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  1. <facepalm> I never was good at remembering these things! "I am the very model of a modern fundie idiot!"
  2. Someone needs to do a JRod version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Modern Major General". "I was a featured speaker at a sanitary conference."
  3. "They don't care what you think, until they know you care. . . about your plastered on makeup and forever posting selfies online of yourself, heavily filtered. Then they KNOW you don't care about them."
  4. 3rd picture: how JRod imagines all her slaves, and everyone else in the entire world, should gaze upon her wonderfulness.
  5. Ha! Not at all. His remarks make me angry too. I dislike hateful misguided God-botherers as much as the next person.
  6. Slightly off topic, but my pastor (Methodist) was astounded to hear from a member of one of the nondenominational churches in our town that her (this other person's) church was better because they had a direct line to God, unlike "us" backward mainline denominations. Pastor laughed at this. I asked if this person had ever heard of the Reformation?? But there are doubtless other nondenom-types and clearly the Maxwells and Rodrigues families believe they know the "right" way to the "right" God. Everyone else is wrong and going to burn in hell.
  7. And there we have it: Confirmation that Spurgeon is, in fact, Klingon. Kerplagh!
  8. Count me in on laughing at the "manly conversation" bit that will be happening. "Ugh, ugh, lady bake food for me, have babies, change diapers, have big orgasm 'cause I am big manly Christian man who follows God."
  9. well, maybe they’ll inadvertently hear some other Ben Folds songs and go full on rage and bitterness and beauty and cleverness. And a fair amount of swearing. one can hope. Ben Folds is awesome but his songs definitely span a wide range from lovely and tender to angry and bitter.
  10. Good reason not to have more kids: Staying alive to raise your existing kids. Duh. I think it may also fool them into thinking how much more in love they fall every day. Clutch clutch clutch = love love LOVE!!!
  11. Did not recognize Visnjic, who I remember well from ER. The bad (but period appropriate) wig or hairstyling threw me off.
  12. Too anviliciously done, in my opinion. Message is just fine--it's okay to be different/gay/artistic/love who you want to love--but I think it could have been put across in a subtler way that would have been more true to the spirit of the books, with less of a 21st-century vibe. But I've had that feeling through much of the series, that they're using the "Anne" environment to rewrite it almost entirely in some instances as though it were written now rather than trying to do a faithful remake.
  13. Sadly, I know parents with very few children, but they have treated them as a mere annoyance their whole lives. Kids can be really devastated by this. (In fairness, some of these parents have been through some bad stuff themselves. Some are just jerks.) 😞
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