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S13.E06: Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank

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"Night is a bad time for me. I have experiments that I have to feed after midnight."

So the crew has to rob a bank. But...not phrased like that. And of course it goes off the rails immediately. Loved the old lady guard. I hope we see her again.

Man, Archer was being a good friend to Pam. Horrible at everything else, but a good friend to her. I really hope Pam & Alessia work out, I like seeing Pam actually fret about making a relationship work for once. And Alessia came through with the getaway truck! 

Great to finally see Cheryl again! I loved how the bankers knew it was her the whole time. But damn, she really IS the team demoman now, and she delivered. Everything on her were bombs, even the tampons. "I like it when my periods feel dangerous."

Goddamn, Fabian. Used the gang to blackmail the president of the country from ep 2 to pin the coup on them. That twist honestly shocked me. EDIT: I came to realize that this extended to EVERYTHING the gang did up to this point in the season being pinned on them and not IIA.

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Well that was an interesting twist an one I didn’t see coming.   I mean hanging the gang back The Agency did seem a little convenient so making them look responsible for a bunch of really bad stuff adds some intrigue to the story and ups the bad guy status of Fabian.  

Loved the return of Cheryl who must definitely is the bomb expert of the gang now.   Also love that  Archer was actually a good friend to Pam and gave her good advice of Alesia.   I hope the relationship sticks at least for a season or two. 

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"I think it is pronounced SWAT."

I don't know how Fabian is going to separate himself from Archer's "The Agency" group with just a little paperwork, since they were clearly associated with Fabian's IAA organization during the spy convention, Clandesti-con.

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On 9/29/2022 at 1:58 AM, AnimeMania said:

I don't know how Fabian is going to separate himself from Archer's "The Agency" group with just a little paperwork, since they were clearly associated with Fabian's IAA organization during the spy convention, Clandesti-con.

How far back was the convention though? He could say that he gave them autonomy so whatever they did since the tapir incident is on them. It's kind of thin, since they can all say that Fabian handed them missions. For being a lawyer, Cyril sure missed the date. 

Of course Archer is a good friend to Pam. They're the best. I did like that Klaus whined when he got demoted to secondary. 

I still say Pam is the best leader. Archer did all right, but not great. Someone should have known about the vault automatically closing, but Archer's plan after was good. Of course, he hit the alarm looking for booze, so not so good there. You'd think if Fabian was so invested in the coup, he'd give them some reasonable intelligence to complete the mission. 

I like Lana, and I get that she's riled about the custody, but she's being a lot right now. I don't know why she needed Cyril to help her in the vault. She must know how to pick locks too. 

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I’m thinking our protagonists are looking at the death penalty . . . just for Cheryl’s bombs. She set up a few on a building just in case they needed to get away and the police were chasing them at that moment. “Neck Bones” is terrifying.

I’m still rooting for Fabian to get his, mostly because he’s in Supreme Asshole Mode. It’s one thing to assign unlikely leaders, deny them services and every other way he shits on them. Now he framed them for a coup. That’s evil. Even though Robert has been absent, I still think he’ll rear his ugly head in the final episodes . . . but I can’t think of anything he could do to hurt Lana that would equal the frame job. Maybe if he “wins” AJ and gives her to Fabian?

Aside from the button push and the constant quest for alcohol, I’d say Archer was a good leader. The problem with him is that he’d flaunt having that role more than he would preparing for it. Like Pam, he’s more reactive than proactive. Lana probably would make the best candidate, but she’s checked out mentally. Not that I blame her, though stomping on Cyril was beating a really lame (albeit alive) horse.

Pam is still awesome. So is Alesia. Dunno why she’d wear Switzerland flag underwear just because she’s Swiss, but whatever. Nice bit from the escape: Archer tapping Cyril on the shoulder before shoving him out the window.

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