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  1. Utica was robbed, I like Mik but that last look to me was just not there, it was a no for me. HOW IN THE HELL was Kandy NOT in the bottom? Seriously she should have been bottom 2 with LaLa. Gonna miss Joey but I didn't think she'd last long. Not sure I can bring myself to watch Untucked this week if it's Kandy Kandy Kandy she needs to go!!!
  2. I'm actually really enjoying this season, then again I haven't watched since season 10. (though I did keep up with Fashion Photo Ruview) I didn't have access for a while and when I got it back I started season 11 but I couldn't binge it bc Silky got on my last nerve, got about 4 episodes in and skipped to the finale and reunited. Tried season 12 but it was after all the stuff about SP came out and it was just uncomfortable to watch so I gave it up too. I think the only queen I'm just not liking so far is Kandy and even she doesn't annoy me as much as Silky did though she could certainly g
  3. yeah I watched a video with the queens on youtube and could name almost all of them which I normally can't do this time of the season
  4. I think the reason she retired wasn't that she was suddenly put on weight warning but that she was ambushed with it in Kelli's office in front of cameras. If they had warned her about her weight then brought her into the office with cameras it would have been different. I don't blame her, this was another one of those Kelli creating drama and making the show more important than the actual team moments. And Mandy's done just fine for herself since then, I think it actually worked out better for her to leave though I was sad to see her go bc I loved her.
  5. Finally watching right now, interesting format change. I do like seeing the girls lip sync from the beginning but the constant repeat of the "drama" was too much. Kandy is gonna get on my nerves and she needs to attach that outfit better she was pulling it up even when walking around the werkroom. Utica is giving me some Thorgy vibes. I could see Utica and Gotmik becoming good friends. La La Ri was seriously underwhelming with that outfit. Rose out of drag reminds of the other guy from Wham, not George Michael. I think Olivia and Rose are my fave lip sync pair. Elliott was also underwhelming w
  6. The rehearsal dinner is odd for Older Jamie though not as much Owen since it seems he did stay in touch with them. Henry brought the kids to see him at his restaurant so he must have stayed in touch with them some, Jamie being at the wedding itself didn't bother me at all. My parents invited people I'd only met once in my life before. I also don't know that I'd call Jamie a servant, I mean she was an employee as she was the gardener but that's not a position I'd call servant, though I could see that argument for Owen as the cook. Maybe that's just a personal thing though. Also some people invi
  7. The thing about the secret military shuttle was always interesting to me, I assumed Toby had reconnected with his brother who told him about it. What made the story even more interesting was reading the autobios/bios of several shuttle astronauts and learning there were classified shuttle flights, the entire crew was military. The world knew they flew but their mission was secret and some are still classified today.
  8. I think there are two offices, Henry's and his brothers. Henry's is fully functioning, his brother's is the one that is all covered in sheets and filled with boxes.
  9. Unpopular opinion I guess, I really enjoyed Bly, maybe more than Hill but at least just as much. My hubby definitely prefers Bly. Son seems to be between us liking each for their own reasons. Hill was a bit too much family drama for me though I like the ghosts but also wish we'd learned more about them. I like that we learned more about the ghosts of Bly but it went so fast after Vi started killing them and her story dragged. Bottom line I will watch both series again.
  10. Hubby and I both did the same thing Yeah it was too long for me
  11. Ok I finished the short story and... bleh I was not impressed. I'm not sure what I was expecting and the actual last page was ok but a lot of the lead up was just meh and what was interesting to me is I've read older books that were easier to read. I think Henry James writing style is not for me.
  12. so unpopular opinion, I like Kate "bangs" Harper. I always thought Toby was the leaker, I figured after the shuttle issue in season 1 he started talking to his brother again and that's where he found out and with his brother dead by the time of the leak he did it. No it doesn't really make sense but it was how I explained it to myself.
  13. So far so good, I read about 3 pages last night before bed.
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