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  1. And at one point, she had a sonogram and the baby had a tail! My daughter and I screamed so loud it took us two days to find our cat
  2. And at one point, she had a sonogram and the baby had a tail! My daughter and I screamed so loud it took us two days to find the cat
  3. According to this article, Rawnold "preserved". What did he preserve - peaches perhaps?
  4. When I was a child, having huge birthday parties did not happen. Then when I had children of my own, there were multiple invitations to a birthday party where the parents rented out the local skate rink or bowling establishment, and you'd better show up with an expensive present. I was so glad when my children out grew this requirement.
  5. Katie? You and everyone affiliated with this franchise is in it for the "wrong reasons".
  6. Oh wow. Can't wait. Excuse my gagging.
  7. I 100% agree. I come from a very large family so family gatherings means numerous people will attend. If I host Thanksgiving, I provide the turkey and dressing as well as other vegetables. Family members arrive with dessert, cranberry sauce, etc. with a big smile on their face. That sad display had me saying, "How can you possibly consider that an actual Thanksgiving dinner??."
  8. Mike is proof that there was a man that was desperate enough to copulate with Treesh. There was so much beeping going on that my roommate asked, "What in the hell are you watching?" I said HBO because I was too embarrassed to admit the truth.
  9. Karl is literally a female that stores the testicles of any man around her in a jar on her nightstand. She collects them for shit and giggles.
  10. I'm the complete opposite of Jade and all of these so called reality "stars". I hate attention, especially if I'm in pain. I just want to curl up in a ball and for everyone to leave me alone. I never told anyone if I was sick with the flu, strep throat, etc. because I didn't want people hovering over me. I know they mean well, but please go cluck over someone else.
  11. I think she does. But she talks so loudly that I wonder if she has a hearing problem as well. We hear you - there is no need to yell your dialogue.
  12. Me as well. I was a 36 D in sixth grade. And I was harrassed by stupid boys relentlessly. In high school, I never dated any of the boys I went to school with. I still do not understand why women are willing to undergo such a painful surgery to appear more appealing to men. How is it worth it????
  13. Alana is STILL referring to herself as Honey Boo Boo? Child, that ship has sailed. Hopefully you will listen to your sister that everyone close to you needs to eat healthier. It just requires a little bit of self discipline.
  14. Mike and his mom are the very definition of a bully. They push you beyond your limits and then have the audacity to demand an answer to what they did wrong. I am not a Natalie fan but come on!
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