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  1. It reminds me of the scene in Kate and Leopold where they were dedicating the new Brooklyn Bridge, and the speaker at the ceremony proclaimed, "Behold, rising before you, the greatest erection on the continent! The greatest erection of the age! The greatest erection on the planet!". Liev Schreiber, the character who traveled back in time, snickered loudly in the crowd of onlookers.
  2. Maybe Sam should buy them cases of Febreze and they can sniff it??
  3. Re-watching and loved the scene of the cholera victim in the basement informing the actress who played a zombie that zombies do not exist. 😄
  4. I thought she was dreaming and I was upset when it became obvious it was really happening!
  5. I generally like Vi, but I loved how Billie put her in her place - I'm glad Billie is finding her voice finally. Also kudos for apologizing to Nova.
  6. I've seen pics of Kim in Austin without a ring, having a grand old time. It's causing most people to hope she dumped Kelley. Oh and the mama's boy.
  7. Love the shout out to Babs!!
  8. Ordinary Joe is only the second show I like on the NBC network and would be willing to watch. My fav? This is Us **ducks and runs** 😆
  9. It would not surprise me if Steven with a V thinks self pleasure is actual sex.
  10. That braid looks like a long turd hanging from his chin 😝
  11. Oh the stories I could tell about the rage of the Short Man Syndrome. The sawed-off troll I was with makes Jose look like a Boy Scout. It took an EPO (which he violated) and jail time to rid me of that psycho. I did not date for years after that. Never again!!!
  12. They call her Wish because they Wish they could remember her real name.
  13. I love how this cat is just chillin' on his front porch, taking in the scenery! <3
  14. Ari is so obviously used to getting what she wants because her parents raised her that way. She completely expects her ex to be waiting in the wings for her - even after she got married trying to "find herself". She totally expects her current husband to be ok with this. Hopefully there is a steaming hot mug of true reality heading her way - but I am not holding my breath.
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