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  1. Rebky

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Don't fall for this fake charm! He's a sociopath just like my ex. He will be treating you the same way once he snares you Hannah, take it from someone who had a Luke once. Not worth it!! Also, every time I look at Jed, I see the following memory: Picture it, the South, too many years ago. Me, as a six year old, mashing the face of my Ken doll. He's all smushed face with a huge forehead. THAT is Jed to me, so ewww - give me the hotness that is Tyler. 😍
  2. Rebky

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    Cheyenne is probably thinking like the other moms did - more babies - more job security. ETA: I DID catch that murderous glare Boo Boo shot Amber at the mention of a potential pregnancy. Poor kid probably thinking that she will descend yet another rung on the ladder of her mom's priorities. Thank goodness for Kristina!! ❤️
  3. Rebky

    S08.E03: Blessings Not Baggage

    I really do think some of the people on this show read this forum. Has anyone noticed how well brushed Nova's hair is these days? She no longer looks like a wild child from the jungle. She is even more of a cutiepatootie with shiny combed hair.
  4. Rebky

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    So obviously, the new crew members are not vetted. AT ALL. Their credentials are not checked - their resume is assumed to be truthful and pristine. How stupid can you get (although I have learned not to ask that question - most people take it as a challenge).
  5. He....did NOT.....have.....sexual intercourse....with that woman!!!!
  6. Rebky

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Who names their child Ziggy? Is it short for something and I missed it?
  7. It's getting ridiculous how obsessed Loren is with all the fake boobage on this show. She mentions it constantly *eyeroll*
  8. I would love to have that type of layout again. I flipped a 100-year-old house and there was no way to open the area between the LR and kitchen. I now just turn up the volume so I can at least hear what's going on!
  9. But your keechin have no TV!!
  10. My ex was like this. He had a very controlling personality and could not get along with anyone because he wanted to be the boss. As a consequence, I was the one keeping our head above the water while he got fired from one job after another. Which is also why he is my ex. He showed no sign of this while we were dating - just as sweet as could be. I have been single for many years because I have trouble trusting men to show their true colors until they have you roped into a marriage.
  11. Everyone, let's take my Andrrrrei ad and run with it! This could be hilarious! 😃
  12. I had an epiphany of Andrrrrei's ad: WILL FIX STUFF FOR YOU I am good with the tools, will fix your house if broken. I am very talented and the best there is. You will not find anyone better, do you understand???
  13. Lordy. Nicole is spinning out of control in her delusion. Thinking that new look is awesome? You look like a huge grape Nicole! You cannot seriously think a Muslim man is going to find that attractive!! You actually looked better before! And if you think those sad half-ass exercises are going to make a dent in your practically obese body? You would need a serious trainer that would drive you to puke and tears to make any noticeable change. And we all know that ain't gonna happen!!
  14. Rebky

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Pumpkin was a lot more controlled than I would have been in that situation. I would have immediately told Jennifer that I was not addressing her, she has no say, and that she'd better stay in her lane. Gummy Bear just sat there like a knot on a log while Jennifer was making demands. Ah hell naw.
  15. I caught the Pillow Talk episodes on YouTube. Dean is hilarious and, surprisingly, Annie and David are a hoot too and have such a good time together. If you miss The People's Couch, you will love this!