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S07.E06: Soothing Electric Vibration

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Ralph Angel struggles to adjust to his new circumstances, and an NDA from Chase triggers Darla. Plus, Micah receives an unexpected visit over his questionable decisions, and everyone celebrates Prosper and Sandy’s upcoming nuptials.

Original air date 2022.10.11

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1 hour ago, bichonblitz said:

Grandma's back? Darla's got a secret that may cause her to relapse? Nova is going to cheat? Prosper getting married. These storylines are garbage. No wonder it's the last season. 

Actually, the only thing that would have pleased me more would have been for Grandma to walk into the party, smack Micah upside the head, and drag him out by the ear. Because the way he's behaving, that's exactly what he needs. And since it looks like there's no more screen time for Charli and Davis, I'm happy to see Charli's mother again to take him to task. 

I like Prosper (crotchety tendencies aside). And seeing people find love later in life, without a bunch a drama, will always make me smile. 

I thought Darla didn't know who Blue's father was. Did I miss something, or is this a plot twist?

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9 hours ago, MBayGal said:

I can't get over how much Darla has plumped out.  She always looked so youthful and slim before.  

I definitely wondered about that. Plus, she dresses in a way that really show cases the weight gain (Wardrobe should know better if they are dressing her).  I also wondered if she was actually pregnant IRL and this is just the post-pregnancy pounds. Either way, it could be downplayed instead of being put on display. 

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Dante looks like an older version of Prince George to me.

Those NFT investors are trash. I'm starting to wonder if they're working for Charley's political opposition. Or the Landrys. The whole thing was predicated on using Micah to trash Charley in a public way. Seems like it might be personal.

An NDA on a crime. Based on my independent studies at the Law & Order night school, that doesn't sound legal or enforceable to me. Perhaps Darla should contact Charley for some quick advice.

Young White kids learning about John Lee Hooker in school? Oy, I could hear their parents' heads exploding from here. And I don't know about "all" genres of music descending from the ring shout. Maybe ones which developed since the 19th century.

Doesn't RA already know Darla was raped when she conceived Blue? I don't understand why she's so reluctant to tell him her attacker is harassing her. Or tell someone who can help her handle the guy.

Was Hollywood mad the bachelorettes crashed the bachelor party or was he just being cranky?

Re Bianca Lawson's apparent weight gain, age usually catches up with people, especially women when they hit their 40s and start staring down premenopause. It gets harder to lose weight. The "quarantine 15" may also still be a factor. I've noticed several of the main cast looking fuller in the face this season so they all might have been dealing with it.

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56 minutes ago, Joimiaroxeu said:

Doesn't RA already know Darla was raped when she conceived Blue? I don't understand why she's so reluctant to tell him her attacker is harassing her. Or tell someone who can help her handle the guy.

It makes no sense. Like most of the season so far. 

I'm surprised Bianca Lawson is 43. I thought she was around 35. She has a very youthful looking face. 

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