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  1. So if a girl struggled with the dancing on Sunday and turns out to not a good in her cameo they could still cut her right? But would they without CMT there to document it? Or is CMT there?
  2. I thought it was mentioned though I could be wrong. Then again when they did the Tara and Savannah thing they skipped "ballroom" girl, in the K, J, & C conversation the pic they show of her is in a Jets Flight Crew uniform and I'm pretty sure she cheered here the same time as T & S which always made me wonder why she didn't make it past prelims ugh thutt, ugh, yeah the problem is definitely the shorts girl's a$$ was always hanging out of the shorts. I mean I'm ok with that I thought she looked fabulous but still double standard again
  3. I can't believe I'm about to do this... BUT I'm gonna. I'm about to defend the rookies bad dancing even though I'm not a fan of all of them. Training camp was what 3 weeks for these girls? Instead of 8-12? They had to, I mean absolutely had to have been learning dances on their own at home which is bound to lead to errors that haven't yet been corrected. They are dancing in one row which means they don't have vets in front of them to watch for clues. They aren't all dancing next to a vet, which could be in part to the fact that 4 of them had to sit out a game, or it could just be shitty planning on Judy's part since she does the blocking, I'd say it's probably a combo of both. If you're going to put two rookie side by side they need to be towards the middle with a strong vet on either side so they each have a good reference. The leader "calling" the dance should be in the middle but even if she is it's going to take longer for the dance to get down to each end than it would in a regular two line set up for a single group so they're just not going to be in sync this year it's just not going to happen without a ton of dedicated practice to just that. All that said I think we have to give the rookies a break on this one and yes that hurt to type bc I don't want to give Marissa a break on anything, she does not do it for me at all! They really should have skipped rookies this year, kept proven vets and yes I mean even Meredith who is gorgeous but not the best at power pom. Fewer girls would make it easier for them to get in sync. Dancing facing the field is bizarre, dancing at all during the game seems unnecessary, stick to quarter changes and halftime unless the girls are sitting/crouching down as soon as the plays start so the fans can see the game which Kelli, dear dear delusional Kelli is what the fans came to see. Having the girls dance there with their backs to the crowd is inviting catcalls from people when all they see if cheerleader @ss shaking at them.
  4. I met mine at a kegger in college. No judgement from me. I love that she and Jasmine are still besties, I was worried and Jas for a while with the reality tv stuff.
  5. I finally listened to the Birnam Wood episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast and I totally agree with them that there should have been a whole episode on picking the new CoS and explanations on why each person was a no: Josh, Toby, Will, and why CJ was the right choice. I think that would have helped. It still seems an odd choice but I did love watching her grow into the role.
  6. in that last pic she looks a bit like Laura Prepon from her 70s Show days
  7. I'm honestly SHOCKED Cassie isn't in the middle photo.
  8. Except that Brennan has shown more than once she's not the type to say she was feeling normal if she wasn't. She's not the type to lie about that and considering the reaction of the other girls to her cut it seems to be much more likely that she was ok or maybe a bit weak. We'll never really know though bc they show is going to give us their narrative. As for Erica I swear on here that ShellyB had explained that she had miscalculated her own hours as girls track them themselves, which at the time I thought was utterly ridiculous since there are time clocks that allow you to clock in and out on location or by computer. Now the result be it from the lawsuit or possibly already in the works, again we'll never know. @go4luca love you!
  9. Except they kept Melissa Rycroft when she had mono and allowed her to recover, even though they called her in the office and got on her case about it in very poor taste. No reason they can't have done the same for Brennan and it would have played beautifully on the show and made them look so considerate and kind and caring about their girls. Sorry I can't do anything but laugh at this, Erica was pissed she was fired even though she broke contract, she was pissed she was ghosted from that season of DCC:MTT, and she sewed about her pay bc she screwed up reporting her own hours as was shared on this board.
  10. and if Kelli is handing things out to be signed without going over it explicitly she's an idiot which..... um yeah
  11. Ok so apparently my phone lost my post from last night, not a real shock my phone sucks about posting. Anyway... pure speculation but I wonder if the any other girls who left town, like Amber, were honest about it and told Kelli or Judy, or whomever else they were supposed to tell and the 4 "lake girls" lied and tried to slide back in without anyone knowing which is extra dumb in this day and age bc there's no way they completely shut down their SM and didn't post or tell a single soul about it and if by some miracle they did it was posted here that they were seen and we know some of the squad and TPTB read here. That would explain them being sat out. Or maybe it has to do with what they did vs what others did while out of town, or how far they traveled, or where they traveled. Over all it doesn't matter, I still want to know who decided they're out for a game bc never in a million years will I believe Kelli did it.
  12. This is one of my favorite scenes of all time, Kelli all pissed and pulling out her "took someone else's spot " card WTFever Kelli you're just pissed she beat you to the punch and quit before you could cut her which is exactly what you were going to do. Again it makes me wonder how many girls make the squad that come into camp with the lowest scores. I'd guess it's rare so that "taking someone's spot" is just such crap
  13. Maddie looks great with her hair blown out, much more DCC glam. Aww poor Lake girls, what a shame *sarcasm* suck it brats, you deserve to sit out. Now the question is who made that decision bc no way does Kelli have the balls to do it. As for VK's bday post, yes girls frequently post pics of themselves with the birthday girl, but they're usually pics of them actually together not just in the same picture. I think the fact that VK doesn't have one of those and them chooses a pic like this says a lot about her and their relationship and her lack of social skills.
  14. THIS, besides honestly no other team could do their choreo
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