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  1. It looks like Killmonger had a smaller blade in his hand just street we see Tony for. Our family thought he'd stabbed him somewhere other than the shoulder when he pushed the spear in further
  2. Family saw this in the theater this afternoon and our verdict is it's a solid ok movie. Not the worst, not the best but we enjoyed it. I do like Florence and think she'll be a worthy successor.
  3. Might be too many except that I do know all of them unlike in a regular season. The variety show was overall good, I agree with the bottom two but I'm actually disappointed in who went home. They're all gorgeous as queens but damn Kylie and Jiggly are beautiful women out of drag. Surprisingly after her initial talking head Silky didn't get on my nerves at all, don't expect that to last.
  4. Anyone that's interested the whole episode is on the Paramount Plus YouTube channel. I'm watching right now. Or at least it says it's the episode 1 hr and 2 min long
  5. No matter why she's leaving someone needs to tell this child calling yourself "brave, mature, and unselfish" is a bad look, too self involved, sounds like way too much ego. You're supposed to let others call you that then thank them for saying such nice things about you.
  6. Yep I heard the same thing, that she played good for the cameras but then was a all about being a legacy in the locker room and acting superior bc of it. Nope not a fan but really curious to see if she'll make it this time as she'd then be the blonde legacy story for the year. I also thought it was really odd that Kelli "didn't realize" she was a legacy and remembered in the room after the free style round the she cheered with Madeline's mom. Pretty sus to me (ugh yeah it's summer break but my middle school students are still in my head lol)
  7. What makes you say that? Not every girl who makes camp announces it immediately. Honestly I wonder if she even tried out or of that was just people getting suspicious bc she decided to get back to dancing more efficient could just be bc she wanted the physical outlet and to be with friends
  8. She really does look adorable these days, boho just suits her and she's looks so happy. I wish more of her siblings would see this and follow her lead.
  9. I adore Pandora, I'd love to watch Yara, Jiggly, Kylie Sonique Love, and Ginger. I actually like Eureka BUT I will NOT spend money to see more Silky. I couldn't even finish her season bc I couldn't take any more of her, just NO!
  10. Utica was robbed, I like Mik but that last look to me was just not there, it was a no for me. HOW IN THE HELL was Kandy NOT in the bottom? Seriously she should have been bottom 2 with LaLa. Gonna miss Joey but I didn't think she'd last long. Not sure I can bring myself to watch Untucked this week if it's Kandy Kandy Kandy she needs to go!!!
  11. I'm actually really enjoying this season, then again I haven't watched since season 10. (though I did keep up with Fashion Photo Ruview) I didn't have access for a while and when I got it back I started season 11 but I couldn't binge it bc Silky got on my last nerve, got about 4 episodes in and skipped to the finale and reunited. Tried season 12 but it was after all the stuff about SP came out and it was just uncomfortable to watch so I gave it up too. I think the only queen I'm just not liking so far is Kandy and even she doesn't annoy me as much as Silky did though she could certainly g
  12. yeah I watched a video with the queens on youtube and could name almost all of them which I normally can't do this time of the season
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