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  1. I'm referring to the box Vi gave David Allen Grier.
  2. I'm confused about the box - what was in it?
  3. And Jesus replied, "70 times 7" you should forgive. If you're going to read something to quote, take a few seconds to read the entire sentence.
  4. Anyone else get a mental image of them twirling their mustaches?
  5. Gotta love that non-existent cut on Charley's neck from the brick-through-the-window incident. No blood, no cut shown and she was not close enough to the window for it to hit her in that area at all.
  6. I totally read that in Jack's Ringo Starr accent! Oh, everyone else did too? OK.
  7. Just as I renamed Sugar Bear as Gummy Bear (in another forum), Candyass is now Dabber to me. Dab them non-existent tears, Girl!
  8. Surely that thing has begun to morph into another head growing out the side of his neck. Did you hear a small voice saying, "DUDE!!! DUDE!!"??
  9. Don't fall for this fake charm! He's a sociopath just like my ex. He will be treating you the same way once he snares you Hannah, take it from someone who had a Luke once. Not worth it!! Also, every time I look at Jed, I see the following memory: Picture it, the South, too many years ago. Me, as a six year old, mashing the face of my Ken doll. He's all smushed face with a huge forehead. THAT is Jed to me, so ewww - give me the hotness that is Tyler. 😍
  10. Rebky

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    Cheyenne is probably thinking like the other moms did - more babies - more job security. ETA: I DID catch that murderous glare Boo Boo shot Amber at the mention of a potential pregnancy. Poor kid probably thinking that she will descend yet another rung on the ladder of her mom's priorities. Thank goodness for Kristina!! ❤️
  11. I really do think some of the people on this show read this forum. Has anyone noticed how well brushed Nova's hair is these days? She no longer looks like a wild child from the jungle. She is even more of a cutiepatootie with shiny combed hair.
  12. So obviously, the new crew members are not vetted. AT ALL. Their credentials are not checked - their resume is assumed to be truthful and pristine. How stupid can you get (although I have learned not to ask that question - most people take it as a challenge).
  13. He....did NOT.....have.....sexual intercourse....with that woman!!!!
  14. Who names their child Ziggy? Is it short for something and I missed it?
  15. It's getting ridiculous how obsessed Loren is with all the fake boobage on this show. She mentions it constantly *eyeroll*
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