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  1. I can def see both of your points. But the fact that the mom didn't want Sheldon there (and he was glad to hear it), made me give Mary the side eye. Oh the days of old when birthday invitations were actually sent through the mail! I never knew my girls were invited to a party unless they let me know they wanted to go. Otherwise I was none the wiser!
  2. I would never force my child to attend a party they were against attending. By doing so Mary made it all about her.
  3. From the moans, I think Simone quite enjoyed that tongue lashing LOL!!
  4. Rhylee: "Then where do I belong Ashton??" Ashton: "You belong on a fish boat in Alaska!!" Asked and answered bitch. Asked and answered!!!!
  5. Uncle Marvin's weight loss was really magnified with the flashbacks. That actor has gone from one extreme to another. Hope he's not sick.
  6. So you've heard me screaming this at the tv since it first happened? Cool! Great minds think alike.
  7. Who played the reporter Lucy Newman? I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me nuts!!!
  8. Rebky

    S9b.E27: Bailout

    Both Brianna and Jade look like they just stumbled out of bed hungover. When Jade leaves the house for school or whatever, she sometimes looks like she showers. Brianna never does. Laziness!!! Chelsea? When you insist on making such a BFD about every little thing? It loses meaning and gets old. This is how an entire entitled generation starts. Dial it back for crap's sake!! Could Gracie be more jealous of Ali?? Leah is going to have a real problem with that one in a few years. You're her parent, not her friend, Leah. You best recognize before a ton of heartache starts rolling your way. Karl. Can you stop with asking your kids, "Are you SO excited?!" Karl, they are just along for the ride of your stupid, selfish choices. Please stop acting like they have any say so whatsoever **massive eyeroll**.
  9. Thank you jmonique!
  10. Same! I watched a trailer, but it shed no light on what character Junior was supposed to be.
  11. I'm referring to the box Vi gave David Allen Grier.
  12. I'm confused about the box - what was in it?
  13. And Jesus replied, "70 times 7" you should forgive. If you're going to read something to quote, take a few seconds to read the entire sentence.
  14. Anyone else get a mental image of them twirling their mustaches?
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