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  1. Her 50 year ass wants a big bank account, not a big penis. She’s full of crap. I wish Andy had one of the “alleged” victims backstage. I felt disgust at her smug behavior.
  2. That wasn’t Harrison that was New Noah. He’s not bad but I liked the recent Noah. Summers hair looked so ugly! Why does Sally trip all over herself to speak to Summer and stupid Kyle? She doesn’t owe them anything. Sally needs to focus on that hunk of man, Adam. Why would Nick want his whore to attend the Newman wedding without him? So stupid. I’m sure Victoria doesn’t want Phyllis there.
  3. I missed the name they decided on Rinnas ponytail wig. The Ever Annoying Asshole?
  4. Who was that guy that said “ wait for me” and followed Summer and Kyle to the bar? Was that Harrison?
  5. Exactly, Mia made the low budget comment about the video few episodes ago. Candiace was so bothered by it because there was some truth to the comment. She is still so upset that she’s (in the current episode)calling Mia a stripper, G a pimp....etc because she is insecure. Both about the video and her husbandger. An adult person would have cooled off about the original low budget comment by now. Candiace however will hurl as many insults until she strikes a nerve. Plus she knows her own mama is on the low budget side. Gossiping about her own son in law to anyone who will listen. Mia should
  6. I finished this episode last night. I started it Sunday night, fell asleep. Put it on again Monday night, fell asleep. Finished it last night. I could do without Brooks, Mary, Lisa, the new Jennie, Brooks, Meredith, Brooks dad and Brooks.
  7. Robin and Giz may have showed up late but they do need their own bathroom since it’s a trip with men and one of them wagging his tongue and being creepy flirty every chance he gets.
  8. Candiace is still mad at Ashley for taking up for Monique. Candiace pulled a butter knife on Ashley and her handler husband had to restrain her. I don’t know why Candiace is excused for her violent behavior just because it was a butter knife and not a butcher knife. She is still punishing Ashley by calling her wide and other insults. Chris was pleasant to Ashley because he really does want to have a good time while Candy wants to fight because let’s face it, the music thing probably isn’t going to pan out.
  9. I agree that Candiace sucks and needs to leave the show. Her tantrums are ridiculous. Her husband looks like an idiot coddling this grown woman. She could shove those tissues squares up her ass. I’m sick of her Mia’s husband is so cringey to watch. The tongue thing was gross and they replayed it several times. I did like when he laughed at idiot Candiaces insults. Don’t let the annoying chirping low budget gnat get to you. Ashley got the idiot riled up again! I don’t particularly care for Ashley but that was awesome.
  10. Me too. Billy will get his ass kicked, Nick will dump Phyllis and Summer can be slut shamed by her own family. Win win.
  11. Candiaces own mom doesn’t like her very much and was instigating the gossip about Chris. Candiace shouldn’t be mad at Mia unless she gets mad at everyone because they all were talking smack about lazy Chris.
  12. Why would they bring Summer back? She’s disgusting and she banged Billy. She has no business kissing Victoria’s ass by acting like she cares about her.
  13. Johnny should be grateful that he got matched with Bao. He’s not very attractive and his hair is thinning. She should insult him when he starts on her. Brett should bounce too. He’s not into her at all and she has to know it at this point. Zach and Mchaela are all over the place. Rachel should be in a good mood in the summer. She should make Jose buy a pool so she can swim and have friends over. I was happy that Myrla has taken a liking to Hype.
  14. I liked it. I thought it had some funny moments. Had not heard of it until recently amd wasn’t aware of the British version.
  15. Deacon is going to make Hope great again. She’s been too boring sitting around the house with Liam. Brooke certainly didn’t object to him when he was married to her daughter Bridget. Ridge only detests him because he’s a reminder that his wife is a disgusting slut. Boo to Thomas liking Paris. Unless he gets upset and offs her. Maybe there is evil wrapped up in that man bun.
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