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Red: The Morning After the Heist


Please keep the discussion focused on the content of this episode, Red: The Morning After the Heist

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It is my sincere hope that Bob is dead yet I doubt it.  They wouldn't have wasted so much time on him if he is.  Why does Judy miss him?

Ava's been shot, but not critically.  Stan the man is shot.  The big bad's big bads hunt everyone down and our hapless crew doesn't even grab their go bags on the way out.  For being so smart, they are not the sharpest group.  

The murphy bed trick was pretty great.  This show loves putting Leo into tight spaces. 

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I have two episodes to go. I wondered if Ava was shot, the way people who have their family members killed, was shot - a setup. I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing, since these episodes are out of order. I wonder if she had it taken, to protect someone else. So they could disappear. Probably not.

Maybe she shot Bob, and he played dead. I also wonder if the daughter took it all, somehow.

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So many questions.....

But hopefully Bob is really and truly dead.  That makes me happy.  Judy doesn't seem too torn up, and that diamond butterfly bracelet Bob nabbed for her would be SO identifiable as coming from that Diamond way robbery.  

Ava was barely grazed, so it could have been a setup, but it would have come from Roger's guys.  And they were all shot too.  So they got what they deserved. Carlos was a nasty mo'fo.  

Note to self: Murphy beds are great hiding places for gunmen.  Don't ever have one.  

I'm thinking darling daughter Hannah has got her hands on something.  

Sad that RJ seemed to be a casualty.  But maybe HE'S faking dead & gonna score big. 

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On 1/8/2023 at 5:52 PM, leighdear said:

I'm thinking darling daughter Hannah has got her hands on something.

She’s def in on it. Her “I’ll make sure to get you everything you deserve,” to Roger was a giveaway. 


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On 1/8/2023 at 8:47 PM, DanaMB said:

So I’m thinking the fedex man with the boxes was significant? Or just an ad? 😂

I have two eps to go: pink and white. I’m really enjoying this. 

Speculation, but I'll put a spoiler tag on it. . . 


I think the fedex man has the bonds, and that the daughter employing her sister in the mailroom was part of the heist. She moved the bonds into FedEx boxes. Now the question is if Roy/Leo is in on this part, or if his daughter is screwing him over. 


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