like she is still doing her short lived vow of silence.
  6. Another Leah hater here who thinks she’s ruined this season. Heather however gave the moron material to act like an even bigger asshole. First off, acting like a liaison for the black housewife since she knows black struggles personally from working with Puffy. Then she tells Eboni she’s very articulate. Later when the moron says how she doesn’t know if she can vote, Heather has to chime in even though she knows the asshole is looking for an excuse to be a dick to her. So Leah finds out granny is doing even worse. But no need for her to leave yet, she has a lot of family and would jus
  7. I believe this 100 percent. It’s also why Tommy and Adam aren’t more upset that MJ and Reza are hanging out.
  8. If these people are so called friends, I’d hate to see them with their enemies. Does Reza really think he can see baby Shams when he has a restraining order out on his dad? I thought he said last season that he was going to drop it? The spoofed texts sound like Adam and Reza. Unprotected texts! Tommy is the funniest on the show. Destiney with her nephew was boring filler. I’d rather have Shervin back. I don’t find Destineys over exaggerated talking heads to be entertaining at all.
  9. Sutton ramped up her southern accent this season didn’t she? I don’t find her entertaining at all. She’s trying too hard and it keeps backfiring. Crystal has the potential to be annoying but so far I don’t mind her. Kathy is different than I imagined. I thought the original prank was kind of funny but then Dimwit had to add another layer to it which made it lose steam. By the time Sutton overreacted to it, Kathy looked like WTF happened to my slightly funny prank?
  10. I feel like Bravo rushed production of all the Housewife shows to make up for lost time during the shutdown. In New York’s case I wish they had waited because the show is pure crap. Leah is awful, they should have shopped for a replacement early on. I like Eboni but I don’t think Ramona and Lu have an issue with race, I think it’s all ego as Sonja pointed out. Lu doesn’t place that much value on her nursing degree, in fact I don’t think she wants it mentioned. To her the time she was married to the Count is what matters to her and makes her so well traveled and cultured (snobby) She should
  11. I hate the fat insults. Contessa did it to Toya and Eugene. Now Heavenly and Lisa Nicole. They are at an age where weight gain happens. The party looked lovely, there was no need to ruin it with a fight.
  12. So Mikes Cloud wasn’t hacked? He lied?
  13. Gizelle will no longer act like her and Jamal are together. https://news.yahoo.com/real-housewives-potomac-star-gizelle-201900496.html
  14. She’s mentioned her past here and there thru the seasons. This season she admitted that Joe used to shower before going home to his wife because they were having sex while he was working on her husbands house. Not saying that it should water down a real case of sexual harassment but that is how people tend to react. I admit to doing this. I felt bad for Jackie but didn’t truly believe Margaret. I think she was jumping on the Metoo train to sell books.
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