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S10.E02: Deadliest Snatch

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The graphic sex and profanity is way beyond over the top now.  It’s just not the same show anymore.

It actually is the same. Go back and watch the very first season. It's always been like this. But I think a lot of us are getting disinterested in the same-old, same old. We're wise to the show's tricks now and the show doesn't have any new tricks up its sleeves. There's always an unqualified crew member who's just there to cause drama, the deck hands always start off by talking about which girls they like, the stews always talk about which guys they like, they always go out and get falling down drunk then make out in the hot tub, etc. etc. It's just getting old.

The new one in Norway has gorgeous scenery going for it at least. But the crew antics never stray too far from formula.

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On 12/2/2022 at 8:16 AM, iMonrey said:

Hair in the face could be a hazard on deck. The stews on the other hand are supposed to be sort of "glamorous" for lack of a better word. Over on BD Adventure, one of the first things the chief stew told her girls was that they should be in full hair and makeup, always.

IMO, glamor should hold a back seat to general cleanliness.  A big part of the stews' job is to serve food and beverages and having long hair loose is just a no-no.  Also, it seems even more like a double standard-- are they going to require male stews to wear makeup?  A woman or man can look just as "put together" with or without makeup.  

I was disappointed that Camille is doing the twerking thing-- does she think that because Courtney twerked her way into the hearts of many, she can follow suit?  Most of us are sick of Courtney's twerking and we don't need to see more on another BD.  At least come up with an original idea!  

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I really like C. Lee but at this point things are ridiculous. The man needs rest to recover.
Of course who is gonna cover for him? I wish C.Glenn, but I wonder if a certain blonde captain would join for the rest of season... 
It would be interesting seeing her interact with Rachel!
Talking about Rachel, I really hope she will return to her usual high standards. She is the only reason I keep watching this. Ok, and the locations :)

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11 hours ago, Zaffy said:

but I wonder if a certain blonde captain would join for the rest of season... 
It would be interesting seeing her interact with Rachel!

Lol! Capt. Sandie would be gushing over Rachel. And rightly so. Rachel is a very creative chef. Not sure why she has been having difficulty putting out 5 star meals this charter. Producer driven drama is my guess.

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On 11/29/2022 at 9:16 PM, NowVoyager said:

Rachel has had some bad luck with the provisions, with proteins being frozen or spoiled. I kept wanting her to serve drunk people food: like burgers & fries; or sausage, egg & cheese mcmuffins with hashbrowns, & a detox green juice.

I would love to have a set of guests come on and say straight up, "We'll be drinking heavily so we want meat and potatoes to soak it up and then a big detox breakfast. Maybe some light fish and salad for lunch before we get to drinking again."  

On 12/3/2022 at 2:52 PM, ShowsILoveToHate said:

I’ve been a fan of all BD franchises since Day 1.  I think I’ve outgrown it. Either that, or the people putting these shows together these days is a 13 year old over sexed boy. 

I’m out. I’m too old to be interested in these kids who supposedly work on the ships. The graphic sex and profanity is way beyond over the top now.  It’s just not the same show anymore. 😕

I really enjoy the "work hard, play hard" aspects of the show and watching the plans come together like the fine meals and the beach picnics. Then seeing the gang go off the boat to party or have a relaxing day off (that usually goes sideways). I know the producers have their "playbook" and it's well worn now, but just seeing how the gang comes together and how they handle various requests and mishaps is plenty interesting to me. I don't need super crazy or overly sexual unless it's in the Rachel mode, which I find hilarious.

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