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  1. Trois

    S02.E09: The Battle For Red Hook

    I think that it's supposed to be like that because of that billionaire's influence. That is why he is so important to the Master. Also you can only guess how many other influential people are also on the Master's side. But I admit that they haven't explained that properly - and also they did a complete mess with the strigoi being caught by cameras, because evidently that would've been the final straw before the military intervenes. For all those who criticize the show, you shouldn't read the books. The books are hilarious compared to this show.
  2. Trois

    The Strain: Books Vs Show

    Well, at least he is back ob board albeit under somewhat peculiar circumstances. Yet, I must admit that the new Qinlan has a kind of commanding presence which suits more to his role. So this new kid is actually an upgrade.
  3. Trois

    The Strain: Books Vs Show

    There were some serious deviations from the book thus far. Most notable was Quinlan premature death in the movie. Also the civic forces (or some of them) are actively fighting the strigoi. In the book there were - apart from some gangs - hardly any other groups who tried to stop the vampires. Also Eph didn't go on a trip to Washington in the book. My gut feeling is that the show will actually go in a different direction compared to the books. I guess it's the sensible thing to do because the books wouldn't have worked as a blueprint for the series. (Maybe that's what the producers realized after the first season which didn't deviate that much from the book.)
  4. Trois

    S02.E08: Omega Station

    I am very disappointed with this season. Never dug the plot. Certainly, there were nice bits and pieces here and there. Yet, the season as a whole failed big time.
  5. Trois

    S02.E04: The Silver Angel

    There are quite a few deviations from the books so far which is nice, because the loopholes in the books are much wider (and they couldn't have ended this show like in the books anyway). Overall I think that the show is better than season 1. Of course the boy is annoying as hell (but if his character develops like in the books then this is only the beginning!), but I guess I can live with it.
  6. Trois

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    How can someone recover that quickly from a heart surgery?
  7. Trois


    Called it :-)
  8. Trois


    Yeah, Peter's role is a conundrum. I mean he killed people when he was a zombie. Did he forget that? Why is Allan suddenly the only bad guy?
  9. Trois


    Siobhan will die in the next episode. Can't see any other way out of this mess for the sheriff.
  10. Trois

    S01.E03: Cassandra Complex

    This episode was boring. It seemed to be very disordered and got me all mixed-up.
  11. Trois


    Well last season didn't make any sense whatsoever. Or was there any resolution that I missed?
  12. Trois

    The Missing

    Heartbreaking... but life is sometimes like that. To me Ollie was killed and Tony could't accept that. He was clutching for straws, maybe because it was the only way he could go on. Personally, I can relate - or at least I feel like it - to Tony. If I had lost a child like that, it would be very difficult for me to accept that. To have made actually such a small mistake, but it had such harsh consequences. Of course I am not happy with the ending, it was merciless to Tony, but I can understand the writers. Tony's search was probably unjustified from the very beginning of the events, so he just continued that way. We might think he lost it in Russia/Romania or whereever, but he had lost it already because the only thing that kept him alive was the search for Ollie.
  13. Trois

    The Missing

    Good thing that. Hope it's gonna be as good as the first season. The show took me by surprise, awesome.
  14. Trois

    Marco Polo

    Bored me - almost to death. I can't recall a season premier that felt so underwhelming. The cast ist not good, the acting unintentionally comical, I really don't know what they were expecting from this!
  15. Trois

    The Fall

    That's a great interpretation. I was just thinking that Stella wanted an interrogator who looked liked Spector, but I didn't grasp the concept behind that. What will happen next? For me there are two questions left: - Will Spector die or rot in jail? (I guess, we will watch him dying.) - Will they find Rose? (I don't think that the burned car is directly connected with her. But I still think that they won't find her in time.)