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S01.E07: VII

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Dan seems to have magical powers when it comes to airlines.  Maybe he smuggled Emily out of the country the same way he smuggled his gun into it.  Too much handwaving in a spy story and it doesn't hold together, imo.

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2 hours ago, bankerchick said:

I thought I might re-watch the series, and pay attention this time, until I saw Ep 7 and realized it really wasn't worth it.  I went on a website (Decider?  Something like that) because it promised to explain a lot of stuff, but the writers were such fangirls of the show (spectacular, riveting, 'caught your breath yet?') that I figured they must be talking about a different show and their explanations were just as unclear. 

Thanks for the tip. I looked it up and agreed with their perspective. It was disappointing to see their conclusion that


the decades-long grudge is about Emily, who is actually connected to all three men.

I think shows like this are reduced when they boil down to simple family relationships. But their take on how the various "old men" have done this life before and so the actual combat/actions are less important in the show is how I view it as well. 

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Woof. Who can I sue for having lost 7 hours of my life watching this steaming pile of garbage?! I’ve been harmed and I’m entitled to compensation! It should be a crime to make a show this bad AND this boring. If you’re going to be bad, then be fun - and if you’re going to be dull, then it better have some meaning or teach me something. This was perhaps the least enjoyable seven hours I’ve ever spent watching TV. I’m so mad at myself for not quitting three episodes ago but I couldn’t believe how much worse it could get. All. That. Talking. About. Nothing. Please, FX, in the name of all that is holy, cancel this turd - don’t prolong the misery. And whoever said Jeff’s weird way of talking as if he had no teeth bothered them - I could not agree more. I thought he was awful in this. 

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On 7/27/2022 at 12:31 AM, mbgriffith1 said:

And whoever said Jeff’s weird way of talking as if he had no teeth bothered them

He has hypersalivation which causes a slight list sound due to having to maneuver the tongue to make the proper sounds.

Watched about 5 minutes of this episode when I decided I just didn't care. Came here to see how it ended. Am amused that Emily turned out to be Hamzad's daughter, as I'd understood that from the beginning. When earlier forum posters didn't seem to share that understanding, I figured I'd misunderstood things (as I often do in these kinds of stories). But there was a baby in episode 1, one that Hamzad yelled at to be quiet. I'd thought I'd seen it in Abby's arms. So I thought all along that Abby fled with Dan and her baby.

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On 7/22/2022 at 1:53 PM, Iceman13 said:

Was the Thomas Perry book that this was based on this badly written?

The Thomas Perry book was his usual edge-of-your-seat page turner!  I just read it, prior to diving into the seven-part series and I am shocked at what a slo-o-w slog the first three episodes have been.

Now that I hear there's a cliff-hanger, I'm deleting the whole mishigas.

The book is highly recommended for its suspense factor.  For me, not quite as good as the Jane Whitefield books, but MUCH faster and more intriguing than this show.

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Wow, a bit of ageism here. Have to wonder if this is coming from younger people.
I loved Lithgow & Bridges in this, great chemistry. I just, let’s say, went along for the ride on this & enjoyed it where I could. I agree a lot of it was not plausible & I also called Emily being Hamzads daughter very early on.  I can’t help but find the life and minds of people in this line of work, which becomes their lives really, You don’t stop at 5:00, incredibly interesting. Even if this was an extreme & unreal example. I’ll watch season 2. 

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