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  1. Still can’t get over how different Anna’s face looks lately.
  2. When I saw the “always and forever” sign at the shower, I couldn’t help thinking of Kip Dynamite’s wedding tribute to his bride LaFawnDuh.
  3. Apparently they’re unaware that the vast majority of popular music follows boring established patterns (AABA, for example) and uses about 3 chords. Not terribly disorderly.
  4. Even if they did understand this, Duggars don’t want their kids well rounded. Well brainwashed, yes. Well rounded and broad minded, no.
  5. “In memory”? Is Jill planning to be dead very soon? Or is this just her weird way of mourning her fertility?
  6. Dear Jeremy, if you are *sliding* across the beam, you are almost certainly doing it wrong. Signed, Shrieking Feminist
  7. LilJen


    Loved it. Beautiful, paced just perfectly so you could take in all the characters were communicating through their facial expressions. Now I'll have to read the book.
  8. <facepalm> I never was good at remembering these things! "I am the very model of a modern fundie idiot!"
  9. Someone needs to do a JRod version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Modern Major General". "I was a featured speaker at a sanitary conference."
  10. "They don't care what you think, until they know you care. . . about your plastered on makeup and forever posting selfies online of yourself, heavily filtered. Then they KNOW you don't care about them."
  11. 3rd picture: how JRod imagines all her slaves, and everyone else in the entire world, should gaze upon her wonderfulness.
  12. Ha! Not at all. His remarks make me angry too. I dislike hateful misguided God-botherers as much as the next person.
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