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S01.E06: The Sound of Her Wings

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Yeah, I don't think Desire had anything to do with Burgess' ritual (beyond the baseline of their function involved in him wanting to get his dead son back, any rate).


Their big scheme started after that, conceiving a child with Unity Kincaid while she had the Sleeping Sickness so that their offspring would become the vortex in her stead  and force Morpheus to spill family blood. Now as to how Desire knew Unity was fated to become the vortex, the show didn't say. But we've seen that the Fates can be consulted in return for gifts, and know things that at least Morpheus does not.

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On 8/21/2022 at 9:32 AM, PurpleTentacle said:

No, she said that she doesn't come for all of them and then mentioned the old lady we saw talking to Constantine and Dream's friend. Both immortals. She absolutely presonally comes for everyone who dies.

And the debate is put to bed, for the comics, at least (err... this should come out as a link, not embedded):


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On 8/10/2022 at 2:24 AM, Zuleikha said:

Kirby Howell-Baptiste's Death was different than I envisioned graphic novel Death. I pictured Death as sunny or even bubbly. Here she was warm and grounded. But I thought it worked very well. She definitely came across as the perfect steadying presence to guide people post death. I am still salty about the lack of goth makeup, though. Death's iconic look isn't just about aesthetics... part of Death's character is the contrast with that punky 80s goth and the personality.

I think you hit on the reason for the styling changes in your comment.  The Goth costume was a great pairing with the comic personality but it's not as perfect for this characterization and this actress' choices.  I appreciate the disappointment when a perfectly realized image in the source material is scrapped for a different vision but I respected Gaiman's and the others' choices here.  Death was my favorite character in the comic but for this show, set in the present day, rather than when I first read the comics, I think I prefer this version of her.

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I read these comics about 25 years ago and have forgotten almost all the details. I loved how Hob defied expectations and was clearly enjoying being alive 400+ years on. The trope is one becomes brittle or a pure hedonist. His capacity for change and adaptability was very optimistic.  

I really like the actor playing Morpheus. Yes he's whiny and jerky and entitled and a bit rigid. But he also cares. And when the humor comes through I love it. When his eyes light up and there's a hint of a smirk. Less is more. I am enamored. If he were perfect, where's the fun?

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