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S42.E06: You Can't Hide on Survivor/S42.07: The Devil You Do or the Devil You Don't

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Jeff, it's really nice for you that you filmed back to back so the contestants don't know what happened last season. But you seem to have forgotten, that we the audience, have seen last season and so it is rather boring for us if you recycle everything, including the challanges this season. Of course the strategies and contestants are always fresh, but you don't spend enough time on it, in favor of all your recycled content.

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On 4/14/2022 at 4:11 AM, LanceM said:

Oh and Jeff, it really isn't a big decision on whether to smash the hourglass.  Everyone is going to it. Nobody is going to give up a chance for immunity especially with all the advantages floating around and only 5 people eligible to be voted out. I bet that Rockroy, like Erika, smashed that glass within a minute after Jeff left.

Yeah, even if that would blow up your game, which is very, very unlikely, it's a safe place on the jury, where you can mug into the camera for the rest of the season and have a good chance of getting invited back because Jeff thinks "you made a big move!".

So if you smash it: worst case, a spot on the jury, best case you win the whole game.

If you don't smash it: worst case you get voted out right there, which is rather likely, since you weren't there to strategise for two 2 whole days and it's only 4 other people on the chopping block with you. So no jury for you and you'll likely be forgotten and never seen on survivor again.

Plus, if I remember correctly, a spot on the jury means a pretty big bump in price money. So it's a no brainer.

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