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  1. Um, yeah. Those dumbbells are like $600 each.
  2. The only non-bland person in the whole family FIFY. Because Jill treats the Amish like pets. Followed by a plea for food for GWE, because she spent all the stimulus check money at Magnolia.
  3. My inner ten year old is laughing at “got it in.”
  4. I do not know what it means to “present ministry.” Trot out a few tracts so folks can see what an awesome job GWE does printing? Present her starving waifs as proof of how well Plexus gives your children vibrancy? So the paparazzi can rush over! So the hordes of eligible modest God fearing young ladies can see in person what a catch he is?
  5. Auditioning to open an Arkansas branch of Magnolia?
  6. Pleasing Gothard and Daddy with the sausage curls. NOT much of a change, Jana.
  7. <offering a deeply heartfelt prayer that I was not named Jedidiah Jim Bob>
  8. They said a “prayer of blessing”? Is that different from an actual prayer of blessing?
  9. Ahem. That is *my* anniversary. Not having some fundie chump hijack it after 27 years…. I suppose we all share a date of some sort with one of these nitwits. 😒
  10. And from their constant reading/quoting of the Correct KJV Bible we get odd constructions such as “She answers not again when we insult her.” (No doubt precisely what she expects of the kids—just take it, wilt, know how inferior you are to Best Mama Ever and Gut with Ears when we insult you.)
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