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S03.E06: Red Sky At Morning

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Sam and Dean investigate deaths connected to the sighting of a ghost ship.






I know this episode gets lauded as being one of the worst and I used to think it wasn't all that bad, but this time had me really disliking it. I think it might be that I usually watch it passively and only pay attention to the details that interest me--the actual ghost ship and hand of glory bits; even Bella I find interesting here--but ignore all the stupidity of the old lady fawning over Sam. However, my DVD player crapped out on me, so I've been watching them on my laptop and maybe it's just that I was only 12 inches away from the screen or that I then couldn't distract myself with my laptop because I was watching it on my laptop, but all those scenes of the old lady touching Sam, dancing with Sam and such just swicked me the hell out this time. I think it could have been funny, but somehow the whole tone of the episode just doesn't work for me. It's like they wanted to be a goofy spy show for just one episode or something. The music, the directing style, everything is just a little off somehow.


Anyway, I will always be amused by Dean hyperventilating over someone stealing his Baby. Which is kinda funny when thinking of all the cars that he's stolen over the many years. Also, I kinda dig the opening scene where Dean calls Sam out on shooting the crossroads demon and Sam's like, "whatever, I'm not going to stop trying to save you." I appreciate both the points of view here and find it refreshing that there's not another round of secrets and lies that this show loves to do.

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I really rather like this episode in spite of Sam  being objectified by an elderly woman. I don't agree with it, but I get it and I ignore it because they played it for laughs, right or wrong. I don't think the intention was to insult older women but to make Sam uncomfortable.


I put that to the side and love it for being a caper, because I love me a good caper. Even if it makes NO sense.  Like how did Bela swap out the two very different items and why didn't Dean notice? Especially after we see smart!Dean crack a safe and be all James Bond about it. Oh show, sometimes. I don't know about you and your continuity issues.


I love the banter between Bela and Dean. They are great foils for each other. 


But for me this episode is really all about Jensen's brilliant comic timing and it was on great display throughout the episode.

--Dean freaking out over Baby being stolen.

--Dean making fun of Sam and delighting in his discomfort. "You smell like sex" HAHAHAHA

--Dean jumping right in on Bela's deception with the fainting and then using that moment to eat a friggin' hors d'ouvre. Too funny.

--Dean's funny grumble at the door when Bela insults him and then he mimics her woefully poorly but hilariously.


--Last but by no means the least because it's the best is Dean's appearance in a tuxedo. Holy Perfect Ackting, Batman. Jensen delivered a 5 second masterclass in near silent comedy when he comes down the stairs in his tuxedo


He comes down the stairs looking GORGEOUS in a way I had never seen before. He was totally James Bond, but they were filming him like he was Pussy Galore with the camera panning up his legs to his body. Classically the way women are filmed so we look at them. The camera lingers on Dean in slow motion and he's stunning and sexy and gorgeous and desirable.


But he is SO done with being in that tuxedo. He feels ridiculous in that monkey suit because Dean doesn't think he belongs in a tuxedo. Now wearing suits for the job? No problem because it's the job. But this no way. He fully expects Bela who loathes him as much as he loathes her, to insult or mock him but nope. Instead, Bela compliments him and really throws him off his game by saying "We really should have angry sex".


Dean is flummoxed.  His 'WAT? is so funny. He is in disbelief and yet I think for maybe a minute he considers it but he can't because it's that bitch Bela. Then he crosses his arms in the most funny awkward way and can't admit that he was flattered but then says angrily "Don't objectify me!" and stalks off. All that is funny enough but then the little smug smile as they walk out is the capper. I just die laughing. Gold, I tell you. Comedy gold.


Slays me. EVERY single time. is in my top 10 favorite Jensen Ackting moments.

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I adore season 3 but this one, it makes me terribly uncomfortable and embarrassed to be a fan. On the one hand, it's played for laughs that Sam gets groped all night (because that's really funny when not reciprocated) and on top of that, it's funny because it's an older woman, ew! Just.....no.


I agree that the acting was wonderful. I rarely have a problem with the acting on this show but some writers need to re-examine their mindset. For me, this episode is right there with the dog episode and Meg's torture scene in season 6 when it comes to how disgusted I get with it. You know the one.

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So, my only issue with this, as with everyone else's comments, is that Gert makes me so uncomfortable. Just icky.

Other than that, the episode is ok. It has great brother moments in the car at the beginning and end. Dean is being an ass, Sam is not going to just stop trying, and Dean is so in denial. It's sad to watch, because on top of being scared about hell, Dean can't deal with the guilt of what he's doing/done to Sam, so he just continues being a jerk and acting like Sam will just be A-ok without him.

It was interesting to hear both Cain and Abel AND Castiel mentioned in tis episode, too... (At least I think I heard Castiel mentioned in the Latin-ating)

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I really liked this episode.  I'll watch any episode that has Bela in it, for one.  Dean was pretty hilarious and the scenes with Sam and the old cougar made me laugh.  I thought it was a good comic relief episode with a heap of sexy thrown in (I mean Bela, not the old lady!).

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"Can I shoot her?" "Not in public" is the highlight of the episode for me. Vancouver is pretty and never looks prettier on any other show than it does on this one. The marina in that scene is gorgeous.

I enjoy Sam's insistence that Bela got one over "on you, not us."

Jensen does some great comedy in this one. He and Lauren Cohan had a good rapport, despite my hatred of Bela. I really do appreciate her performance more now than on first viewing.

Castiel mention! Makes me wish I knew what else that Latin was saying. 

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I like Bela and the ghost ship was pretty cool, but I am with y'all that the "comedy" where Sam is being groped against his will is uncomfortable and it makes it hard to watch. Take those parts out and it is a pretty good episode. Not amazing. Not my favorite. But pretty good. 

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