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S03.E02: There's No Ivy In Team

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Great to see Nightwing is messed up like everyone else on this show. Well, except for Batgirl. She seems sane, albeit perky. She has to balance out the other lunatics in the Batcave.

5 hours ago, AngieBee1 said:

As someone who is a Dick Grayson hater,  I love this incarnation of Nightwing.

Aw, why do you hate Dick? Nightwing? Harvey Guillén (or "TV's Gizmo") did a good job with his voice, and this Dick has the neuroses that should be plaguing Guillermo.

So weird. . . there was an episode of Birdgirl where a supporting green-skinned female had trouble taking center stage. Ivy being nervous does make sense, at least while balancing Harley's rampaging id. Of course, Ivy got through in the end because Nightwing was a bigger mess than her.

ETA: I forgot about Batman's reaction to the new Thomas Wayne biopic. Poor guy. Great meta of him criticizing the constant films about his father, up to and including Martha's pearls.

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On 7/29/2022 at 4:26 PM, JTMacc99 said:

Bane at the bank… “Are you depressed?”

Bane in general was awesome. 

Clayface is quite the gourmand... fancy pasta machine not going to waste...

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Bruce getting all emotional about another movie about the death of the Wayne's was hilarious meta, especially the pearls constantly falling down. Nice seeing more of the Batfam, Dick as a neurotic mess obsessed with being perfect was a pretty great take, poor Dick. 

I am always happy to see more Bane. 

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