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All The Kids, and Granny, Too!

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That's what would make him perfect for the show! Many viewers complain about "ringers" (people with some or a lot of dance experience), and that certainly wouldn't be Todd! LOL. One of my fave competitors was Kelly Monaco (plays Sam on General Hospital) and she had no dance experience and is partially deaf in both ears due to a scuba diving accident (I think). The ear problem also affects her balance so she'd get dizzy any time she did too many spins. I loved watching her grow as a dancer over her season (and the All-Star season).

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I've got some Granny Faye gossip for you.....

Remember the story last year that she was losing her home to foreclosure? I may have found out the reason why. Someone on the inside told me that she and some of her friends have been banned from a certain casino chain after they were caught cheating. I think at blackjack, not sure. Lots of money was stolen in this cheating scheme and so they were permanently banned. I do not know if charges are going to be filed, but keep an eye out on the various sites for news of this to hit.

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Fake move?  They may be renting but they are in Nash'vegas.  And Todd did mention, in a periscope broadcast recently, that Chloe's parents do not want her shown on the show so they are happy to comply to their wishes.

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Now that their grifting days are over (extremely ostentatious spending while not being able to pay for it, plus granny's gambling troubles), they need to move on to a new city. Agree that it allows Savannah to continue on camera, but I saw several months ago on a gossip site that Todd recorded a country western song. They are all trying to make an entertainment living, and Nashville is not a bad idea.

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Nanny Faye gambling and drinking in Hawaii!




This week's (Aug 30, 2016 episode, Todd's staged funeral) and her revelation about a bald Ms Lucy may have been too much, but was also too funny.

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