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S03.E01: The Snow Globe

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There's a lot to unpack here. Who were the demons trapped in the snow globe, and who put them there? Why on earth would the key have been hidden in the freezer? That's a stupid place to hide the key. Or do the keys spontaneously re-hide themselves so they can be found? I'm not sure I get how that works. I'll also be interested to see if the two snow globe demons get out of the mirror. 

And how does this snow globe work? You turn the key and you're inside the snow globe? But you have to be inside the house when you turn it off and take the key out to get out of the snow globe? Why? How did the two demons get trapped in the snow globe? Did someone turn the key, push them outside, then take the key out? What happens if you turn the key or take it out when you are outside the house?

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I see the Lockes are still as stupid as ever. 

Let’s leave the key in the globe and leave the globe in the house while we fiddle around outside. Let’s stand there and watch these strangers getting closer and closer. Let’s pause and wait a bit before removing the mirror key after throwing the demons into the mirror. I only hope they’re intelligent enough to tape a “don’t use - demons trapped inside” note over the mirror’s keyhole.

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5 hours ago, QuantumMechanic said:

I see the Lockes are still as stupid as ever. 

Let's leave all the frozen food on the floor to defrost while we eff around with the key. Even though we have money problems. 🙄

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So what happened to the Captain from the past who threw Eden down the well? Oh, he is near the portal now. Oops?

Every time I see Rufus, I think of an obsessed video gamer who is completely immersed into that world. He has the look for it, too.

So Captain from the past is working WITH the hooded demon women... to get all the keys. Such high importance to a small object.

I’m guessing the Minecraft poster is Bode’s since he plays games along with Rufus.

Tyler seemed to be happy in paradise now that he’s “free” of the chaos that Haunted House brought to his life. :P He still has that pull back towards his family, as we saw towards the end of the episode.

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26 minutes ago, QuantumMechanic said:

It wouldn't be Locke & Key without overweening Locke family stupidity.

It's seriously so bad I wonder if at any point the actors read the script and questioned it.

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