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  1. Rebky

    S03.E01: Wartime

    I don't understand the ending at all. What if the homeowners showed up? The things she did made no sense.Not one of their better shows.
  2. I thought the Rhino sounded just like Lionel Ritchie when he started singing.
  3. Pete? Your mother is a straight up manipulative, mentally imbalanced psycho. If I was either of those girls, I would refuse to be with you because of her. Your mother would be the straw that broke the camel's back for me.
  4. Who is Zoey dressed as at the party? It looks good on her!
  5. He must be awfully horny to want to have sex with this psycho. Hope you don't have any bunnies Pete!!!
  6. Question. What happened to Pete's forehead? I obviously do not watch this show very closely.
  7. I cannot stand her guttural Natasha voice. UGH.
  8. If this has already been mentioned, I missed it. But has everyone missed the wedding ring on Turdsel's finger??? All the sobbing, histrionics and putting his head in his hands, the ring was right there. They didn't even try to hide it. I've had the flu with a high fever, so maybe I hallucinated the whole thing.
  9. Rebky

    S07.E13: Exodus

    Ashton? This "I am a child of a broken home" shit? Really? Join the club. You're not a child anymore so man the fuck up. I was 4 years old when my mom FINALLY left my dad and you know what precipitated it? My dad coming home drunk Christmas eve with a gun and threats of violence. Mercifully he passed out before he was able to carry out his threats. But we left and never went back. My point being - you have to make the adult decision that your shitty childhood will absolutely not define you as an adult and move the hell on. Look into it.
  10. I can def see both of your points. But the fact that the mom didn't want Sheldon there (and he was glad to hear it), made me give Mary the side eye. Oh the days of old when birthday invitations were actually sent through the mail! I never knew my girls were invited to a party unless they let me know they wanted to go. Otherwise I was none the wiser!
  11. I would never force my child to attend a party they were against attending. By doing so Mary made it all about her.
  12. From the moans, I think Simone quite enjoyed that tongue lashing LOL!!
  13. Rhylee: "Then where do I belong Ashton??" Ashton: "You belong on a fish boat in Alaska!!" Asked and answered bitch. Asked and answered!!!!
  14. Uncle Marvin's weight loss was really magnified with the flashbacks. That actor has gone from one extreme to another. Hope he's not sick.
  15. So you've heard me screaming this at the tv since it first happened? Cool! Great minds think alike.
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