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Intruders in the Media


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The twisting narratives are already a becoming bit complicated, if not confusing, while the subject matter is dark and gruesome at times. And ominous recurring symbols—birthdays, a sand dollar and the number nine—feel repetitive after only two episodes. It would be easy to write “Intruders” off as an overly ambitious project, or perhaps simply a tad pretentious. However, there are a few saving graces that indicate “Intruders” has the potential to live up to the better aspects of the legacy left by “Lost.”

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From the article linked above:


A number of stories — ranging temporally from 1990 to the present day, but primarily located in the Pacific Northwest — glide back and forth, never allowing viewers to get locked into any budding story arc for too long.


I feel that's part of the problem. I hope the show does pull it together soon.

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Glen Morgan Uncovers INTRUDERS – Exclusive interview

AX: Does Season 1 of INTRUDERS encompass the entirety of the first book in the series, does it stop before the end of the book, does it go a bit past the end?


[Executive producer & show runner Glen] MORGAN:

No, it’s the book. Four episodes—Five through Eight—veer from it. But the whole framework is the book.


AX: Do we find out why the Intruders pick the people they pick?


Well, the idea is that, the way the world works, we all have two people’s spirits inside of us. So the Shepherds—James [Frain] and Robert Forster and a lot of others—they go through and find members of that society to be clicked back on.

AX: What is the core of the story of INTRUDERS for you?


Well, let’s see. Mira’s character had saved John’s character’s life. He had a very dark incident in his past, so we’re trying to make it about love, that it goes on, and the search for it and that love can be eternal.

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TV Guide episode synopses:


Ave Verum Corpus

Season 1, Episode 4
Sep 13, 2014

Gary learns something very strange about Amy, which suggests a larger, more terrifying conspiracy. Meanwhile, Madison arrives in Seattle and threatens an old acquaintance; Rose puts pressure on Richard; and Jack and Gary find a reliable source.


The Shepherds and the Fox

Season 1, Episode 5
Sep 20, 2014

Madison's instincts gain strength as she begins to make sense of Marcus' memories; Jack gets a terrifying confession out of Gary; Richard comes face-to-face with Marcus.

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Some thoughts on the episode descriptions:


Episode 4:


Gary learns something very strange about Amy


Something else ?? Because that laundry list of weirdness about Amy is already pretty long.


Meanwhile, Madison arrives in Seattle and threatens an old acquaintance


Yet another scene where Madison/Marcus will convince absolutely no one that she's evil or threatening.  That kid actress just doesn't have the chops for it.


Rose puts pressure on Richard


Who the hell is Rose ?


Episode 5:


Madison's instincts gain strength as she begins to make sense of Marcus' memories


I thought it was an either/or deal -- the hosts either behave like themselves, or their pupils dilate when the alien/ghost/whatever is in control ?  Or whenever the number 9 shows up on a clock or something ? Who knows for sure at this point ? They haven't explained anything about what is really going on at this point.


Richard comes face-to-face with Marcus.


In a flashback ?  Because otherwise he'll be facing Madison, he might have to crouch down to come face-to-face.

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BBC America synopsis (there's also a trailer):

Ave Verum Corpus

Season: 1 | Episode: 4

Original Air Date: 13 September, 2014


Gary reveals a strange link between his former client and Amy. But just as Jack and Gary start to put the pieces together, their only reliable source is brutally murdered. Meanwhile, Madison arrives in Seattle and threatens an old acquaintance. Richard attempts to conceal his secret continues while handling rising pressure from Rose.


In the video, Richard's driving & talking on his cellphone: "All right Rose, I'll do my job." I assume she's his (thus far unseen) boss, and I assume the character was named in honor of one of the executive producers, Rose Lam.

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Season: 1 | Episode: 6

Original Air Date: 27 September, 2014

This week, Rose confronts Jack (JOHN SIMM, Doctor Who) to explain the cause of Amy (MIRA SORVINO, Mighty Aphrodite)'s recent strange behavior. Amy’s past – one which she has worked so hard to suppress and deny – has come back to haunt her and the only way to protect Jack may hurt him the most.


Meanwhile, Richard (JAMES FRAIN) discovers a secret about Rose that could destroy her ascent onto The Nine. Shepherd himself is skating on thin ice as Madison (MILLIE BROWN, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) continues to evade his grasp.


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From BBC America:

The Crossing Place

Season: 1 | Episode: 7

Original Air Date: 4 October, 2014


A gruesome discovery buried in Jack’s backyard incites him to make one last attempt to bring Amy home. Rose remains haunted by a tragedy from her distant past and abducts a lowly waiter whom she’s certain will have answers. Tired from running, Richard confesses to Rose the truth about Marcus’ return while Marcus gets ever closer in exacting his revenge against Rose. Gary has finally realized how to expose the corruption behind Qui Reverti, but it demands an unthinkable sacrifice.


I can't embed the trailer (FYI, it starts with a Netflix commercial), but it looks like Jack puts a guy's hand in a citrus press: "What did you do to Amy?"

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I can't embed the trailer (FYI, it starts with a Netflix commercial), but it looks like Jack puts a guy's hand in a citrus press: "What did you do to Amy?"


Spoilertv has the clip your are talking about.




That episode description kind of adds to the confusion -- does Jack think he can somehow get rid of Rose from Amy's body ?  Is that even possible ?  But it sounds like Amy isn't really Amy if Richard has connections with her as well.


I'm curious who Richard is tired of running from, because he hasn't really been running from anyone in the first 6 episodes.


A little backstory to explain why Marcus is out to get Rose would be more than a little helpful.


If Rose is haunted by a tragedy in her distant past, is it because Bix died (but since no one REALLY dies, it's not really all that tragic now, is it ?)


Gary demands an unthinkable sacrifice -- it can't be "unthinkable" because he obviously thought it up so that he could demand it from someone.  And you just know he's going to ask Gary to kill Amy/Rose. 

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The trailer is at the BBC America link. It's just that Episode 6's was also posted at YouTube, so I was able to embed that one.


"‘Intruders’ Fan Q&A with [executive producer] Glen Morgan" helps explain the Episode 7 title:

[T]here are nine areas on Earth where it is easier to cross over from the living to the dead and back. The Puget Sound area is one of these locations. Michael [Marshall Smith]’s novel [The Intruders] mentions that the Lushootseed Indians name for the village near one day Seattle had been Djijila’letc “The Crossing Place.”


He also answers the following questions:

  • How are the host bodies chosen for the Intruders?
  • Why are birthdays so significant to Intruders?
  • Richard spends the episode offing people with his gun. But Amy says, “We don’t really die.” So aren’t his actions futile?
  • How are the Shepherds picked?
  • Why is the nine symbolic?
  • Are the intruders reincarnated into these new bodies and awakening with an ensuing crisis of identity, or are they like spirits possessing entirely separate people?
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Apologies for the double post, but according to Showbuzzdaily.com, the ratings for the finale were dismal. The Intruders Wikipedia page has compiled the ratings for all eight episodes:

1.) "She Was Provisional" 800,000

2.) "And Here… You Must Listen" 370,000

3.) "Time Has Come Today" 290,000

4.) "Ave Verum Corpus" 310,000

5.) "The Shepherds and the Fox" 310,000

6.) "Bound" 240,000

7.) "The Crossing Place" 240,000

8.) "There Is No End" 270,000


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I don't have much context for BBC America but that certainly seems dismal.  I have no expectations for a second season though i'd like one.  I wonder if the author would consider a second book...

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Intruders tanked in the UK, too.

Have you been watching Intruders? That’s actually a trick question—nobody has been watching Intruders. BBC2’s thriller about John Simm investigating a shadowy cabal of bodysnatching immortals launched a month ago with a double bill that ladled context-free violence over breadcrumbs of plot. That was apparently enough to convince most viewers that the moody BBC America co-production wasn’t their cup of tea. By episode three, viewing figures had dropped to around 400,000 and the rest of the eight-part series will play out late on Saturday nights.
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BBC America hasn't yet made an announcement. I doubt they'd want to jeopardize sales of Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD (to be released December 23).

Talk about just in time for xmas.  What a strange release date.  Why not a week earlier? 

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Well, James Frain has a new gig (on Orphan Black, I think) so that might be unofficially telling us something...


Combine that with the fact that John Simm is working on a TV mini-series (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0799591/) and Mira Sorvino is currently filming two movies and is scheduled to film two more next year (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000227/), it looks like all the series leads are moving on to other projects so I doubt Intruders will be back for Season 2.

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