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S06.E05: The End of Ginni

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Ri'Chard, Diane and Elsbeth Tascioni are hired to negotiate a "push-nup" for a husband and wife trying to determine fair compensation for childbirth. However, a challenge is presented when the unborn fetus also gains representation in court. Marissa gets a gun after her near death experience with her father and grows wary of strangers around her.

Original air date: October 6, 2022

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wow... 2nd strong episode in a row.  Things are quite serious in the Good Fight world right now.
The Kings really love to show us how surreal US has become, right? In this season  they "toy" with a possible civil war.
Of course, since I live in Europe and never been there  I am an observer, so I can't say in what extend this is real or just overdone for dramatic reasons.
The BUB sticky freaked me out... "Blood and Soil" freaks me out.
It is amazing that people choose to ignore what happened when fascism led to a World War, just because they feel threatened from how this world is functioning in our days and they can't seem to think how to fight for a  better life. They just decide to walk backwards ignoring what history is supposed to had  taught them. This is nightmares stuff. 

p.s. The whole fetus...ermm... child... ermmm Audrey case was nuts! But... ELZBETH! 
p.s.2 The Collective. Do they have a Borg Queen? Will 7 of 9 make an appearance?
p.s.3 How on earth the Collective was in the right place the right time to save Jay?
p.s.4 Edited to add that Captain Glenn is indeed the best Below Deck captain!

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Yeah, this is getting DARK. I wonder where it is all leading. Will they even try to have a hopeful ending? Can't say I blame the Kings for being dystopic about humans. I've always said at some point the Earth will just shake us off like fleas. 

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10 hours ago, KingCharlesIII said:

After watching this episode, I realize how much I miss Elsbeth! Maybe the Kings can spin-off Elsbeth into her own series for next season ? Although I'm not sure if a whole hour of her would be exhausting...

You are right, I also love her, but in small doses!
One idea for  a spinoff would various cases with judges and lawyers and clients from the The Good Wife/Fight universe.
With special appearances from some of the stars. 
I also wouldn't mind a Marissa and Eli one with Jay as their investigator.

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Ooo real fantasy in this episode.  Lol Ginny trying to get Thomas to retire. 

and that judge, wow.  Was that federal court?  Otherwise how she get appointed to state court in Illinois?

people like Eli and the Collective, do they exist?  Sure doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

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A push-nup. Is that really a thing?

Ri'Chard finally met someone more out there than him. Yeah, Elsbeth's okay in limited doses. This may have been the last we'll see of her.

Wouldn't Jay have known Melissa had been in the Israeli military?

Suing a fetus. It'd be funny if it weren't an actual possibility.

Shady federal agents tailing Melissa, then drawing down on Jay, then getting stopped by some kind of Black justice league. Huh? Does the Collective just drive around in their black luxury van day and night looking for situations to step into? Given how open they were it seems like people would see them coming. Which perhaps is the point, I guess.

Wayne Brady. Meh. Wasn't thrilled to see Phylicia Rashad either.

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