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  1. indeed


    It was reported in February that Crashing was renewed. I didn't know that until I googled it a little while ago. I mean, HBO advertised it as a season finale, but I've learned not to be too trusting of HBO.
  2. indeed


    I think he may have intended "opening for him" in a good way, like it's still something they can do together and it would give her additional exposure, but yeah, he could've phrased it better or waited on that offer. Read the room, Pete. That wasn't going to go over well. i thought maybe he was going to have a Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry does Broadway freeze type moment before killing it on stage because he'd be flustered about changing up his act to meet the NACA requirements, but Pete flourished in that setting. He's being smart for once about his career and making some real progress. Of course, the show's called Crashing... I'm enjoying these past few episodes far more because we're actually seeing him perform and growing professionally instead of all of that sad sack/mooching/general idiocy from the first half of the season. The roasting competition looks like it could be fun. Loved his fearful, wide-eyed "Oh...Oooh!" look in the preview.
  3. indeed

    S09.E10: The Wedding

    Didn't Vince make detective by the end of original run?...which I found hard to believe at the time. So, no big deal they changed that if they did. Just not sure if I'm remembering right. The old cop looked familiar - not the one Vince and Will went to lunch with when Grace had just broken up with Leo and Will couldn't manage to get through the meal without it being all about Grace and his need to "help" her, but another one (from Vince's storyline) in the old show? Yeah, what was Jack doing in church?! Glad to see Vince was still friendly with all of them and still working on his soap. Now if they had just worked in a gloves joke.... I thought BC looked good. Appropriately aged. EM looks maybe not so naturally aged. Grace is...getting better. Karen was pretty much wasted, I mean, filler, IMO in this episode.
  4. indeed

    Prison Break in the media

    Wow, happy to hear. I thought last season did not meet expectations so didn't think a continuation was going to happen. Last season was poorly scheduled (IIRC) and poorly edited (although it was promoted well enough). Here's hoping this one shapes up better...and Michael interacts with his family more. (I wouldn't mind seeing Mahone in the mix - and more time for Sucre and C-Note, although I think C-Note fared much better out of the two.) Did LJ even get a mention last season? Yes, acknowledge he exists...and maybe is annoyed that his dad can't stay out of trouble.
  5. indeed

    Will & Grace In The Media

    Too late. I would have preferred they had picked up where they left off and just had the kids off at college. It's kind of sad watching the old show's episodes that Will never got to be a father and they both haven't seemed to move on at all. (I forget, is Karen still with Stan, too?) At least they're all having a good time being friends together. And I'm glad Elliot wasn't written out (and a grandkid was written in).
  6. indeed

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Works for me. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please.
  7. indeed

    Children Of Earth: WHY!

  8. indeed

    Children Of Earth: WHY!

    I got sucked into rewatching it recently and UGH. Still pisses me off. LOL It's presented in a pretty package and has a tight/intense format, but it's not Torchwood IMO. Oh well, they're sticking with it...and Miracle Day. No timey-wimey reset. I haven't even bothered to see what they're doing with "season 5" and the consequences that started with the new direction at the end of COE Day 1. The government had to blow up the base or Torchwood would have solved it by the next episode (if not by the end of the very first episode). ;) And apparently they knew already that Torchwood didn't have anything of any worth (even though they were trying to infiltrate it). *eyeroll* Don't get me started! LOL
  9. indeed

    The Electro: Fan Art/Music Videos

    Thanks for that! LOL Although, I had to watch it on YouTube (above wouldn't work for me).
  10. So, Ofelia never made it to wherever her fiancée was last, right? She was still on her way. (A story to be dragged out or dropped?). Didn't get very far and lucky TWO of the new people just happened to find her out in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Maybe I don't remember her last appearance that well, but I thought she had made more progress than the general vicinity where Madison and co. are. (How far is this ranch supposed to be from the hotel?) . Seems Madison found Nick quickly enough (and Strand Abigail for that matter).
  11. Yes, they have their own water supply (well/reservoir) with a lot of water...for now. But it hasn't rained in like 5 years (or was it months)? So, at the end the sons rode off with their father's body to bury/add to pit of the newly dead and Madison took the head to Walker. Then the dramatic music continued to play while she walked over to a wood coffin in the barn. What am I missing here? Loved Nick's new hair (boy, does he look young, though!). Hopefully, it lasts a while (but not so sure from the new clip).
  12. indeed

    S03.E11: Conspiracy Weary

    Loved Blaine and Liv getting to be "buddies" (and Don E., but I'm not a big fan of his *gasp*) - albeit for a very short time - and coming in to rescue Ravi and Don E. But they still didn't contact FG, the troops just happened to be there on their own. (And I missed when Liv found out Blaine was a zombie...again - but that's a question for last episode). FG will probably turn out to be the big bad (guns seemed totally planted), but it still was kinda dumb on their (B&L) parts. (Clive and Liv didn't do much better in the underground bunker.) Poor Major is not going to take it too well when his zombie friends realize he's not one of them (aside from Justin, they're still in the dark, right?). I don't think Baracus would willingly turn a kid - he's the one who's always been shown as being a good dad IIRC - but it does seem more than likely he's connected somehow. Aside from the main Dominatrix/Wexler mystery, still don't know who blew up the helicopter and who stole the cure, right? You can probably tell I don't follow this very closely. LOL
  13. indeed

    All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    No, I figured there were a lot of cabins, but the family cabin they went to was very lived in looking yet I guess they rented it years before instead of owning it? Frasier must've had a cabin rental place on speed dial because he took off to one in one episode (with the exes hallucinations?) - same cabin? Niles owned one (from the divorce?) that they went to once when he tried to match up Donnie with Roz. Yes, and there's the cabin where Frasier and Niles took their dates during Niles' separation. (I think Duke and Martin rented the ice shack? And I *REALLY* don't like the dreams episode at Ronnie's boss' cabin. Thanks for the reminder. ;) ) Anyway, I was just trying to keep them all straight. I wouldn't have been surprised if someone in the family had owned a cabin. Anyone have any thoughts on the school issue mentioned above?
  14. Well, Gwen did have that ever-growing gun shot wound to the head thanks to Suzie. But then she got that lovely (awkward) musical moment at the end there, so all's good. She was "forced" into having sex with Owen and cheating on her beloved because she couldn't cope with the new job. And don't forget, she almost loss Rhys that one time. Plus, I'm sure Gwen suffered the mostest by far when Jack just took off and left the team (her) for months. LOL
  15. indeed

    All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    Yeah, the schooling didn't make much sense - especially how it seemed that Niles and Frasier had so many shared experiences when weren't they like four years apart in age?? Cabins, too, bothered me. They (Roz) won a cabin/ski lodge for a weekend, Niles owned (or was it Maris?) a cabin, they rented their childhood cabin (?), Frasier spontaneously took off to a cabin...I might be forgetting one or two more instances. Did somebody own a cabin (other than Maris) or not?